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Friday, May 03, 2013

Money Is Metaphysical

By Sydney White

The best idea man ever had. It is a medium of exchange. Anything people choose can be a medium of exchange, wampum, playing cards and cigarettes in prison etc. It should not have an intrinsic value, like gold, because a small group will hoard it or dig it up etc. The ruler had the right to issue coins at no interest (no usury) and so do governments today. Money is not evil, but greed is.

A small greedy group of scam artists have coerced, by blackmail, threats and bribes, most politicians on the globe to abdicate their obligation to print the citizens’ money at no interest (no usury). Instead, the banking cartel has taken over the printing of money and charges all governments interest (usury) for merely printing numbers on paper or into a computer. Our investments such as bridges, schools, education, health care etc. are listed as expenses by the crooked banking cabal and are put down at $1.00 each, while they throw the investment into the deficit. This is to cut all social assets from us. This is the most crooked accounting and betrayal by our elected government.

Since every country has now been saddled with these phony debts to eight private families, we are now slaves to these counterfeiters. The trade agreements are really financial agreements between slave nations and the bankers. These agreements force poisons down our throats, choke us on filthy air and force us to go to war on innocent people so that we c an control their oil. This imprisonment of the many to the few has stopped the evolution of mankind and has manipulated its victims into fighting one another to keep this crooked ponzi scheme going. Fascism and corporatism are here.

NOTE:  Sydney While is an Investigative Journalist who offers a FREE, Fall and Spring Lecture Series titled “Studies In Propaganda” at the Free University of Toronto at 15 king’s College Circle, Room #161, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Sydney White’s Spring 2013 “Studies In Propaganda” schedule is posted by Conspiracy Culture at this link:


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