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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Usury Hell or UsuryFree Heaven?

By Tom J. Kennedy

Our orthodox economic system of usury-based, debt money is taking more and more debtors from riches to rags and it seems that economies everywhere around the world are in irreversible, economic decline. Many countries are facing national bankruptcy. It seems that in the not-too-distant future we can expect vast social, cultural and political changes concurrent with significant economic change. This ongoing economic upheaval can be best described as “usury chaos” or “usury hell.”

In our current economy (local and global) usury is making debts unmanageable. Only epic change will transform economic chaos into economic order. Currently, there is much evidence of flashing yellow lights warning of financial panic and money scandals in politics at every level of government – municipal, provincial and federal.

The present economic malaise did not start yesterday. The sequence of events that is leading us into the Grand-daddy Depression of this 21st Century are historically rooted in the evil and immoral function of usury on our orthodox, debt money system.

The tidal wave sweeping across the economic world and leading to the eventual collapse of our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money is unlikely to be stopped.

A penetrating look at the function of usury throughout history reveals that in the future usury must be abolished forever if we are to avoid complete, social breakdown. The optimal way to avoid a clash between creditors and debtors is to offer debtors an alternative choice.

I daresay that when debtors are given a choice (a) Life With Usury or (b) Life Without Usury – the majority will choose the latter.

Indeed, there are signs of change on the economic horizon and even though a financial doomsday may very well be a reality within the global markets, the “shop local” phenomenon is gaining in popularity. It seems that “small is better” and the catalyst that is fostering local shopping is the tool of the usuryfree time currency that facilitates trades/exchanges.

Examples: Ithaca Hours; Mountain Hours; Mile High Hours; Clearwater Hours; Island Hours; Tamworth Hours

While usury-based economies breed animosity, envy, greed, wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack, usuryfree economies foster co-operation, trust, peace, prosperity and abundance for all who choose to participate. This shifting paradigm is expected to usher in a new age of “usuryfree order” otherwise referred to as “usuryfree heaven.”

As the consciousness of the masses shifts we will move to a new form of economics where the reality of usuryfree living will once again be experienced as it was during the Middle Ages when there was “Life Without Usury.”

As the current financial system crumbles we are also witnessing a breakdown of the political machinery because of the ineptness of politicians. Various political leaders have been involved in fraud, thereby initiating the distrust of their employers (the voters) and their downfall coincides with the collapse of the economy that they were charged to manage.

It is my dream that daily life – very soon in this 21st Century will be excitingly different for debtors when they embrace the change to a usuryfree lifestyle.

Indeed, signs are emerging that the probability and possibility of epochal changes in our economic system are just around the corner.

Time-traders in various local communities are daring to depart from the broken economic model of usury-based, debt money are replacing it with usuryfree time currencies in their respective local communities.

Readers are invited to take a leadership role and launch a usuryfree time currency in their respective local communities – eventually we can network all of the participating communities and negotiate trades locally, nationally and globally.

Indeed, “usuryfree heaven” is within the realm of possibility as we progress into this 21st Century! 

UsuryFree Heaven - For Our Artistry!!

NOTE: The artistic symbol of the 'Winged Lion" was birthed by an artist from the Mountain Hours network of usury free creatives in Colorado. Great job!


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