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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Networking With The SDI Industry

By Tom J Kennedy

"It's 2014 and as an active usuryfree creative networking within the usuryfree community currency movement, I am now set to network with SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs who are active in the SDI industry – otherwise referred to as (a) multi-level marketing or (b) network marketing.

We-the-people are making conscious decisions about how we create our earnings and how we spend our money. Given `golden handshakes, being laid off or just plain fired and bingo - we-the-people need to be open to pulling silver linings out of dark clouds. Opportunity is knocking and doors are opening within both the usuryfree community currency movement as well as the SDI industry and deeper desperation is motivating more and more people to listen, learn and take action.

We know orthodox economics is in peril when unemployment approaches double digits. Ask the Argentines! I remember in the early 1980's when `usury' rates were 20%+ and I was actively recruiting local businesses in the Ottawa area to join the local LETSystem. Countless owners of small to medium-sized businesses would say: "It's a great idea, but come back when you have 1000+ members on your database."

Without a doubt, that minority group within we-the-people who understood the `power and potential' of creating and spending our own private, `usuryfree,' currency were slightly ahead of our time. Now as we progress into the 21 st Century, alternative economics seems ready to blossom.

There is not only an economic benefit but also a social benefit to bartering and trading with like-minded people within our respective communities. Likewise, there is economic and social benefit as well as the bonus of personal growth and development derived from success as an SDI entrepreneur.

When twinned, the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry offer unlimited promise as we-the-people know in our hearts that if we envision different economic results we must willfully choose to `re-educate' ourselves so that we really understand how the design flaw of `usury' enslaves us and creates poverty, scarcity and lack.

Additionally, we-the-people must understand how seeking to become `usuryfree' in 2014 liberates us from economic bondage forever if we commit ourselves to creating and spending our own `usuryfree' time currency. The act of creating and spending our own `usuryfree' time currency seems foreign to us until we-the-people experience the feeling of empowerism when we sign our own name on an I.O.U. note.

The reality of empowering ourselves by establishing our own retail/wholesale enterprise in our own name is a distant thought for most employees until we `re-educate' ourselves to think like an SDI entrepreneur. The possibilities are limitless now that home-based enterprises (SDI enterprises are the most common home-based enterprises with approximately 3.5+ million in Canada) are easy to start-up given reduced transaction costs and the ease of modern technology.

Both the usuryfree community currency movement and the SDI industry have evolved similarly during the latter half of the 20th Century. Let's first track the evolution of the usuryfree community currency movement. Barter and trading was well established in the early years of the 20th Century in rural Canada. It blossomed during the Great Depression of the 1930's and even made inroads in smaller urban communities. Informal barter and trading remained a key component of rural economics throughout the 20th entire Century." ( snip) ...

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