While most of the work is still ahead of us, once in a while it’s nice to report on progress too. Here’s some good news for a change!
I sometimes like to poke a little fun at ‘the awakened’ in the ‘Alternative Media’. This is not the ‘arrogance of the initiate’. I find myself in the blessed realization of knowing very little. It is just my limited way of promoting ever more vigilance.
Awakening is an ongoing process. The reality that we are awakening to is unlimited and so is our capacity to awaken to it. The depravity of the enemy and the slyness of his lies are boundless too.

It is understandable that money is one of the last thresholds to be taken by the many. But there certainly is an awakening going on. Sometimes, when I’m in one of my more sour moods, I don’t see it, but clearheaded observation makes it difficult to deny. The fact that Austrian Economics has had such a major impact in just a few years actually shows how desperately people are looking for answers. 
The voices of the Usury Free movement were and are still few compared to the lucrative business of promoting Usury and Deflation, but over the last year something has changed. Usury is breaking through. The efforts of those unsung heroes who have been watching our back for decades, long before the Internet arrived, are slowly but surely coming together and having their impact on the mass consciousness. 

People like John Turmel, Tommy Kennedy, Margrit Kennedy, Helmut Creutz, Hank Monrobey, Mike Montagne and ‘classical’ populists like Zarlenga, Still and Name789 (although he’ll not enjoy being in this list), the Social Crediters and the real Catholics out there fighting Usury,  and many others have been scorned by those they were protecting, but they are now finally finding some recognition for their efforts. Before them there were those struggling. They too have their reward, but it did not come from their brethren.
Clearly it’s far too early to claim victory. In fact: the worst battles are still ahead. Here’s a really funny video by Mark Dice offering to give a 1 ounce Gold coin away to anyone who can guess its worth plus or minus 25%. It shows Americans don’t know and don’t care about Gold. They don’t have any either, meaning the coming transition will leave them empty handed, as always.
Be sure not to miss his clincher at the end (at 5:00)!

People not knowing about Gold are sure to be oblivious to anything to do with with the mechanics of money in general.
We’ll suffer great defeats and humiliation still. But Anti-Usury activism, Usury Free living is becoming a force to be reckoned with and that in itself is just fantastic to witness.
But whereas the struggle against Usury is only beginning, a major victory against the enemy is the whole Gun issue. Here’s a great commentary by Mike Adams.
To be honest, I found the whole gun debate rather exasperating. Jones backstabbing the movement at Piers Morgan’s. The NRA saying Sandy Hook proves we need more guns at schools. Clearly we don’t need more guns at schools. We need more teachers, more money, more real attention for children. Less sexting, less ‘sex education’, less dumbing down, less psychotropic and illicit drugs. If we want to avoid another Sandy Hook we must close down the CIA and shut the borders to Mossad and other Israeli operatives.
Obviously the NRA was taken over a very long time ago and now only exists to give gun owners a bad name.
But the Americans did not allow themselves to be confused. Adams is right to say that they see this as a great confirmation of valid distrust of Government. The Government IS coming for their guns. And they need their guns, not even so much to keep the crackheads out of their backyard (most Americans still feel safe), but to keep FEMA and their goons under control. I have not been following the gun issue too much, but Mike is saying there are real concerns in Washington that the militias would get small teams of dedicated patriots out there to execute the whores doing Satan’s bidding. While a fear of God in Washington would even be more appropriate, it’s good to know God has some tough guys of His own to deliver the message if needs be.
The gun-grabbing agenda, which was in trouble anyway, John Todd was already saying in the seventies the Americans would lose their guns shortly and that that was a key step for the New World Order, has been set back indefinitely. The beauty is that it will become exponentially more risky for the CIA and Mossad to come up with new bloodbaths: if anything Sandy Hook has programmed the Americans to think ‘bloodbath = gun-grabbing’.
An important aspect of this issue is that the ‘liberals’, the Cultural Marxists promoting sexism, feminism, pornography, the homosexual/transgender agenda, abortion, the breakdown of the family, the neglect of children, the denial of personal responsibility and freedom, legalism, materialism and all the other depravities that the modern age is famous for have suffered an uncanny moral defeat. Slowly but surely they are losing their venomous grip on the ‘humanitarian’ agenda.
Nothing to conclude! I’m enjoying life and am happy to report Victory is inevitable, albeit far off.
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