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Friday, September 28, 2012

Wandering Monks New "Jubilee" Album coming soon

"The new Wandering Monks album “Jubilee”, is off to the presses and expected to be available by October of 2012. Bringing the concept of “Local Organic Currency” to the masses, teaming up with mtnHours and its creator Wayne Walton, the Wandering Monks intend to transform the way every individual understands money. The message is simple, remove the parasite, remove the problem. Abolish Usury and the ponzi scam that is backing today’s Federal Reserve system, and replace it with a system that promotes abundance, and gives the Power back to the People. 

Jubilee is a musical journey that both address’ the largest problems working against the well-being, and successful future of the average working citizen, and offers a clear tangible solution for people to immediately begin taking back the control over their own lives, and truly returning to a way of living that is both sustainable, as well as fruitful. Jubilee is the Wandering Monks 2nd album, although it is considered and EP for its relatively short track list. 

The album follows the Wandering Monks self titled “debut” album which was a huge success among the Colorado Hip Hop community, as well as amongst the “truth” movement across the nation, both of which have been growing in presence over the last 10 years. To purchase the Monks “debut” album, follow the buy now link to complete your order and support the Revolution by spreading the message, and the music that many more need to hear."

NOTE: This article is originally published at the Wandering Monks' website:


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