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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hey! You Cannot Eat Gold

By  Dr. Mark Sircus
You cannot eat gold so financial people should set their priorities straight—the best use of resources or investment right now would be to secure one’s food and energy supplies for any eventuality. Having all the money in the world is not going to lighten the pain of hunger nor warm you when it gets cold.
This essay is not for those who believe in the fairy tales of the Federal Reserve, the Federal government or the mainstream press. Reality is going to crash in on everyone simultaneously when the dollar goes down but obviously, the ax will fall heavily on some people more than others. The best place to read about these things is on Dollar Collapse.
“Every major corner of the world’s economies is sitting on a knife’s edge of one type or another; the question becomes who falls first triggering the next leg down in the Global Economies and ongoing depression. All are in debt spirals as deficits and debt compound at a high rate, while the growth to service them is but an illusion of official account measures, public sector growth and understated inflation.”
“Waves of insolvency are just waiting to strike as elites, academics, government servants and banksters worldwide cling to the dying Consumption, asset-backed economic model created at Bretton Woods II. Before that time, the developed world created wealth the old fashioned way: they produced more than they consumed creating savings for allocation to productive enterprises, also known as capitalism. Now growth is measured in how much you can consume creating a top line while ignoring the amount you borrowed from future income to do so.”
Most of my readers know that I have been building a Sanctuary in the interior highlands of Brazil for about 9 years now. All these years, and especially since 2008, I have been flying down two tracks and taking the risk of being unprepared for the inevitable crash and the crushing weight of depression that will surely envelop the world—as it is already doing.
On one rail I was flying with building both my online work in medicine and health while building a retreat/education center, a place for patients to come and recover while being shielded from the stress of the world. However, on the other track it was for the security and safety of my family—a place to ‘duck and cover’ when the real storms come.
If I had any excess funds, I would be buying gold, which I have done in the past. However, I have put all my money into building Sanctuary but now I am investing in the local producers of all the organic foods I eat from my neighbors’ farms. It is kind of like heaven to be eating a main part of our diet from food produced within one mile of our project. Therefore, instead of putting money in a bank I am making my friends and neighbors food bankers. I will pay them in advance for foods they will only have to deliver if the system goes pop.
Talking about gold, I found some interesting words that aptly describe our new era of digital reality.
“Gold bugs argue that a return to the gold standard is essential. This is true, but it will not happen because fiat currency and fractional reserve banking are incredibly powerful tools that will not be given up by either the Federal Reserve or the federal government — or any bank. They make trillions of dollars off of these accounting techniques, virtually fabricating “money” out of thin air. It is extremely unlikely that this will be stopped (somehow). All efforts to return to a gold standard have failed.”
“Money today is digital. Digital money is no more “real” than fiat currency, but it is widely accepted in the form of bank transfers, wire transfers, credit cards, checks, loans and payments, all done by computer (ie, “digital money”). No real assets are transferred, it’s just computerized accounting now. This too is extremely unlikely to ever ‘go away’ or be replaced by the actual transfer of “real money”. Transferring real money is problematic (slow, cumbersome, risky and outdated). It’s not important that you may object on moral grounds to this point, what’s important here is what is actually occurring and what is likely to continue to occur.”
“Nobody will accept gold as a form of payment – not even a bank. You cannot buy food, fuel, land, cars or any tangible asset with gold or silver. You cannot pay off a loan with gold. You cannot even deposit your gold in your bank as a ‘deposit’.”
“In order to do any of the above, you must first convert gold or silver into cash, but it’s harder to do than most realize. You must find a coin dealer / gold seller or a pawn shop and exchange the gold coins / bullion for a check (they won’t even pay you in cash anymore). Your gold is now ‘fiat currency’, the only kind of money that can actually be ‘spent’ these days.”
Because we are now living in a digital universe down here on earth when the system goes into collapse mode things could happen faster than the speed of light. Within days, we could be living on another planet, one that we are not familiar with as all digital and paper value evaporates into thin air. How do you think TV couch potatoes are going to adapt and all those addicted to the digital universe?
I read these interesting words from a gun site:
“For the last several years lots of responsible citizens have followed the advice of experts and begun storing extra food at home. Most have gone out and purchased a gun or two or three and stocked up with ample quantities of ammunition. The sale of gold coins has pushed the price to heretofore unheard of levels. Prepping is now a growth industry. Snicker if you will but society benefits when citizens take responsibility for their safety and wellbeing,” wrote Paul Markel.
My favorite forecaster of future trends Gerald Celente and many others are getting on the horn-telling people to look out and take care. The vast majority will never know what hit them when the storm comes that will bring down the present financial system. Something somewhere in the world will trigger it and then it will go down as a rapidly burning house made of dry wood will do, but in this case it is all paper and digital code.
Gerald Celente advises buying a gun to protect your family, stocking up on gold if the dollar crashes and planning a getaway. Where will you be when this paper and digital house of cards starts a freefall decent into economic hell?
There is not a person on the planet who can foresee the dark place that is awaiting the collective masses of humanity. Some are offering or wanting a one-world government (which we already have on many levels) to clean up the mess after the world’s financial fire pulls the plug on the entire world economy.
When the crash comes, it will be too late for everything. All bets are off when currencies end and waiting for new currencies to be issued can be like spending days or weeks in hell.
Only the most uninformed people imagine the world’s financial system to be stable. It is anything but! The most disgusting part of all our denial is that the people of my generation have unloaded a massive debt bomb on the younger generations who will be left with the bill for our excesses.
Once disruptions to our system of commerce become evident we will witness a never before seen panic of the masses who will not have any idea of what to do. Big brother will of course be there to tell them. Governments know how to protect themselves and how to survive wars and any other dire emergency circumstance. They spend billions ahead of time preparing and it only takes a signature to declare martial law no matter what country you live in.
The clock is ticking meaning every day we have to prepare is important. As I count we have had since 2008 to prepare for the final end to our present financial system. Students of history should at least understand what will transpire during such moments of upheaval. As food prices head up again into uncharted territory we will get another lesson of what happens.
Rise of the Fourth Reich
In today’s Fourth Reich it is not just the Jews they go after but the hungry and the homeless. When the world goes down the violent right will enjoy the confusion and make their grab for power and control. The violent elite have already been doing that and the United States—the land of freedom and opportunity—where it is already illegal to feed the hungry and the homeless in many if not most of the major cities, is already falling into the same or even worse darkness that they supposedly saved the world from during the second world war.
We have known about no fly lists and in recent years, presidential powers to kill people at will with drones. It would be quite naïve to pretend that authorities don’t already have plans to get rid of various people on a list of troublemakers, or entities who they consider to be possible troublemakers; anyone who has had difficulties with police, with law enforcement, or who has been public and vocal against the established order of things.
All I can say in concluding is that pretty days are not ahead for the masses of humanity. Now that central governments are cooling down the war on their own people who use marijuana they are going to have to start other wars against other population segments. Would be nice to have a nicer image of humanity’s governments but that is just not in the cards for this next cycle of history.

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)
Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

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