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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Great Depression II

by David Zuniga
I have read an increasing number of articles, blog posts, and books suggesting that when the inevitable financial collapse hits America, that Civil War II will follow.  I believe this position is unsupportable from history and from constitutional principles, as I will explain here. 
I grant that civil war and financial collapse exhibit some of the same characteristics.  In fact, to understand what life may be like for a few years after the collapse, I suggest that you watch the TV series called Jericho.
In that series, the enemy (the viewer doesn't learn who the enemy is until near the end of Season One) destroys 23 major U.S. cities including Washington D.C., using nuclear bombs in 55-gallon drums.  Though that scenario is a bit far-fetched, the producers realistically depict the Law of the Jungle that can be expected after a shattering national collapse.
Having said that, civil war and massive financial collapse are very different.  They stem from different causes, employ different rules of engagement, and involve different players, strategies, and tactics.  They are also different in terms of escalation, resolution, and probable outcome. 
Since both theories include Congress’ 150-year counterfeiting racket coming to a cataclysmic end, I will  simply analyze the other indicators that the civil war theorists employ to make their case.
Big Brother, Looking Down on You
The federal government seeking to employ drones domestically is a shocking issue brought to light for most Americans by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster tactic last week.  Over-hyped by many, Paul’s filibuster was actually more like the hundreds of floor speeches given by his father, former Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, on the floor of the U.S. House.  The younger Dr. Paul’s speech has opened the eyes of many Americans about the federal police-state buildup.
Where Has All the Ammo Gone?
Then there is the federal government’s purchase of over two billion rounds of hollow-point ammo over the past year.  Jack Swint raised the issue last August in this article.  Alex Jones and Infowars ran a series of articles for several weeks last year and again earlier this year on the subject.
Domestic Internment and ‘Resettlement’ Camps
Next, consider the recently exposed U.S. Army Field Manual FM 3-39.40 entitled Internment and Resettlement Operations, that mentions taking prisoners' Social Security numbers – demonstrating that it is meant for domestic internment camps. 
In this video, the YouTube channel called StormCloudsGathering demonstrates that per paragraphs 2-39 and 2-40, it does apply to detainment of U.S. citizens.  Reviewing paragraph 7-16, it is obvious that Alex Jones has been correct in his assumptions on this issue; these camps are meant for Americans, right here in our sovereign States:
Individual identification photographs are taken of all prisoners.  The prisoner’s last name, first name, and middle initial are placed on the first line of a name board, and the prisoner’s social security number is placed on the second line. A prisoner registration number may be added on the third line. Two front and two profile pictures are taken of the prisoner. Fingerprints are obtained according to AR 190-47.
But is Civil War II the only Possible Outcome?
Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes takes this position in this recent article, as does author Daxton Brown in his book Surviving Civil War II.  
Dozens of other dystopian guidebooks and novels also adopt the thesis that when Congress' 150-year-long counterfeiting of ‘U.S. Dollars’ finally collapses, the criminal Congress will have to default on its $122 trillion debt, and a civil war will ensue.  All of the Civil War II theorists propose that the TEA Party movement and other constitutionalists will be on one side. 
The Civil War II proponents are less monolithic about who will make up the opposing forces. It will either be just the ‘evil government’, or all of the predators, parasites, and communists on the other side: Occupy Wall Street, unions, bureaucrats, welfare and Social Security recipients.  In Surviving Civil War II, the author suggests a shooting war using guerrilla tactics is in our near-term future.  I disagree.
These facts are not in dispute: federal agencies are buying billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition, and federal government does obviously have a disaster plan that includes internment camps.  But that does not mean that Civil War II is in the cards.  If my position is correct – that Great Depression II is coming instead – then one can put the ammunition orders and even the internment camps into perspective. 
Again, I recommend watching the TV series Jericho for a plausible depiction of the breakdown of social order that would follow the failure of the Federal Reserve’s system of “money”.  Add in a national shortage of food and/or power and/or water – and you’ll realize that the Law of the Jungle kicks in fast.
So we will all desire that law and order be maintained.  But maintaining order in a civil war scenario is a very different set of challenges from restoring lawful money, banking, and civil government after the collapse of a century-old system of American communism. 
Domestic Enemies of the Constitution -- and of the People
Now let’s consider: who caused the collapse?  A domestic enemy that presents a clear and present danger to the security of the United States – organized crime in the U.S. Congress. 
No, not all members of Congress are corrupt; but many of them are.  Its organized crime operations are clear, as I detailed in this comprehensive blog article.  Since 1862, Congress has run the largest financial crime in history.  So We The People face not a 'civil war' but law enforcement challenges.  It will be a matter of applying penal sanctions, then restoring the Constitution's lawful form of U.S. money: gold and silver coin. 
