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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Visible Signs of the New World Order

By Nancy Levant (authored in 2005)
NOTE: Consider what has happened since 2005!

When our President says, "It's a new world," he's right about that. However, this new world has yet to be explained to the American people in any way, shape, or form. So, what does the New World Order mean to us, and how will it affect our lives and the lives of our children? First, let's make clear what a New World Order (NWO) means. 
Through many decades of behind the scenes deals, treaties, and agreements between governments all over the world and international corporations and banks, a new kind of government was planned and organized. Today, that government exists.

This new governing body has a central bank, called the World Bank, as its apex or Executive Branch. Just beneath the World Bank is the World Trade Organization, which carries out the economic missions of the World Bank. We'll call this the Economic Branch of government. Next are the Legislative and Judicial Branches combined, which makes and carries out the laws necessary to fulfill the missions of the World Bank. The Legislative/Judicial Branch of the New World Order is the United Nations.

The United Nations now presents their new laws to all countries in agreement with the New World Order. These countries, via signed agreements and treaties with the U.N., agreed to comply with the missions of the World Bank. The United States, and 158 other countries in the world, signed these agreements and treaties.

The United Nations then came up with a book of plans to implement the missions of the New World Order into the 159 signatory countries. The plans are called Agenda 21, meaning the New World Order agenda for the 21st century. You may read Agenda 21 by going to the U.N. website.

Beginning in 1992, Al Gore agreed, with his signature, that the United States would implement the missions documented in Agenda 21, and our country then began politically and socially restructuring to meet the requirements of the World Bank, The World Trade Organization, and the United Nations.

In brief, Agenda 21 calls for a new kind of American government that is based upon corporate/financial governance. What that means is that both international and national corporations now dictate governmental policy in 159 countries in the world. Policy is based upon economic profits for businesses and banks. If you happen to be at the top of a very large business totem pole, you may fair well as long as you follow the rules of the U.N.. However, if you happen to be of the average working class, which is about 99% of the American population, your world is rapidly changing.

Let's look at some of the things we can all immediately recognize in our daily lives that are a direct result of Agenda 21:

· Our schools have changed. We are terribly confused by the new curriculums, the proficiency testing, required parental signatures that promise our children are keeping up, finishing homework, and are exactly where they should be in comprehension of subject matter. We are actually forced to sign weekly and monthly papers and return our signature agreements to our children's teachers. If our children fall behind, they are left behind as teachers do not wait for or help children who cannot keep up with a very rapid flow of curriculum. Any child who now falls behind in any subject is immediately singled out and sent to a "group" with another special teacher. Equally, hours of homework, even in elementary grades, are now required nightly. There is little to no deviation in weekly tasks and homework. All handouts and worksheets are pre-designed, and teacher creativity has vanished. This we know because we have all become slaves to our children's "take-home folders," which require a full half-hour attention five nights a week. Our children, in school for 7 hours a day, now spend 2-3 hours each night doing home work while parents initial their work, verifying their child has mastered all lessons.
· Also, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags, worn by school children, have arrived and will soon be mainstreamed into all public schools. RFID tags are tracking devices.

· Our energy bills, heating, cooling, and transportation, have all but tripled since 1992.

· Our communication devices have all gone digital, allowing for global tracking of our telephones, our purchases via RFID labels, our automobiles, our computer systems, our cable TV, our digital radios, our bank and medical records, our IRS records, or, in other words, every call we make, email we send, every illness we acquire, every item we buy, every reservation we make - in essence, every thing that we do as consumers and tax payers is traceable.

· If you are a rural American, particularly a citizen living in a wilderness or remote farming area, you may have become particularly aware of the taking of thousands upon thousands of acres of land by conservation organizations ranging from The Nature Conservancy, the Wildlands Project, the Conservancy Fund, The Department of Natural Resources, and many other groups that all seem to be somehow connected to each other. They invite locals to attend stakeholder meetings and then envision how your land should be protected from developers. But they facilitate the visions with manipulations such as, "Let us help you preserve and protect your pristine land. Tourists will come and boost your economy. We will help you find the money," they will say, while smiling and assuring you that they are working for the good of your community. And so, you agree that their ideas are good ideas, and their offers to help are accepted. Unfortunately, their truthful agendas are to expand U.N Biosphere Reserves in the United States where, in the very near future, no tourists or locals will be permitted to go.

