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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Usury – Destroyer of Health And Wealth

By Tom J. Kennedy
The maldistribution of income is directly caused by the design flaw of usury – the destroyer of health and wealth – in our orthodox system of usury-based, debt money, though the usurers (the creditors) are masters at convincing the borrowers (the debtors) that ‘interest’ is not ‘usury’ and therefore not immoral or harmful. Nothing could be further from the truth. By extension, usury is the direct cause of wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack as well as chronic illness and malnutrition which is ever increasing among our population during this deepening depression of the 21st Century. More than 50% of the monthly payments made by the average family can be identified as usury payments in the form of interest on debts and/or taxes to pay the various levels of government debt service.
The chief function of any healthy economic system must be to provide optimal opportunities for citizens to achieve abundant wealth and health. Usury is a mechanism used by the privileged few creditors throughout history to keep the majority in financial bondage for life as debtors. We are struggling to share the ‘scarcity’ because of usury and yet we live in a country blessed with abundant resources.
We face economic devastation collectively as a nation and individually as private citizens. Increasingly, hard-working, middle class individuals are experiencing economic deprivation leading to emotional, mental, and physical illness. Serious health threats occur when our economic order is in jeopardy because we fear the reality that we and our dependents may not eat. Nothing undermines emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health like poverty and usury is concocted to deprive us of our income and thereby create poverty. Additionally, loss of self-respect from not being able to financially survive causes health problems, long term chronic illness, and even suicide.
The economic misfortune of millions of middle class citizens is accelerating the need to re-educate willing learners about alternative and/or complementary economic solutions and alternative health therapies and lifestyles. Since the foundation of health is rooted in a healthy economy, it is no surprise that the current health of our people is not being sustained by our faltering economy. The design flaw of usury has been correctly identified by various engineers as the ‘wrecking device’ of a ‘killer machine’ that is destroying the health and wealth of the middle class, since the rich reap the financial rewards through the vehicle of usury and the poor receive social assistance from taxes extracted from the productive workers.
Usury violates the rights of any man and woman who is servant to the lender by requiring him/her to repay the principal plus the usury to the lending institution. Most borrowers are unaware that lending institutions create new money and lend only the principal and not the usury portion of any loan or mortgage. The usury must be taken out of the economy, as it causing perpetual scarcity. This current ‘Depression’ (that is exactly what it is) is directly caused by the design flaw of usury which cleverly siphons off billions of ‘interest’ or ‘usury’ dollars and billions of ‘tax’ dollars annually from the borrowers to pay debt service (usury) to a select few wealthy lenders.
UsuryFree Network (UFN) has a mandate to re-educate the public about the menace of usury and how it destroys our health and wealth. UFN recognizes that usury is a contributing factor to the increased levels of stress which is causing chaos in all areas of health – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. UFN believes that a re-educated public will voice their social discontent and pass along newly acquired knowledge to those who are ready and willing to learn that models of usuryfree finance can and must be implemented to create health, abundance, and prosperity where illness, scarcity, and poverty now exist.
UFN has identified the youth as the critical group to re-educate since they are not yet hardened by bitter, real-life experiences from repeated failings in the deceitful usury games. There will be other willing, and more mature learners who will assume leadership roles of teaching the ‘truth’ about money. This outreach approach by UFN aims to win over millions and motivate them to work to restore their health and wealth. Supporters of UFN will at least have structured economic lifeboats for their survival when the Granddaddy Depression of this 21st Century descends upon us and makes the 1929 Depression look like a Sunday picnic.
UFN has determined that any usuryfree community currency group or network that have a goal to teach people how to use less and less of their (the bankers’) money and more and more of their own usuryfree community currency is worthy of support. It is true that interest or usury can be abolished by simply encouraging people to implement workable concepts involving ‘mutual credit’ and ‘usuryfree financing’ whereby usury is replaced by a simple service charge. The UFN sponsors information meetings and hosts seminars all across Canada in an effort to re-educate the public. Interested individuals are invited to telephone 1.888. NOUSURY to request resources and details of future seminars.
UFN believes that the health and wealth of individuals will be restored as they openly declare themselves to be active ‘abolitionists’ having been re-educated on the truth about money, banking, and usury.
It will be necessary for UFN and its informed supporters to openly declare themselves as ‘abolitionists’ since nothing will be done by the hard-core ‘keepers’ – those who selfishly work to keep usury – for they are acquiring  gain by fostering the malfunctioning, orthodox, economic system that guarantees them (the keepers) abundance while creating scarcity for those targeted to pay the usury and taxes.
The ‘keepers’ have a vested interest in keeping the design flaw of usury as an essential part of any economic system. Neither will anything be done by the ill-informed supporters of the ‘keepers’ whose apathy runs high because they have neither the time nor the energy to re-educate themselves having depleted all of their resources as they scurry in the daily rat-race to earn sufficient income to pay their monthly tribute to their ‘keepers’ in the form of usury and taxes.
A definite challenge lies ahead for UFN to play a leading role in the re-education process as we seek to alter the entrenched financial system that conditions its users from birth to death to endure the economic struggle with unhealthy survival strategies.

