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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letter To Canadian Members of Parliament re: 911

Name : __________________

Address : ________________


January 30, 2013


Member of Parliament

______________ Riding

I would like your assistance.  As a Member of Parliament you will be aware polls show that about a third of your constituents have questions about the events of September 11 at the World Trade Center in New York City.  Our organization has circulated a petition that has over 1500 signatures from across Canada.  In the parlance of Canadian Law, these citizens of Canada have availed themselves of their ancient and undoubted right thus to present a grievance common to them as Petitioners with the certain assurance that our honourable House of Commons will therefor provide a remedy. 

The honorable Minister of Parliament, Don Davies from Vancouver Kingsway had agreed to honor his duty and read the petition into the record at the request of one of his constituents.  Subsequently he decided not to honor that commitment stating that foreign affairs were not part of his portfolio.  Constituents of other Ridings have approached their MP and they too have declined stating that foreign affairs are not part of their portfolio. Each MP has replied that Paul Dewar, the NDP critic is the appropriate MP to read in the petition because he has the foreign affairs portfolio.

Paul Dewar has declined and now stands in default of his duty to act as the NDP’s MP on foreign affairs. 

As we Canadians evaluate the need for additional security and oversight provisions, which will have the effect of eroding the civil liberties that have been available to Canadians for generations, it is incumbent upon us to act rationally and be informed of all the facts. The petition raises the probability that the events of September 11th, 2001, which were the central point of evidence underlying the need for new security measures, have been greatly misrepresented, not only to Canadians, but to the entire world. There is a great body of evidence suggesting that the most significant elements of the official explanation for the events of September 11th cannot be true as presented.

The times are changing and  the events of 9/11 are being talked about openly and this knowledge affects Canadian’s understanding of the events of 9/11,  More Americans and Canadians are exposed to the evidence and reminded that the laws of physics apply every day; including 9/11.  Increasing numbers of NDP potential voters are aware the official account of 9/11 cannot be true.  It is detrimental to the NDP’s credibility to agree with the official account.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has had their new documentary, “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” aired on Colorado Public Broadcasting this summer.  Subsequently it was made available on CPT12’s website, where it can be watched in its entirety.  "Experts Speak Out" features over 40 registered engineers, high-rise architects, physicists, chemists, and other professionals.  Some of the experts in the documentary are listed below:

Licensed / Professional Structural Engineers

Steven Dusterwald, Licensed Professional Structural Engineer
Kamal Obeid, Licensed Structural Engineer
Alfred Lopez, Registered Professional Structural Engineer
Casey Pfeiffer, Registered Professional Structural Engineer
Jonathan Smolens, Professional Structural Engineer
David Topete, Licensed Structural Engineer
Ron Brookman, Licensed Structural Engineer
Rick Fowlkes, Structural Engineer

Licensed Architects

Dan Barnum, FAIA,  Bachelor of Architecture
Robert McCoy Licensed Architect
Les Young, Licensed Architect
Jody Gibbs, Registered Professional Architect
Joel Miller, High-rise Architect
Bill Brinner, Licensed Architect

Licensed Fire Protection Engineers

Scott Grainger, Licensed Fire Protection Engineer
Ed Munyak, Licensed Fire Protection Engineer

Currently, "Experts Speak Out" has re-established itself as the most shared video on both Colorado Public Television and National PBS (direct link: With nearly a million views over the last few months, ACLU speakers will be encountering more and more people who have seen this video. 

Recently, the Honorary President of the Supreme Court of Italy Ferdinando Imposimato wrote a letter calling for a new investigation into the destruction of the World Trade Towers on 9/11.  He is also a former member of the Italian Senate who served on the Anti-Mafia Commission in three administrations.  He is the author or co–author of seven books on international terrorism, state corruption, and related matters, and a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy. 

The times are changing.  I ask for your help in demanding that Paul Dewar do his duty and read in the petition or that you find another MP to do it in his stead. 

My colleagues and myself are now creating a Canadian effort to highlight’s the NDP’s unwillingness to address an issue that a third of Canadians view as a problem.  A recent video documenting Paul Dewar’s stance has been released recently to wide circulation. It can be viewed on the front page of our website

I would like your assistance in resolving this matter before we put the full weight of our organization behind this educational outreach activity.

I also request that you reply to this letter.


(Petitioner’s signature)

cc: The Honorable Don Davies, MP, Government of Canada
cc: The Honorable Paul Dewar, MP, NDP Critic on Foreign Affairs, Government of Canada

NOTE: At your request I can forward a copy of this Letter made as a Word document, otherwise just copy and paste it and make your own master copy - then make copies for your family, friends and neighbours to sign and send to your Member of Parliament with copies to Don Davies and Paul Dewar.


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