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Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Tale of Three "Banks"

By Ken O'Toole


If we can understand that this relative small group of foreigners, that own and owned these entities, are our SOLE ENEMY, we will be well on our way to FULLY waking up. And if we can understand today it is via their last one established here in 1913 called "The Federal Reserve" that literally affords them unchecked and unlimited corrupt and unconstitutional ownership and control of every microfiber of our lives and Nation, we will be on the path of discovering the massively simple solution to end this mass insanity that has taken over our Government and Nation... We must understand our sole enemy's MEANS here and their sole MOTIVE of raping and destroying our Nation, Just like in any murder trial, there must be a full understanding of the means and motive to convict.

In our Nation's history this started before the Revolutionary War, with acts upon our people coming from this exact same relative small group of foreigners, executed from their total control of England (then and now) via their private "Bank of England" and "City of London". They wanted to have full control of this vast new land and all it's resources, and knew if we stayed as an English Colony they would have it. But their vice grip control that they typically got away with in England and their other "central bank" European nations did not go over well here. Their typical enslaving corrupt acts and taxes lead our forefathers to declare their Independence, and through the great efforts of many like the visionary Thomas Jefferson we became an independent Free Market, Free Nation. (we of course lost all that a long time ago, we are not close to a free market, free nation today) 

The side this relative small grope of ponzi scheme "Central Bankers" were supporting of course lost their first American war, but they knew if they could establish a version of their private "bank of England" in the new United States all was not lost, and they soon commissioned their agent the diabolical Alexander Hamilton to lead the efforts after the war to establish their first global ponzi scheme cancer here, the "FED" of its day "The First Bank of the United States". 

No one wanted this "bank" Washington, not even Adams but the national coffers were dry, coupled with the war debt to France and the fact that this blossoming new nation needed some class of infrastructure funds to keep the states together. This reality put our pre-Constitutional congress (consisting of two to seven members per state) and Washington in a corner and the Hamilton pushed private ponzi scheme cancer corruptly called "The First Bank of the United States" was born in 1791 with a 20 year charter. As a tragic reminder, our SOLE enemy's first "FED" building still stands today (as a "National landmark") at 116 South third street in Philadelphia.


Jefferson knew that FREEDOM and a FREE Market economy will always keep us as a Nation economically healthy, and any class of debt (that at the time major efforts to create large national debt was coming from their foreign owned private "The First Bank of the United States") would kill a Free Republic..So as Vice President under Adams and during his eight years as President he worked hard ensuring minimal damage from this foreign owned private cancer that was acting as our Nations Bank. 

Jefferson was influential in ending the FED of his day and its insane 20 year charter via his Vice President, then President James Madison who successfully block all attempts to renew it's charter, and this rancid FED of his day ended in 1811. Of course this failure to renew their ponzi scheme's charter infuriated this relative small group of foreigners, and with their total corrupt control of England they pulled out all the stops in creating their next American war. Primarily it was their British Naval corrupt efforts in attacking all American shipping, burning our ships, taking captive Americans and using American captured seaman as slaves that forced Madison's hand and within a year of their failure to renew their bank charter they succeeded in creating their retaliation War of 1812.. 


Of course their English military efforts were defeated but the designers of that insane war (all wars in the last 300+ years have been created by this same ponzi scheme group) succeeded in their war objectives in an agreement to re-establish their second raging cancer "FED" in 1816 "The Second Bank of the United States".. Sadly this building also still stands today, serving as a library, located at 420 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.

"The Second Bank of the United States" "FED" cancer on our Nation was ended by one of American's Greatest Presidents, Andrew Jackson, who aptly called it a den of vipers. Jackson survived two of their direct assassination attempts on his life, one where both muskets aimed at point blank range misfired. After the second musket misfired Jackson beat his attacker in the head with his walking stick. 

"The Second Bank of the United State's" insane 20 year charter ended in 1836 and all their massive corrupt efforts to renew its charter were successfully blocked. Jackson considered this the biggest battle of his life and his greatest accomplishment, successfully killing this raging cancer on American, blocking its charter renewal. Jackson's last words on his death bead in 1845 were "I killed the bank"... and these foreign pieces of human waste diabolical "Central Bank" stayed killed until the darkest day in US History, December 23rd 1913, Notice in their current ragging cancer on American, there is no Charter involved this time, and no mention of the word Bank in its title........ 

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