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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The Danger of Usury

Usury is the practice of charging interest on a lent money.
It was emerged in the Middle Ages after inventions in mathematics.
Compound interest is quickly became the bonanza for whole class of people.
It constantly accelerated the European economy and technical progress.
And bunch of professional usurers are concentrated a power in theirs hands…
Bankers are started to control a governments since beginning of XIX century.
They are organizes an economical booms and bursts and funds a wars.
Usury is forbidden in a most religions as the immoral practice.
When rich gets richer, and poor gets poorer – it’s destroys the society.
And this is truly as for a separate people, as for a whole countries.
Perpetual economical growth is direct result of usurious economy.
But the Earth has a boundaries, and it can’t be continued forever.
Look around and you will found are numerious examples of this deadlock.
To stabilize the existance of mankind – usury should be strictly prohibited.
Interest-free lending is possible and this is the basis of islamic banking.
Bank acts as venture investor there and shares both risks and profits.
Crowd-funding is another form of interest-free investing.
It became a widely distributed with with rise of Internet.
The interesting idea of economical recovery is given in works of Silvio Gesell.
He is proposed, that if interest is cause, then negative interest is salvage.
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