As to taking up arms: restoring lawful U.S. money and credit is clearly an Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 mission; the mission of the Citizen Militia, organized and mustered by the legislatures of the sovereign States.  If it comes to force of arms in these United States, no one else can lawfully assume that mission.  Read the Constitution to confirm this.
It Will Not Be Civil War II
So first realize that restoring the Rule of Law in America is not a matter of "war"; it is a law enforcement mission.  No other entity is given the lawful authority but the Militia of the Several States.
When the wheels come off, 200 million idiotic American sheep will become deadly serious, overnight.  They will want heads to roll, and they will want a resumption of constitutional order.  On the part of local, county, and State law enforcement (from constables up to State Guard) it may very well be that a few billion rounds of ammo will be required to stop starving looters, rapists, carjackers, arsonists, and murderers that would be swarming across America in a 21st century re-enactment of the Great Depression horde. 
I think that Jack Swint, Daxton Brown, Stewart Rhodes, and many others paint a bleak picture – and sure enough, the Federal Reserve scam’s collapse will present a very bleak time for us – not unlike the free-fall in Argentina after its 2001 monetary collapse.  But the societal collapse needn't last more than a few months if cool heads prevail among We The People. 
Thus, AmericaAgain! will be vital; Oath Keepers and Richard Mack's Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) will be vital as well.  As long as a few million sane, righteous citizens exist, then America will have not a traditional shooting war, but a masslaw enforcement effort instead. 
The Vital Role of Citizen Militia
This is exactly the stipulated duty of the Citizen Militia.  Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 has national lawlessness and insurrection in view.  The law-abiding, responsible Citizen Militia will "execute the laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections…".  But as constitutional scholar and author Dr. Edwin Vieira has always taught, the Citizen Militia has not historically been comprised of a gaggle of autonomous vigilante groups; the Militia is to be 'well-regulated' by the State legislatures.
In their analyses, I believe that Swint, Brown, Rhodes, and countless other “Civil War II” prophets get it wrong.  They usually depict the TEA Party as squaring off against the State and being treated as though we are rebels.  But you see that according to the Constitution, the opposite should be true. 
Consider the first Great Depression; you’ll get an idea of the level of social upheaval – of family ruin – that is likely on the way.  I believe that Great Depression II will probably be far worse, far bloodier, and far shorter.  If the Citizen Militia does not jump in and fill the void of public order, then government agencies will.  Someone has to.
Most likely, it will take years of law enforcement to re-condition tens of millions of communist parasites that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  I am referring not only to the parasitic poor; millions of middle-class and upper-class looters have lived off the production of others all their lives.  This huge parasitic class doesn’t produce anything useful to the marketplace. Some of them are among the wealthiest and most honored members of society today. 
As in the first Great Depression, some of those people will end up working very menial jobs; they will learn humility overnight.  
The breakdown of America's rule of law means that the first thing that has to be restored is basic social order; do not murder. Do not steal.  The second thing is productivity; a person needs to actually work, rather than live off of others.  In other words, we must return to the Protestant Work Ethic that characterized us as a people for three centuries.
As was necessary after the fall of the USSR, the oldest two generations will demand their government giveaways even when it is proven to them that they're illegal and nonexistent. Those people will not be able to traipse around America in their RV, or go to Vegas, or on cruises.  They will either get to work, seek support from their children and grandchildren, plug into churches and social circles, or die. 
No longer will there be an illegal, communist ‘safety net’ in Washington, D.C. – and as tough as this is, it's the way America ran for 300 years before Woodrow Wilson. 
Life After Great Depression II 
The responsible citizenry – the ones who will run America's rebuilding period – will be what I would call "We The People".  The citizen that produces more than he consumes; who employs others and takes risks, rather than seeking a cushy life.  I think there are still probably at least 25 million Americans meeting that description; in tough times, they will hire at least a few others; in some cases, they'll hire hundreds.  They will make products that Americans really need – and America will buy American more than ever before.  In fact, all countries will become more protectionist after the collapse.   
The death of American communism won't be pretty.  Great Depression II will be different from the first one, because AmericaAgain! members will see to it that this time, the century of 10-point communism, and the FED counterfeiting operation end right here. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Casino is Closed
The hardest hit sector will be the world's largest gambling casino -- the financial "industry". By definition, an 'industry' must actually be industrious; must actually produce something of value.  The American banker, financial dealer and trader, and brokers -- do nothing of the sort. I have no idea what will be done with all those fancy bank buildings in America; one or two in ten will survive.
Much else will change, too.  Washington, D.C. will figure very, very small in your life.  The Medicare and Social Security scams will (mercifully) die, and require that every American be responsible for his or her own life and future -- as the founders intended.
Those who are wise and diligent will prosper; those who are foolish and/or slothful will lead very hard lives.  The amusement industries will die within six months, almost all of them. Once you begin to catalogue them, you see how many people's careers really are unproductive silliness; wasteful in the extreme.
The over 700 military installations around the world will be eliminated, one would hope.  Not one of them meets the Constitution's stipulations for the military.
