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Thursday, October 16, 2014

An Update on 'Bus Bond Bucks" and "Bus Bucks"

By John C. Turmel aka "John KingofthePaupers Turmel

JCT: Bob Brown in Ward 4 has joined the team of Brantford municipal candidates who supports paying students with Bus Bucks to do community service. Bob's been a fan of community currencies for years and a miscue in communications resulted in his only being mentioned now. 

But the really big news is that Joshua Borenstein in Toronto Ward 30 not only supports Bus Bucks for Toronto but has garnered a coalition of 7 other ward candidates in support and working toward finding more. 

Ward 40: Josh Borenstein
Ward 1: Charan Hundal 
Ward 6: John Letonja
Ward 13: Istvan Tar
Ward 20: Mike Andreae 
Ward 27: Rob Wolvin 
Ward 29: John Papadakis
Ward 31: Janet Sherbanowski

With 8 candidates who see the potential of Toronto community currencies, it should be easier to get the others to wise up. They can't stay stupid forever. And first come, first served, and deservedly so for being the fastest decider. 

Mayor: John Turmel
Ward 2: Jennifer MacDonald
Ward 4: Bob Brown 
Ward 5: David Swanson 

We'll keep working at finding a Bus Bucks supporter in wards 1 and 3. They can't stay dense forever. 
And Brantford Bus Bond Bucks will be usable in Toronto and Toronto Bus Bond Bucks will  be usable in Brantford. 

And now I start looking for Bus Bucks supporters among candidates in other Ontario towns. How about helping me and you out? If you live in Ontario, just ask your local candidates to Youtube "Bus Bond Bucks" for the best explanation of how community currencies can help us including Timedollars for the sick and unemployed. And then support the one who wants to   join our network of BBB-trading communities. We'll take theirs if they'll take ours. After all,  they're all based on the same 60 minutes of time in an Hour as the rest of us. 

And if you live outside Ontario, why not just ask your sitting councillors to see the video. No need for people to get elected to get it installed when people who are elected may do it easier.

If that BBB video can go viral in Canada, then we all benefit who are running in Ontario. And if your town sets up Bus Bond Bucks in the process, how can you lose? 

So we have just over 10 days to see if we can capture the imagination of the Canadian people. 

Heck, it works everywhere. Maybe it's time to send the video to towns in the US, England, Australia, New Zealand. They can't stay stupid forever. The secret of DIY P2P money is now out. If I end up talking about BB Bucks on the national news or CNN, you can bet I'll get elected in Brantford! 

Here's the Laurier U. Sputnik newspaper report:
John Turmel
Candidate Turmel, a man sometimes known under the aliases of King of the Paupers, Banking Systems Engineer, Great Canadian Gambler, and TajProfessor, wants to be Mayor of  Brantford in order to restructure the community to run on an independent local currency known as "Brantford Bond Bucks" to adults, and "Bus Bucks" to students. In relation to students, Turmel's concept lies in the idea that youth would perform work tasks around the city for bus  tickets. Turmel cites Argentina's bank crash in the 1980s as his inspiration, as the country used bonds to pay citizens. 

Turmel promises to create a local timebank baby-sitting network. Alongside his degree in Structural Engineering, Turmel holds the world record for the most election attempts, and is  known for his signature white hard-hat worn while campaigning. Turmel is particularly notable for bringing his concept of "Brantford Bucks" to the television program Dragon's Den,and later launching a libel suit against the program. In regards to his plans for Laurier Brantford's students, Turmel told the Sputnik, "There could be a nasty winter coming up and gangs of students clearing driveways after the snow-plows pass may really be needed. 

I've written other ward candidates to ask if they would support paying students with Bus Bucks credits at $12 Bus Bucks/hour . I hope we don't have to shovel out the snow-drifts in our driveways this winter."

JCT: Well, let's hope either we in Brantford or they in Toronto can show the world how paying kids on their Transit cards can work. 

Here's the latest flyer: 

VOTE FOR BUS/BOND/TIME BUCKS is the Turmel: 2014 Brantford Mayor Bus-Bucks Bond-Bucks & DIY P2P Money Expositor interview video explaining in depth: 

BUS BUCKS has the videos from the 2010 Brantford mayoral  election where dozens of youth including the mayor's son Connor Friel offered to work for 12 Bus Bucks an hour on their Brantford B-Cards worth 6 bus tickets. In 2011, Hong Kong Octopus Bus credits were used to pay students. It works. Their students do. Card-readers     used on buses could be adapted for use in recreational centers. 

"Elderly Man Dies Shovelling Snow" was a Hamilton headline. Do we wait until it's a Brantford headline too? Having a useful function in the community and some spare spending money could reduce youth suicides too. 

