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Thursday, November 07, 2013

UsuryFree Power vs Usury Force

By Tom J. Kennedy

NOTE: This article is a good backgrounder for those who are becoming aware of (a) the evil and immoral effects of the design flaw of usury and (b) the power and potential of the usuryfree community currency movement - watch for more details during the 9th Annual UsuryFree Week from November 13th to 19th, 2013.

There is a remarkable distinction between the respective and differing qualities of usuryfree power and usury force. Unless, debtors have read the book “Power vs Force” by David R. Hawkins, they are likely to be unaware of the difference between usuryfree power and usury force.

I have read “Power vs Force” and in this article, I will attempt to apply the determinants that David R. Hawkins writes about to advocate and promote usuryfree power as the optimal tool to solve the many societal problems associated with usury force.

Throughout history, the creditors (usurers) have sought to achieve and maintain their status and wealth by controlling the debtors in society through the simple - and at the same time complex - function of usury - a fear-based, control mechanism.

There is much evidence to show that the harder the debtors must work to pay their usury and taxes (the majority of income taxes goes directly to pay debt service (usury) on the loans of the various levels of government – (municipal, provincial/state, and federal), the richer the usurers become.

Indeed, the energies of the ill-informed debtors have been co-opted over the centuries to produce for the creditors (usurers) those life’s pleasures commonly denied to the debtors. When this truth is fully realized, it is likely to beget the outrage of yet another revolution by the multiple millions of raging debtors who have not yet been re-educated.

To avoid any further destructive revolutions, the active usuryfree creatives - the re-educated debtors, the usuryfree power advocates - have crafted a usuryfree resolution.

The current resolution for usuryfree power is best defined as a wonderful weapon of mass instruction to be applied in the ongoing information awakening that the re-educated debtors are intent on expanding.

Debtors who are reading and re-reading the postings at The UsuryFree Eye Opener and at other blogs/websites are acquiring and applying much relevant knowledge that formal education neglects to teach.

These re-educated debtors know that fear is predominant in the world of usury force, while love dominates the world of usuryfree power and they are intent on replacing fear - the favoured tool for usury force with love - the more powerful tool of usuryfree power.

It is ironic that debtors who are not yet re-educated – let’s refer to them as fearful debtors – are satisfied to be subservient to their crafty financial creditors (usurers) whose mission is ironically, to keep all debtors forever, in financial slavery

By accepting to be forced to pay usury on loans and mortgages, the fearful debtor surrenders his/her power to the creditor (usurer).

By embracing the usuryfree time currency movement, the debtor envisions that usuryfree living is within possible and probable grasp, thereby taking back his/her power as an active usuryfree creative who advocates and promotes usuryfree power.

Initially, enormous power is required to get a rocket to lift off and depart planet earth. As it leaves the gravitational field of planet earth the rocket requires less power. Finally, it moves through space under its own momentum.

Similarly, as we shift our consciousness as debtors to embrace usuryfree power and reject usury force an enormous amount of re-education is initially required to instill in debtors the belief system that indeed by focusing on usuryfree power, the experience of usuryfree living is possible as we progress into this 21st century.

Yes, since formal education fails to address the issue of “usuryfree power vs usury force,” all debtors must commit to a self-imposed course of re-education to raise our individual and collective consciousness to the possibility of experiencing usuryfree living in this incarnation.

Few debtors are actually aware that it is the force of usury or “usury force” that keeps debtors subservient to creditors for generation after generation. The good news is that when debtors experience the power and potential of usuryfree living, their lives as debtors are changed forever.

Indeed, it is time for debtors everywhere to climb up from the first rung of the ladder. This happens when a re-educated debtor chooses to share his/her new knowledge and exposes the design flaw of usury as the chief cause of the majority of problems that affect modern society. The far-reaching ripple effects of such targeted re-education will extend to all corners of the conventional economy.

The true answer to the baffling complexity of our orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money, is to embrace the usuryfree time currency movement with its hallmarks of simplicity and its proven track record.

The creditors (usurers) who exact usury on the loans and mortgages of debtors rely heavily of force as expressed by laws, rules and regulations that are enforced by the courts, which are in turn backed up by the enforcers – the police with guns.

