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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Canadian Money Machines by Derek Skinner

Derek Skinner's new book "The Canadian Money Machines" is now available for FREE online. Donations appreciated (see note below).

Derek Skinner writes:

"I hope you will be interested to know that "The Canadian Money Machines" is up and available on the Web.

That URL will take you to the Skinnermoney site which outlines the book and its intent. It is a free download for all three Sections or any book pages that interest you.

The Canadian Money Machines tab leads to the links for each Section."

Section 3 has some information about the "usuryfree community currency movement."

NOTE: This book is intended to be FREE in order to reach as wide a readership as possible. However, if you think it has provided you with something of value, please consider making a small donation to Derek Skinner at this address to help with ongoing costs:

Derek Skinner, P. O. Box 23111, Cook St., P. O., Victoria, V8V 4Z8
Derek Skinner's email:

Please click on the link below to view the PDF.
Section 1.  History 1st Sept 2012. Revision
Section 2.  Problem  6th July 2012. Revision
Section 3. Solutions  30th June 2012 Revision

NOTE: This information above is originally published at this website:


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