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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Iraq War & The Rest of the American Revolution

Open Letter by Richard Koltlarz
2/5/11 Rev. Copyrighted Material (Feel free to circulate, but not for profit)
Richard Kotlarz
1605 Arundel St. Apt. D, Saint Paul, MN 55117
Topics are linked within the page to facilitate easier reading. To request this document in other formats (MSWord, PDF or print-copy), email Richard and state preference. There is a charge for print versions to offset costs, but online versions are free for the asking.
1.  Prologue
2.  Shock & Awe
3. Out of the Garden  
4.  Historical Origins of the Money Game
5.  “Nomisma” in Ancient Greece
6.  Rome
7.  The Dark Ages
8.  The Crusades
9.  Usury – The Moral Debate
10. Conquest of the Americas
11. A Brief History of English Money
12. The Bank of England and the Rise of Colonialism
13. Imperialism
14. The Rest of the American Revolution
15. The New Nation Unfolds
16. The Civil War
17. Post Civil War
18. Assassination & Co-option of the Republicans
19. Alexander del Mar on Betrayal & Co-option of the Democrats
20. Religious Campaign Against the Greenbacks
21. Bankers’ Campaign to Destroy the Greenbacks
22. Emergence of the Populist Movement
23. Farmers & Labor Get Organized
24. Manifest Destiny
25. The Federal Reserve Act
26. The Great Depression
27. Word War II & the “Parity Dollar”
28.  Mayflower Hotel (1947) – The Empire Strikes Back
29. Post-War Transformation
30. The Last Political Defenders of Free Enterprise
31. Death of the Historic Debate
32. A Closer Look at the War in Iraq
33. Cancer
34. Where are the Dissenting Voices?
35. Judaic, Christian, Islamic and Native American Ethics
36. Two Bankers Speak
37. Clash of Civilizations?
38. Identifying the Enemy
39. “He Is Us”
40. A New Way Forward
41. Coming Full-Circle
42. What to Do Now?
43. The Monetary System is Tried in Court
44. Regaining Control of Our Destiny45. A New Beginning46. Thinking for Ourselves
47. A Note On the Spiritual Dimension
48. The Question of Pacifism
49. Postscript
Hark the entreaties of the broken
Souls who have borne usury’s curse,
Debt-money’s train of death and woes.
The huddled betimes scarce awoken
Soon to find wit and will aburst,
The hour, impending, no one knows.
The meek get ready to inherit the earth,
The earth prepares to receive the sky,
The youth anon will discover a future,
The wise, in love, smile – and now you know “Why?”
- Richard Kotlarz


"This document constitutes one whole thought.  Consequently it must be read to its conclusion to comprehend its meaning.  It started out as a list of talking points for a meeting of the local peace coalition with our congressman.  The conclave never came off, but the topic swelled with the writing, so I persisted to see where it would go.  The target audience was not so much the legislator, but rather my peace-coalition compatriots.  I had found myself moving away from the message of the movement in the sense that I was increasingly put off by its negative tenor.  The answer to the Iraq War, so it seemed to be saying, was to find and punish those who were to blame.  Appropriate accountability notwithstanding, I saw no solution in finger-pointing polemics.  I needed for my own inner integrity to write out a strong exoteric critique of the situation from a monetary perspective, but then resolve it in a way that encouraged the reader of whatever stripe to contemplate his or her own role in the matter in a way that came to grips with their own responsibility.

That said, this is a vital story of sweeping scope; a veritable allegory of the gods, if you will.  It is appropriate, then, that any tendency for arcane tedium has been avoided, and a bracing tenor of language in the manner of an epic tale embraced.  To some readers it may seem at places strident or partisan, but it arrives full-circle, I believe, to a more self-reflective view in the fullness of the narrative.  A previous version of this treatise has found a resonance across a spectrum of readers that is deeper and wider than I could possibly have anticipated.  What is more, the effort has developed into a personal quest into matters economic in the broadest, most constructive, and (hopefully) visionary sense.

The original version of this document was composed in the autumn of 2003, and so some of the references will seem dated.  We as a nation are, supposedly, in the process of “pulling out” now, but leaving military bases, civilian contractors and governmental advisors behind.  Revisions have been made where appropriate to maintain the conceptual integrity of the piece, in spite of the somewhat disjointed time references.  The major change from the original is the significantly expanded overview of world and U.S. history as it is woven around the thread of money.  This comprises a bit over half the treatise, but is absolutely necessary to provide a background for the discussion.  Indeed, the fact that it is missing from the common knowledge of our culture literally cripples our ability to discover who we are as a people, how we became that way, and any serious path to the future." (snip) ...

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