· Another very visible sign of Agenda 21 operating in America is the new housing communities being built in urban, suburban, and suburban outskirt areas. These communities are much like tiny towns that are stylistically coordinated, often interconnected or condo-like, many with nice walking paths and landscaped gardens; some with small stores, post offices, and many encouraging the use of electric cart transportation. These communities usually offer expensive though small living quarters that are very pretty. Oftentimes they are mostly paved with a commons area for a community-centered green space. Some have small ponds or lakes, picnic areas, and planned events for residents. These communities are literally being built everywhere in all 50 states. You rarely see middle class home building. You will, however, see enormous one, two, and three million dollar homes that are being raised on the borders of the wild and most rural areas. These homes are sold to wealthy people, erected on land that was to be protected from development. Profit, however, is the objective of the NWO, and that includes conservation organizations. This, too, is happening in all 50 states. And the question of why the mega-mansions and the eco-communities built at the same time surfaces. Either there are many, many multi-millionaires or perhaps corporations are building the mansions, but for whom?

· You will notice the drastic change in television in the last 10-13 years. It's pretty safe to say that television has become extremely addicting. Peculiar reality television and very dark and futuristic-type crime dramas have literally taken over prime time and at the expense of family programming. Television has become positively strange.

· You will notice that grocery prices are off the charts and that eating has become a key component of big marketing firms. We are told every year about new foods that we should be eating, should not be eating, avoiding, or adding to our diets. You will notice that the food pyramid made us pretty fat, which is now an "Obesity Crisis" according to the U.N., and that protein diets supposedly make us thin, but the beef industry is under constant criticism, threat, and control - even to the point of implanting tracking chips into cattle headed to market supposedly due to Mad Cow Disease. Bird Flu and the poultry industries are under constant scrutiny as a cause for a potential global pandemic. One cannot help but wonder about global food control. Equally, you will notice the constant criticism of parents feeding drive-through food to their children, and it being responsible for childhood obesity, yet schools partner with drive-through chains and give children drive-through food on their birthdays and coupons for drive-through food for good grades. Many schools actually have these chains operating inside school buildings.

· Entrepreneurship and working from home is highly encouraged by the government, as is volunteerism - even compulsory volunteerism.

· Homes, automobiles, college educations, health care and insurance became virtually unaffordable to almost all American people just about 10-13 years ago.

· Autism has been scientifically linked to childhood vaccines, which are still mandatory for entrance into public schools, and yet autism is in epidemic numbers in the United States. The government allowed the drug industry to continue using Mercury as a catalyst in a vaccine, knowing it contributed to autism, but chose to disregard the knowledge.

· Terrorism is supposedly the top priority in our country, and yet the northern and southern borders are 150% open. Jobless and hungry, those crossing then become the burden of financially strapped American taxpayers and we are clueless as to who or what crosses our borders, minus, of course, the tens of thousand of weapons-bearing drug dealers.

· NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are intruding into community boards rooms and local governments all across the nation, as well. They, too, come as helpers to communities, but they are also come to "envision," which means to convince boards and mayors to participate in their agendas. Many of the NGOs are trained propagandists who are working for larger corporations and organizations. The real job of NGOs, on local levels, is to dismantle local government and, oftentimes, county boundary lines. NGOs then replace local government as appointed versus elected officials.

These are but just a few of the visible signs of Agenda 21 in America. And you will notice that the discrepancies are many, but there is a rhyme and a reason for the changes in our country. It's called the New World Order - "Order" meaning governance.

The future of an America governed by the United Nations is terrifying. One of the primary goals of Agenda 21 is to eliminate private property from American citizens. Private property is described as a primary contributor to class distinction, or the haves and have-nots. However, Agenda 21 also seeks to absorb private property, governing its use, and eliminating public access roads on the property taken in the name of conservation. Big conservation takes private property in the United States, sells it to the government, which then gives it to the U.N.. Truth.

Every American citizen needs to understand what is happening in our neighborhoods and country. There has been a virtual media blackout of the changing of the guard. Therefore, we must get ourselves informed and understand that our way of life is being dismantled by a foreign entity. But even more to the fact, we were not made privy to the deals and treaties, partnerships and bureaucracies, business models and economic missions of global governance. All occurred without our knowledge and in gatherings that took place in foreign countries such as Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Thailand, and many others. Many of our local, county, state, and upper-level elected officials are heavily involved with plans to further implement Agenda 21 in America, and they purposefully haven't told us though have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America - this being the largest discrepancy and terrorist act of all.

Our liberties and freedoms as American people, those guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, are being systematically eroded by the new global governance. Equally, we, the American people, have been specifically kept in the dark as we clearly have the most to lose. Please study the facts of our new world. It's a complicated web that's been woven, but our futures, and certainly the futures of our children and grandchildren rest on our willingness to learn. 


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