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Friday, December 28, 2012

Smart Trust

Smart Trust

Smart Trust is a timely and relevant book for usuryfree creative who are actively promoting the proven model of usuryfree time currency as the optimal vehicle to facilitate trades or exchanges of products and/or services.rust

Likewise, Smart Trust is also a timely and relevant book for SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs in pursuit of solid sources of secondary income(s).

Smart Trust offers five actions to teach. When these 5 actions are followed trust will be generated in personal relationships, families, businesses, charitable organizations etc. The 5 actions recommended by Smart Trust are: (1) Choose To Believe in Trust (2) Start With Self (3) Declare Your Intent (4) Do What You Say and (5) Lead Out In Extending Trust.

Smart Trust explores various insights and examples to help readers create and follow an action plan.

After reading Smart Trust, I penned the article “A Renaissance of UsuryFree Living – In The Midst Of A Financial Meltdown,” to show that the usuryfree time currency movement can offer debtors a worthy, economic alternative they can trust.

UsuryFree creatives are invited to read “Smart Trust” as they set out to make the usuryfree time currency movement, the most trusted economic system of exchange as we progress into this 21st Century.

Read and share “A Renaissance of UsuryFree Living” and learn about the usuryfree time currency movement and how it has the potential to elevate all of society to experience the reality of s usuryfree lifestyle.

Below is the information printed on the front and back flaps of the hardcover book, “Smart Trust.”

Smart Trust – Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy In A Low-Trust World
By Stephen M. R. Covey & Greg Link

From The Jacket cover of the hardcover book:

“After illustrating the global relevance of trust with his book “The Speed Of Trust” by selling more than one million copies in 22 languages, Stephen M. R. Covey again illustrates the hidden power of trust to change lives and impact organizations in “Smart Trust.” In a compelling and readable style he and long-time business partner Greg Link share enlightening principles and anecdotes of people and organizations that are not only achieving unprecedented prosperity from high-trust relationships and cultures but – even more inspiring – also attaining elevated levels of energy and joy.

The sustainable success these leaders and enterprises are exhibiting is paradoxically being produced in what has proved to be the lowest trust climate in years, if not decades. Smart Trust shows what they are doing and the 5 actions they are commonly taking to prospect, against the odds, in the same circumstances causing so many others to fail.

With penetrating insights illuminated by their unique access to many of the world’s most successful leaders and organizations, the authors lay out a breakthrough process and skill set in a practical and actionable formula that makes trust a performance multiplier for leaders, teams, organizations, and even countries. They show why trust is fast becoming the most consequential life and leadership skill of our time – a career – critical competency required to navigate and compete in this perilous 21st-Century interdependent, global economy. Covey and Link teach how to cut through traditional thinking to extend “Smart Trust,” enabling you to exercise sound judgment in a low-trust world by minimizing risk and maximizing possibilities.

Smart Trust has met the strict scrutiny of business leaders around the globe and is validated by research from multiple sources that confirms that high-trust organizations outperform low-trust organizations by nearly three times. Smart Trust shakes findings that verify how enduring success, vitality, and happiness are directly related to the level of trust in our relationships – whether in our professional or personal lives.

Find out why trusted people are more likely to get hired or promoted, get the best projects and bigger budgets, and are last to be laid off. This sea-changing book will forever shift your perspective as it reveals and validates once and for all the transformational power of trust. Reading Smart Trust will increase your probability of thriving in this increasingly unpredictable marketplace. The more unpredictable it becomes, the more you (and your organization’s) sound judgment and ability to trust in this low-trust world will give you a tremendous competitive advantage – and the capacity to navigate the uncertainty low trust creates.”


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