The automotive and fossil fuel Gargantua will die in its present form.  Consumption rate of fossil fuels will probably drop to a third of today's level, so the Peak Oil theorists can revise their estimates of the end of the world as we know it, from that aspect.  America will drop to the level of Europe today; Europeans will drop to the level of (less-developed) Asia; and Asia will drop back into the dark ages for a while, where it was before.  What comes up in place of today's Gargantua will have to be a much, much more efficient transportation sector.
The Jubilee Returns
One might see this as the Old Testament 'jubilee' described in Leviticus Chapters 25 and 27.  It was like this: every 49th or 50th year, a yobel (Jubilee) was proclaimed.  Slaves were set free, debt wiped out, and property returned to its original owners.  
In the modern American variant, tax slaves will have their bill wiped out, since the huge, illegal bureaucracies that skimmed America's payroll accounts, will be de-funded.  Banks will lose their fraudulent 'lender' positions over owners of assets that were built or earned by the borrower's own hard work.  The suppliers are paid at the time of purchase, as the bank does its magic: it essentially bundles the borrower's future labor and wealth, adds on its big, fat cut, denominating the transaction in fictional 'money' made of air, keystrokes, and a bank charter.  Those swindling operations that have burdened all of America's productivity, will soon end -- as will the FED cartel's counterfeit "U.S. Dollar".
This coming Jubilee is the bright side of Great Depression II because unlike the first Great Depression, AmericaAgain! intends to see to it that this time, when the music stops, We The People restore the lawful U.S. money stipulated in Article I, Sections 8 and 10 of the Constitution.  We will arrest and end the largest, longest-running financial fraud in the history of our planet.
A New Way of Life: AmericaAgain!
AmericaAgain! has the potential to bring three salutary things to American life, all of which will work in harmony with Oath Keepers and CSPOA:
1) The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ will be the mechanism whereby We The People assure that this can never happen again, because every member of Congress can be criminally indicted for attempting once more to violate the US Constitution. 
2) AmericaAgain! Legislative Action reforms; 19 mega-changes to reduce federal government to only its 17 lawful powers, and cut all imperial emoluments to members of Congress. 
3) AmericaAgain! Minutemen would help restore the Citizen Militia; citizen service for local, county, and State emergencies and defense that should never have been disbanded by Lincoln in 1861.
Will national defense still exist?  Yes; but the forces must mostly be State Militia forces under officers appointed by the State Legislatures, or national 'armies' for two years at a time (maximum) called up for specific, declared wars for the clear purpose of defending these United States.
After 150 years of counterfeiting, fraudulent 'bank credit', and preposterous bureaucracy and waste, the coming collapse is inevitable.  But the end of organized crime will be a catharsis (cleansing) for the Republic; enforcing the Constitution means restoring the original American ethics and virtues.  
The 'battlespace' for this coming upheaval will be the Internet, the State criminal courts, and the public square, also known as the court of public opinion.  We The People must prepare not for armed struggle against government, but (primarily) to execute the laws of the Union, and to suppress insurrections when we see the Law of the Jungle kicking in.
The main organized crimes that will cause the coming maelstrom are the FED counterfeiting and all of its financial derivative crimes including the 'fractional-reserve' scam in banking.  These organized crime traditions originated in Congress, were exacerbated by Congress, and are perennially defended by Congress.  
While it is true that most members of Congress support this organized crime, a few of them speak out passionately against it.  So we can't accurately frame the coming cataclysm as "the People vs. the government" because many citizens are co-parasites with the predators in government who violate the Constitution with impunity.  The crime is shared, as the loot is shared; but we know who the kingpins are.  They all sit in the U.S. Congress. 
So, no Civil War II is ahead; instead, we have a law enforcement function that must be undertaken by a “coalition of the willing” – local and county law enforcement, State Guard, and re-nascent Citizen Militia doing our duty for the first time in 175 years.  Those in Congress who have supported and defended organized crime in Washington D.C. will face State criminal indictment, harmonizing with their actions and criminally-negligent inaction.  State legislatures will have to be basically forced to perform their duty also, because they are often as corrupt as Congress. 
When 'the Big One' comes, this time We The People won't wander about aimlessly as we did in the 1930s.  This time, a core contingent of We The People will assure that when this organized crime cancer surgery is over, it won't begin again as soon as the smoke clears.  We have identified and isolated the enemies of our Republic; we have developed tactical and strategic defenses equal to (and appropriate for) the threat.  We have swept away the false flags and now see the battle space with unclouded eye.
A presently unseen force of tens of millions of We The People will line up immediately, once the first shock hits.  At AmericaAgain! we are preparing for reality in the light of history, rather than harboring irrational fears from reading dystopian novels.  Great Depression II is all but inevitable; but the organized crime going on in Congress can be arrested -- and at AmericaAgain!, we fully intend to do so. (snip) ...
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