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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Usury, Funds, And Banks: Or Lending At Interest

"Usury, Funds, And Banks: Or Lending At Interest" is a book that should be read by every man, especially every young man in the kingdom. I have gained more information from it than from any book big or little I ever read..." William Cobbett, author, "The Protestant Reformation in Ireland and England" 

This jewel of a book is about the tribulations of a humble 19th century Irish priest, and his comprehensive research on the topic of Usury, in pagan antiquity, Judaic law, and in Catholic decrees and canons. 

The book begins with the priest's personal narrative; how he is stripped of his ministry for challenging the local Bishop over the practice of usury in his diocese in Cork, Ireland. Without "a dog to lick his trousers", he somehow (in a series of small miracles) makes it to France, then the USA and Canada, and finally the Vatican, to verify his understanding of Catholic teachings, and ultimately has it confirmed to him in writing by the Holy See in Rome. 

The beauty of Father O' Callaghan's book is that it can be read as a story of a man who gave up what little he had to defend the truth; or as a proof of the destructive effects of usury upon France, England and Ireland, or as a primary reference for all authoritative and ecclesiastical writings on the practice of usury, under whatever name. 

Editor's note: the last few chapters, which covered subjects such as "pew rents" and "grave taxes" have been left out, since they seemed to be both tangential to the topic of usury, and irrelevant to our present culture.

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