To experience the reality of usuryfree living is empowering and extraordinarily simple knowing that usuryfree power breeds peace, prosperity and abundance with ease and clarity.

To live knowing that the usurers will exact their usury from the debtor’s meager, monthly earnings is to experience fear in a world of wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack.

During the latter years of the 20th Century and during this first decade of this 21st Century, the research has been done, by meticulous researchers. Their findings have been exposed in books, e-books and video documentaries. We now have the answers to the societal problems caused either directly and/or indirectly by the function of usury on our orthodox, economic system of debt money.

Usury force by the creditors (usurers) cannot ever accomplish what usuryfree power bestows on the re-educated debtors who have been re-educated to know the truth about modern money creation.

Usuryfree power is nurtured with love, through inner awareness and new knowledge, while usury force relies on ignorance and breeds fear while immobilizing and restraining the debtor.

The hope is that re-educated debtors will recognize the fact that by embracing usuryfree power, the sources of economic pain, fear, suffering and failure associated with usury force can eventually be unraveled or undone.

Re-educated debtors commonly react positively to usuryfree power and negatively to usury force. Inherent in the re-educated debtor is the capacity to detect the negative elements properly attributed to usury force.

Usuryfree creatives believe that the technique of “critical point analysis” will play a key role in shifting the economic paradigm from passively accepting usury force to actively rejecting usury force while creating and promoting the noble experience of usuryfree power.

In defining “critical point analysis,” David R. Hawkins explains that the critical point is that particular point where the smallest input will result in the greatest change.

Never forget that an extremely minute variation over an extended time period can have the effect of producing a profound change. Consider the example of a ship whose bearing is only one degree off compass, but at the end of the journey the ship eventually finds itself hundreds of miles off course.

This unique phenomenon of “critical point analysis” is an essential mechanism that can be applied by re-educated debtors who are keen to experience the power of usuryfree force which eventually leads to the ultimate experience of usuryfree living.

In relation to shifting the economic paradigm from usury force to usuryfree power, the smallest input has been (and still is) at the grassroots level of society and any action here will eventually result in the greatest change at the national and global level.

As advocates of “usuryfree power,” let’s commit to challenging “usury force” as imposed by the creditors (usurers) by (a) re-educating debtors one at a time (b) participating as a time-trader within a local, usuryfree time currency group or network and (c) sharing the new catchphrase to make it popular within our respective circles of influence: ‘None of us is freed from usury, until all of us are freed from usury.”

During the Year of UsuryFree Living, various advocates of “usuryfree power” have been engaged in discussions (both online and in real-life situations). It is commonly agreed that, now in 2013, the time is right to claim our destiny by focusing our intention on raising consciousness to embrace “usuryfree power.”

It is also commonly agreed by the advocates of “usuryfree power” that there is growing evidence of the “shop local” and “loyalty” phenomenon gaining popularity with small to medium-sized businesses, in local communities everywhere.

Advocates of “usuryfree power” suggest that the next step to co-create the experience of usuryfree living is to twin well managed, loyalty programs and/or discount or reward programs with the usuryfree community currency movement. It has been observed that astute consumers who embrace loyalty programs often view their earned “loyalty points” in a manner similar to the way local traders view their earned units of usuryfree community currency.

Statistics published by Jupiter Research indicate that 75 percent of consumers now have at least one loyalty card, and one-third of all shoppers have two or more loyalty cards.

Given the ease of modern technology, coupled with the invention of digital wallets and digital tracking with assigned bar codes, it is anticipated that in the not-too-distant future, a private, innovative software company will emerge with a multi-faceted software package that will permit merchants and consumers to negotiate transactions that permit and track (a) discounts (b) rewards or points (c) while using a combination of federal cash and usuryfree community currency to close the sale. 

An added bonus to push the envelope would be a creative, software program that permits consumers/merchants to trade/exchange points, rewards etc. as well as any usuryfree community currency along with federal cash - indeed when this happens it may very well be the "critical point" that we have been longing for.

NOTE: Readers are invited to read, re-read and share this article and offer any feedback and comments with suggestions to enable “usuryfree power” to overcome “usury force.”


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