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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Anarchists do not oppose all rules and laws

By Paolo FabrizioSpecial to the Examiner (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

I have been a Libertarian executive for a decade now. You name it, I did it.
I ran in elections and in byelections, I organized different-themed meetings like smokers rights night or fight-the tax night, or my favourite, community currency nights, where basically I was the only member of this party running any activities or any events.
I drove to every part of this province, have been to so many different cities and did it for one reason, to try and spread our message — less government, lower taxes, taxpayer respect and on and on and on.
I have done this because I truly thought it would help change the way governments treat us taxpayers, us as citizens. All at my own expense; I don’t think I ever took money from the party. I truly believed that our message would change the world, I believed people would rise up and fight the government and help bring some justice to the taxpayers everywhere.
Well, I’ve been years at this and nothing’s changed; in fact, things are worse. People are poorer than ever, there’s more government corruption, higher taxes, lower wages and desperate families struggling to survive — thanks to the family getting choked by out-of-control, corrupt governments everywhere.
Seniors getting forgotten and left behind, kids living below the poverty line, corporate greed helped by government grants and bailouts. Where’s our bailout, where’s our help? It’s a joke we are all treated like a joke.
This column brings in many comments, but it also brings in great e-mails and most, not all of them, like what I’m doing or what I stand for. But it’s the e-mails that talk about how upset readers are with not just the local government, but provincial and federal governments. Many of them ask me what we should do.
Well, I have been trying for years to show people how governments hurt rather than help us, I have been trying for years to organize meetings to come up with ways to help struggling taxpayers fight back, but I can’t do it alone. We all need to get involved, start writing your local councillor, write to your MP and MPP.
Let them know how you feel, let them know you’re not happy, about everything, tax hikes, gas prices, government bailouts, government grants, lavish government spending, anything, just let them know.
Writing on the Examiner website is a start but we all need to do more. We need to pack Barrie City Hall every Monday with huge posters showing our displeasure. We should protest outside the Ontario legislature, we should be at Parliament Hill; every chance we get, we should let them know how we feel.
Do you know why we don’t do all these things to show how unhappy we are?
They don’t work. Governments don’t care, they laugh at it. Being Libertarian hasn’t worked, yet!
I remember when Egyptians started to protest their corrupt government. It all started like a polite protest, but the government sent in the police to squash it. But the next day they were back, and the government sent the police again to stop them.
The next day the anarchists came out and this time the government got worried. Day after day the anarchists put pressure on until eventually, the government collapsed and all corrupt government officials were arrested.
What’s an anarchist you ask? Good question. Let me try and shed some light.
An anarchist believes in voluntary self-organization.
Anarchists do not oppose all rules and laws, but an anarchist opposes laws imposed involuntarily by illegitimate authorities, and favour voluntarily agreed-upon rules and laws.
Anarchism is the idea that government is unnecessary and harmful.
Year after year, we are treated to more and more government corruption and greed and year after year the Libertarian way of fighting the government has not worked.
Maybe it’s time to hang up my Libertarian hat, maybe it’s time to bring a little more fight to the table. Maybe it’s time to call on all anarchists to join the fight, maybe it’s time for this Libertarian to become an anarchist.
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Paolo Fabrizio is a Barrie resident and a bakery owner. He can also be reached online via Twitter @paolothebaker.
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