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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Silver Lining of Rand Paul’s Betrayal of the Freedom Movement

NOTE: Since the "Ron Paul Movement" is dead -  I recommend that the new found spirit of the freedom movement shift its support and fully embrace the "UsuryFree Time Currency Movement" at the last, best hope to save ourselves from future financial tyranny.

by Dave Hodges 

Was there ever a time that you thought that Ron Paul was our last hope to escape the coming shackles of tyranny courtesy of the banksters?  Do you remember thinking that Rand Paul stood in the wings to carry the torch of freedom when his father would choose to retire? The Republic was never better defended by anyone than Ron Paul, but then Rand Paul grew up and had ambitions of his own.
Millions of Americans put their faith in Ron Paul and accepted Rand because of the bloodlines which we were sure to be patriotic and in support of constitutional ideals. And just like falling victim to a gold-digging mistress, I found myself abandoned by the Paul’s. I was overcome by feelings of betrayal just like the feelings that a husband would experience when he realizes that his wife has been unfaithful and his best friend is his wife’s new lover.  
Ron Paul had done more to wake up millions of former bankster serving sheeple in this country to the tyranny that is the New World Order than anyone else. He had helped to expose the criminal Federal Reserve and the general and pervasive “sell out” of Americans and our sovereign interests by the bankster minions (i.e. Obama and Romney). As a result, millions of Americans put their faith in this country doctor who has had one of the best voting records in the history of the House of Representatives. I will be eternally grateful to Ron Paul for his tireless support and defense of freedom, but that was then and this is now.

The Ron Paul Movement Postmortem

Ever since my days of doing local talk radio in Wickenburg, Arizona, I had supported Ron Paul and had attempted to raise money on his behalf. However,  I am certain that many of the listeners ofThe Common Sense Show began to notice that I became been dead silent on the subject of the Ron Paul Campaign, last spring and summer. I became silent for some very salient reasons as I was beginning to have some grave concerns over the intestinal fortitude and direction of the Ron Paul Campaign.
Prior to the previous 2012 election, I was approached several times and repeatedly asked to become a Ron Paul delegate. I steadfastly refused as I used the convenient excuse of not having the time. In reality, I do have the time to help save my country from the bankster tyranny that has overtaken our Republic. However, I don’t have the time to waste my time jumping on board a sinking ship that had become the Ron Paul Campaign. Are you listening to me former Ron Paul leaders? There are valid reasons why I said no and then subsequently ignored repeated emails and voicemails designed to recruit me to this cause.  
In the early days of the 2012  Paul Campaign, I publicly criticized the establishment media as they orchestrated a wholesale media blackout related to Ron Paul’s campaign. Yet, Dr. Paul seemingly tolerated receiving 30 seconds of air time in a five member debate, in a 30 minute period, on national television. Yet, Ron Paul remained unexplainably silent.  It was at this crucial juncture that I first experienced misgivings about the direction of the Paul Campaign and questioned Paul’s fortitude when it came to winning the 2012 Republican Primary.
There was also massive voter fraud committed against the Ron Paul Campaign in the Republican Primary elections. Even the New York Times admitted that the Republican Primaries in Iowa and Maine were stolen away from Ron Paul. Ron Paul was undoubtedly winning the Republican Primary in the early days. However, as the nomination continued to be stolen, and the will of the people was being usurped, Ron Paul remained silent to this grand theft of the nomination process. Even in Louisiana, as Ron Paul was winning, the Louisiana Republican leadership, controlled by Mitt Romney minions, stole the Paul delegates and gave them to Romney and then proceeded to beat up and evict the Ron Paul delegates when they protested. Meanwhile, Ron Paul chastised the dissenters and admonished his followers to be polite. All of you disenchanted Ron Paul supporters will have no trouble recalling the aforementioned events as we saw our hopes of restoring the Republic go up in flames.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

When thinking of the Ron Paul Campaign, does anyone else hearken back to the Ross Perot 1992 Presidential candidacy as he held a huge lead before sabotaging his own campaign over some nonsense about the Republicans sabotaging his daughter’s wedding? As Mark Twain said, history may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme. It is clear that Ron Paul sacrificed his campaign so his son Rand could make inroads into the Republican Party.

Rand Will Never Be Ron

When I finally came clean and told some top Ron Paul officials why I would not be a delegate, I was told by a party official that Ron Paul delegates were going to seek and achieve a brokered convention and the subsequently freed up delegates would support Ron Paul and he would win the nomination. I have to confess that I almost changed my mind. Just at the time I was going to once again capitulate and donate my time and efforts to the Ron Paul Campaign, Rand Paul sold his political soul to el Diablo#2, Mitt Romney, as he threw his support behind the Romney Campaign. In 2013, I am still grieving this betrayal of the Ron Paul supporters.
Rand Paul supported carbon taxes advocate, Mitt Romney.
Rand Paul supported Universal Health Care author, Mitt Romney.
Rand Paul supported amnesty proponent, Mitt Romney.
Rand Paul supported more bankster bailouts and more wars of corporate conquest supporter, Mitt Romney.
Rand Paul now supports more Federal Reserve Board criminality advocate, Mitt Romney.
And even though the capitulation of the Paul’s to the Republican Party was unsuccessful, Rand Paul now supports going to war on behalf of Israel as he recently stated “An attack on Israel is an attack upon the United States.” 
Ron Paul did not, and has not, expressed one word of disagreement about Rand’s “new leanings”. Blood is indeed thicker than water and apparently, thicker than patriotism as well.  
Does anyone else wonder what has Rand Paul been promised? What will thirty pieces of silver buy today? A 2016 VP position for Rand? Well, I am not for sale and I will never support Mitt Romney or any other bankster minion who serves him including Rand Paul. How many of you, like myself, feel like a pallbearer of a once noble campaign?

A Silver Lining In Every Cloud

There is presently an unlimited supply of political capital which has now been left floundering for months following Rand Paul’s announced capitulation of the Ron Paul Campaign to the globalist minion, Mitt Romney.
At one point, I would have done anythiing to help Ron Paul. However, I don’t drink from the Ron Paul Kool-Aid. I do not worship Ron Paul or any other person who turns his back on the message of liberty. I honor the message of freedom and that is the only reason I supported Dr. Paul because of his expressed love of freedom and his seemingly undying support for the Constitution. My personal journey on behalf of truth and freedom, with or without Rand and Ron Paul, will continue on, regardless of who the Paul’s support.
Despite my sense of betrayal, Dr. Paul has still done all freedom loving Americans an enormous favor through his service and dedication to the ideals of freedom. Ron Paul has awakened millions of our brethren to the corporate controlled police state that we are now all living under. As a result, we now have millions of angry Americans who have finally come to realize that their financial futures and their children’s heritage have been stolen by the criminal elite.
It is up to all us to find a new home to grow the message of freedom and to complete the job that the Ron Paul movement started. If we allow the millions of Americans who now realize that we have been conquered by criminal banksters, to dissipate, we will never have another chance to reclaim what we have lost.
The loss of the Ron Paul freedom movement, has left a bad taste in the mouths of many Americans. Yet, freedom loving Americans now have tremendous political capital and please remember that nature abhors a vacuum. A new candidate and a new movement, reflective of our collective values, will emerge, if we take the time grow it. Thanks to the Ron Paul movement, we have made great progress, but don’t make the mistake of living in the past. Rand Paul now openly supported Bain Capital’s, Mitt Romney and the Ron Paul movement is forever dead in the water. However, the new found spirit of our freedom movement is not dead and I will never capitulate to tyranny, nor should you.
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