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Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Genuine Age Of Abundance Is Forthcoming

By Tom J. Kennedy
For 30+ years economic change has been brewing. A creative idea for facilitating economic exchange was re-birthed in the early 1980's when Michael Linton and John Turmel teamed up to create and market the usuryfree LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software. This innovative trading software was primitive when it emerged as a solution-oriented idea but given the ease of modern technology to initial model has been evolving to a point where time-trading is now the trading model of choice. Indeed, this economic model of usuryfree, time trading has survived childbirth, childhood and has now matured to the critical age of young adulthood. An entrepreneurial philanthropist is invited to come forth to finance and mentor this young adult of usuryfree software that requires some added bells and whistles.
Since the early 1980's, usuryfree creatives have been encouraging humans (who commonly double as debtors) to understand and promote peace, prosperity and abundance, rather than docilely accepting to by victims of violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack. We are evolving from a mindset of focusing on survival strategies to knowing and accepting that the reality of abundance is indeed possible and probable as we progress into this 21st Century.
When people agree to participate as active, usuryfree creatives, they learn through experience that they can become immune to poverty, scarcity and lack. This shift in consciousness suggests that they have become economically vaccinated against conventional victimization caused by the virus of usury. While this unique economic vaccination is welcomed, the more orthodox, pharmaceutical vaccinations are being rejected by awakening, usuryfree creatives who are instead, choosing natural healing treatments and therapies.
Through the process of bartering/trading and negotiating transactions whereby a portion of usury-based, debt money is accepted along with a portion of any usuryfree time token(s), there usuryfree creatives have been gaining respect, recognition, popularity and momentum. It is through the action of negotiating these time trades that participating usuryfree creatives are learning to give abundance more attention than scarcity.
Ultimately, the shift in consciousness occurs the moment the penny drops and the participating time-trader realizes that his/her time tokens are free of interest or usury. That is to say, there is no interest or usury paid on any positive balance on the economic ledger and neither is any interest or usury exacted on a negative balance on the economic ledger in this unique system of mutual credit.
With a little re-education about the truth of modern, money creation of usury-based, debt money by the global banking cartel and a comparison made to this innovative approach to having we-the-people learn how to create and spend our own usuryfree time tokens, this new economic paradigm of economics is re-defined, firstly as the science of 'choice with abundance.' Very soon thereafter, in this new era of peace and plenty, the participating usuryfree creatives awaken to the realization that limited choice was an essential, survival tactic in a world dominated by scarcity. Furthermore, the scarcity was directly and/or indirectly caused  by the design flaw of usury. This new world of abundance where usuryfree, time tokens are being traded becomes an economic heaven where choice now offers limitless possibilities.
This is because usuryfree creatives learn to re-direct that percentage of usury-bearing, debt money (dollars, euros, pesos or whatever) that they no longer need because they are using usuryfree time tokens to pay for a percentage of any daily, weekly or monthly purchases or products and/or services for personal, family and business needs. They re-direct this saved, usury-bearing debt money to pay off any outstanding debt - for they now are fully aware that the function of interest or usury is compounding their debt on a daily basis - minute by minute, hour by hour etc. Paying off their usury-bearing debt becomes a priority.
As we progress into this 21st Century, the usuryfree time token movement is representing the modernity of a prosperous, usuryfree lifestyle. Could the privilege of an advanced civilization be evidenced by the superabundnace of time tokens replacing the scarcity of usury-based, debt money?
Our attitudes towards economic exchanges are indeed shifting from economic scarcity psychology (enslavement by usury) to economic abundant psychology (life without usury or usuryfree living). The visionaries predict that the story of this 21st Century will be extraordinary economic and social resolution (not revolution). This economic resolution is being driven by the usuryfree time currency movement. Local and global commerce will be enabled by the ability of traders to create and spend their own units of time tokens based on their promise to deliver talents, skills, products and/or service to serve the needs and wants of the participants who choose to be enlisted on the database(s). People in communities - anywhere and everywhere - are invited to being their databases immediately - simply by collecting the contact details and lists of offers and requests and then let us know when you have a minimum of 50 people willing to participate as local time-traders. 
The visionaries predict that the story of this 21st Century will be extraordinary economic and social resolution driven by the success of the usuryfree time token movement. Local and global commerce will be enabled by the ability of participating time-traders to authorize the creation and spending of their own units of usuryfree, time tokens - based on their promise to deliver talents, skills, products and/or services to serve the needs and wants of all who choose to participate. 
Just as the clear water in the mountain stream flows downhill to the lakes and rivers in the valleys below, so too will these new, proven models of usuryfree time trading cause an abundance to flow towards the fringes of the respective, economic, pyramdial structures - the real foundation of modern society.
As the debtors - previously victimized by the usurers at the top of the respective, economic, pyramidal structures - move upstream and reclaim their economic freedom, they will resolve to forgive their former oppressors - the usurers. Rather than seeking revenge and fomenting violent revolution, they will have the wisdom to forgive the usurers and move ahead as a collective to experience heaven on earth - peace, prosperity and plenty for everyone before 2020!
The former usurers will be given (ASA) amnesty, security and anonymity. The security will be a free credit line in our new, perfected model of usuryfree time tokens - whether they be paper notes, electronic blips on computers or simple IUO's signed by participating time-traders. This means that the former usurers have absolutely nothing to fear when the final shift towards our usuryfree time token economy is functioning both locally and globally.

For the former debtors, the impact of their labour (time is money and money is time) will be greatly enhanced and their creative genius will be unleashed. Yes, a new world is in the process of birthing and the psychology of usuryfree that has been correctly defined as the timely catalyst of change and trump the former psychology of usury that constantly fostered fear and lack. There was 'Life Without Usury' in the past and there will be 'Life Without Usury' in the not-too-distant future.

The resources, the mentors, are identified and the workable models have been proven to function perfectly, all that is needed is a modest investment of conventional, usury-based, debt money to satisfy the needs and wants of the best software programmers in the world - who are ready and willing to be absconded from their current work activity to gather in a mutually convenient place of comfort. In this secluded place of comfort they will communicate with the visionaries and the mentors


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