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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Message To Students Pursuing 'Formal Education' Beyond High School and/or University in 2009-2010

... OR whomever you are and wherever you are ...

By Tom J. Kennedy

The changes that you - the awakening students - envision will not occur without a committment to 're-education' which will hopefully complement the processes learned in formal education. Too many of my generation - your parents' generation - have been disempowered through the process of of formal education, though most adults will deny that they have been disempowered by the system that they once questioned, challenged and/or
rebelled against.

The process of 're-education' as advocated/promoted by The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network will in the hands of the 'willing and ready' students become a powerful instrument of reform and renewal as we move towards a trusting and co-operative, usuryfree society of abundance, peace and prosperity for all.

What we are moving away from is a greedy, impersonal and competitive, usury-based society that breeds violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack and steals our time by coercing us to work long and hard at our roles and duties just to earn sufficient money to pay 'usury' and 'taxes,' thereby not
permitting us the opportunity to research, think, discuss and ask questions and question answers about what is really going on in the world.

Your decision to pursue any self-imposed process of 're-education' by enroling any course hosted beyond the walls of formal education is a gift to yourself for which you will be forever grateful. Your 're-education' may require you to unlearn some concepts that formal education teaches, but more importantly it will open your mind to possibilities and unlimited potential when you are armed with your 'truth.' With this new knowledge based on your own 'truth,' you will assume responsibilities of which you must be forever mindful.

The gift of a self-imposed 're-education' as offered by self-taught researchers beyond the walls of formal education and facilitated by both The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network imposes yet an even greater responsibility of service since you can never forget what you learn in the 're-education' process - whether in the group session or while pursuing your own self-imposed research and study on the internet or otherwise. The Bible says: 'To whom much is given, much is required,' and when you are 're-educated' you will realize that indeed much has been given that is not normally given in your many years of formal education.

There will be no doubt that as a 're-educated' youth, you are up to the challenge. The fact that you are seeking 're-education' proves your mettle in important aspects. Self-imposed 're-education' is a classically demanding mission. It requires moving beyond your 'hassle free zone' and engaging in careful research and study. It requires deep and sustained thought and
internal reflection and it moves you beyond the usual expectations of formal education. By the way, don't be surprised if some of your peers and/or your parents, friends and neighbours seek to discourage you from pursuing nothing short of your absolute 'truth.'

From its founding in 2000, The Cyberclass Network has stood for a universal, usuryfree time currency for the whole world, complete with all of the basic moral truths and principles of 'usuryfree' living that are the foundations of true freedom. In the halls of cyberspace as well as elsewhere, evidence is presented that dissolves the ignorance of truth and facilitates your understanding of why all apsects of freedom are in dire jeopardy.

The UsuryFree Network was founded in 2001 and since 2004 it has been the prime promoter of UsuryFree Day and UsuryFree Week. On November 13th, 2009, we will be celebrating our Fifth Annual UsuryFree Day. During this Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week, from November 13th until November 19th, 2009 a series of workshops and seminars is being planned on various topics that formal education neglects to teach.

Hopefully, you will recognize how the ignorance of 'truth' about 'health and wellness' and 'energy' and 'religion' and 'economics' and 'world power and politics' and various other issues related to money and power are directly and/or indirectly related to the benchmark of freedom which has been eroded because it was not honoured and respected.

As we progress into this 21st Century, this understanding makes any self-imposed learning process unique in the context of formal education. Formal education has historically embraced the 'lies, deceit and deception' that aid and abet the counterfeit construction of the New World Order while deconstructing the local communities and disempowering the individual. The out-of-the-box gatherings of like-minded teachers and students that are occurring everywhere in small and larger groups challenge the status quo on many fronts.

Both The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network likewise challenge the status quo on many fronts, but focuse on exposing the fact that our conventional banks do not lend out depositors' funds, instead the evidence reveals that banks create brand new money and exact interest or usury (which is never created) on the debtor every time a new loan or mortgage is authorized.

True freedom consists in the ultimate liberation of every free will, full liability man and woman from the shackles of usury, taxes, greed, ignorance and evil. 'Re-education' as offered beyond the walls of formal education opens the students' eyes and the 're-education' as offered by The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network supports the classroom learning and seeks to further lift the student out of ignorance about the 'design flaw of usury,' thereby disqualifying the borrower from being a forever slave to the creditor.

Knowledge overcomes ignorance and the object of knowledge is to discover the universal 'truth.' The Bible says: 'Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.' 'Usuryfree' living liberates and is grounded in 'truth' and those who promote 'usuryfree' living are commonly referred to as 'usuryfree creatives.' A 'usuryfree creative' lives uprightly, fulfilling
his/her obligations to self, family, community, nations and to his/her Creator. A 'usuryfree creative' is not a debtor enslaved to the sheer will of a creditor.

By contrast, any individual submitting to our immoral, orthodox system of usury-bearing finance accepts the 'lie' and ignores the 'truth' and lives in defiance of moral law and is therefore still a slave, though different than the chattel slavery of old.

Usury-based finance (debt money on which the creditor exacts usury) is counterfeit and the moral enemy of 'usuryfree' finance. Ultimately, because usury-based finance is counterfeit, it is destined to fail simply because it is mathematically impossible to pay the 'usury' as exacted by the banker who creates the principal - by the stroke of a pen of the click of a mouse - as new money based on the promissory note signed by the debtor. Our destiny is not to be slaves of the lenders.

Tragically, the legacy of our formal educational establishments of this 21st Century are not commonly the firm supporters of all that is 'truthful' and enobling. Yet, such cyberspace learning places as The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network aim to nurture and guard the 'truth' with a sleepless vigilance.

You are invited to continue studying with your formal courses while simultaneously becoming a voluntary student at The Cyberclass Network and The UsuryFree Network where you will be among the fortunate legatees of that sleepless vigilance who welcome the opportunity to have your minds illumined. With an illumined mind, you will optimally understand the nature and foundation of 'usuryfree' living and the responsibilities of all levels of government to immediately embrace and advocate 'usuryfree' time currency for the whole world.

I implore you today: Keep the flame of 'truth' alive during your remaining years of formal education - or even if you have completed formal education. Hand it on to others, glowing even more brightly so that your children and your children's children will benefit from the freedom that you envision.

March forward as proud 'usuryfree creatives' holding the flame of 'truth' aloft in your chosen career fields of business, law, medicine, science, journalism, music, the arts and education. As
students/teachers beyond the walls of formal education and with The Cyberclass Network's and The UsuryFree Network’s 're-education' mission be proud to be free will full liability men and women boldly illuminating the landscape of 'usuryfree' living for all whose lives you touch.

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