Youtube "Argentine Solution." In 2001, Argentine banks shut down. Rather than be laid off,  unions were paid in small-denomination provincial bonds anyone could use to pay HTML: Hydro, Taxes, Medical, Licenses. 

By 2006, all foreign debt was paid off. During the 1990s Russian bank crash, 750 States andMunicipalities paid employees with Bond Rubles! City workers who leave the city's cash in the bank by taking Bond Bucks may receive a 10% premium for saving the city the interest.  The more local they spend, the more they get.  

With a Brantford Timebank account, you'll be able to afford: public transit, community center part of your taxes. 


World's most prestigious medical journal The Lancet Neurology, March 2014 Volume 13, Issue 3 just said: "Since 2006, epidemiological studies have documented additional developmental neurotoxicants - fluoride" We will ban fluoride neurotoxin from Brantford's water with free tooth-brushes for those worried about cavities. 

John Turmel for Mayor
Jennifer MacDonald for Ward 2: 
David Swanson for Ward 5:

A LETS (Local Employment-Trading Software) Timebank provides a Directory of members' Goods & Services Offered & Wanted ("Wish List"). If I double-duty baby-sit your  kids with  mine and you later double-duty baby-sit mine, we pay each other with 1-Hour notes owed validated by our online ID. Everyone starts at zero. 

In 1999, I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with IOUs for a night back in Canada worth 5 Hoursof volunteer time valued at 60 TimeFrancs in France, 6 TimePounds in UK, 20 TimeMarks 

in Germany, 10US and 12CA Timedollars. Outside trading is accounted with HOURS.  Skilled trades and professions may command more Hours/hour and charge part-Cash to  cover their cash costs while taking their profit in part-Timedollars. 


"Argentina Creditos" details 7 million Argentines who joined thousands of barter clubs using paper time creditos to trade when they couldn't get any  money during their bank crash. 

Julio Archet: "Unlike the IMF, we don't lend you 100 and say pay back 150. We say we'll lend you 100 and then you pay back 100 in goods and services to the network." 

Like huge yard sales, people could drive a car-load of their goods to one location and use  their paper "creditos" to trade. Companies paid people in product who went to barter fairs to  trade. 

UNILETS Timebank works the same except everyone runs our own online account for large transactions and uses our own Facebook or Website ID on our own Timedollar IOU notes forsmall transactions.

Instructions for DIY P2P MONEY are posted at:

A Timedollar can be used for Hours owed or Hours of  Community Service. I do nursing  home accordion concerts. Volunteers for Salvation Army, Humane Society, St. John's Ambulance should publish their useful time served like I do. Just document them proudly likeI did. Make up your own civic job cleaning a park, your nearest, with your friends. 

Once you've printed your Timedollars and prepared your Wish List, post a selfie with your announcement at UNILETS Brantford Facebook Group and your FB Info (About) page. 

Your FB IDed P2P DIY Timedollars are now good at Timebanks, around the world to accept.Or not. Just ask. I did, everyone said yes. So post your past hours and start getting Thank U notes from now on. Any Disabled or Elderly person can witness your service to them. 

Minuteman printer will print up your T$8700 for $2. 

For snow removal network contact David Swanson. 
For the baby-sitting network, contact Jennifer MacDonald. 

John C. "The Banking Systems Engineer" Turmel, KingofthePaupers, Great Canadian Gambler, TajProfessor, Author of the UNILETS interest-free time-based currency United Nations Millennium Declaration C6 in the  AND See 

Addendum: On October 20, 2014 John "The Engineer" Turmel wrote is another posting:
JCT: Brantley School organized a mayoral debate in the gym for a couple of hundred kids where Bus Bucks stole the show! As we were walking out, incumbent mayor Chris Friel said: "They sure were your crowd." 

Sadly, the school did not permit us to hand out our flyers. The students were expected to memorize everything they'd heard. And worse, they wouldn't let me tape the candidates. 
Concern for the privacy of the students taping us. 

I argued with the principal that I didn't want the kids on camera, just the candidates. So what if some kids could be heard asking the questions, what's the concern? No answer, just "policy." I asked her for it because I'd like to write a letter to the Board asking how concern for the children was enhanced by not letting the candidates be taped? And how informative could the whole process be if the kids shaking my hand can't take my flyers! Imagine. 

Of course, they loved the Bus Bucks jobs for students. But one student asked why why a certain part of the area was full of dog excrement. One candidate said: Yes, it's a sign 
of disrespect! Then sat down. Big solution. I told them I'd pay them One Timedollar (5 minutes) for every piece they picked up! It got a big cheer. Too bad I couldn't record the 
only positive reaction to the idea of kids shoveling the snow and picking up the dog doodoo! Chris was right. Bus Bucks stole the show with the youth but I have no way to prove it.

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