We must raise the consciousness of the public. All borrowers are players in the usury game of financial, musical chairs, much like the familiar childhood game of musical chairs. Just as the children learn to seek moments of pleasure and perceived happiness by learning the selfish survival skills required to win, so do the adults seek financial success by selfishly allowing their hearts to grow cold to the point where they are secretly happy when a competitor or an associate in the world of ‘free enterprise’ is forced into bankruptcy.
They experience a moment of perceived happiness since they know that because of another’s bankruptcy, they will be able to feed and shelter their dependents and pay their usury and taxes for a while longer. It is unfortunate that most of the players in the usury game of financial chairs are unaware that the ‘keepers’ of the usury game have established unfair rules based on ‘lies, deceit and deception’ regarding the function of interest – otherwise correctly identified as usury.
Some will resist and/or ignore the growing ‘abolitionist’ movement at the peril of their future health and wealth. They have the freedom of choice to be informed or to be duped by the professional usurers. These professional usurers wield immense financial power and exhibit a mastery at cleverly siphoning off billions of dollars in usury and taxes from the working class while paying a mere pittance of nickels and dimes to depositors who mistakenly believe that their savings are being loaned out to borrowers.
The mainstream media likewise promotes falsehoods and politically correct agendas to sustain the level of ignorance required to prop up the current, orthodox system of usury-based, debt money which effectively keeps the masses in financial bondage for life. A failing educational system turns out too many malnourished and dysfunctional youth who are molded financial illiterates. Our sacred public education system surely strengthens and protects the orthodox financial system engineered and maintained by the ‘keepers.’ When has formal education or the mainstream media or the churches addressed the ‘truth’ about money and banking?
UFN understands that economic reform will not come from the top of the solid, closed, economic pyramid, therefore, it must begin at the bottom and network wide while filtering upwards. Any literate consumer who is plagued with fatigue because s/he is saddled with a heavy debt load of ‘usury-bearing’ debt is likely to shift into a learning mode with the potential to evolve first into a healthy ‘abolitionist’ and then an active ‘usuryfree creative’ when s/he has acquired sufficient knowledge to understand the evils of usury.
Through UFN, active ‘usuryfree creatives’ can assume leadership roles and reach out to re-educate those who are ready and willing to learn the ‘truth’ about restoring health and wealth to individuals and to society. UFN suggests experimenting with the following activities in this modern age of high-tech communications.
1. UFN encourages you to learn about quality resources now available to aid you in restoring your health and wealth and then make these resources available to others for loan and/or purchase. Reading material ought to be a priority however, audio cassettes, video cassettes, DVD’s and CDs are also valuable learning tools and must be promoted as such especially for those who have not developed their reading skills in their years of failing, formal education. UFN has an abundance of resources available for loan and/or purchase.
2. UFN advocates that you encourage everyone in your network or circle of influence to multiply and duplicate newly acquired knowledge. This activity of the re-education process is a critical challenge indeed. Use telephones, electronic mail boxes, fax machines, computer modems and the mail as well as personal contact. UFN utilizes internet technology to communicate on a regular basis with those who demonstrate leadership ability. Simply join our group at yahoo by sending an email to:
3. UFN believes that supporters ought to promote any idea or concept which provides real life experiences for better understanding of the possibility and reality of usuryfree living. The Cadillac opportunity in this respect is the original LETSystem – the perfect model of a usuryfree, linear, banking system. Since its creation in the early 1980’s, various hybrids of ‘mutual credit’ have emerged and are fully functioning in small communities all over the world. UFN advocates usuryfree community currencies in communities and in the evolving SDI (Self Directed Income) industry. UFN also believes that any usuryfree software program can deliver the concept of usuryfree finance to the various levels of government – municipal, provincial and federal. A high density of people with common interests and a wide variety of products and services always facilitates the maximum amount of trading.
4. UFN suggests that you pay little or no attention to what the mainstream media is telling you about ‘heath and wealth.’ The masters in the mainstream media are cronies of the powerful, international financiers and their selfish motivation dictates that they ‘lie’ to you for a price. They are knowingly or unknowingly brainwashed to protect their vested interests in their conspiracy to destroy your ‘health and wealth.’ They need you to be a willing player in the usury game of financial, musical chairs.
5. UFN encourages you to insist on networking and working with declared ‘abolitionists’ and ‘usuryfree creatives’ who proudly promote ‘usuryfree financing concepts and alternative health and wellness therapies, services and products. UFN recommends that you set yourself up so that you will not have to purchase products and/or services from ‘keepers.’ UFN believes that the SDI industry is positioned to network information and knowledge to millions in very short periods of time.
6. UFN reminds you that you should not expect to be popular with self-professed ‘keepers’ who are not willing to re-educate themselves. Proud ‘abolitionists’ and ‘usuryfree creatives’ who understand and promote the concept of usuryfree living by advocating that sufficient chairs be put into the financial game are a definite threat to the ‘keepers’ who monitor their selfish and sacred, orthodox, usury game of financial, musical chairs. ‘Abolitionists’ and ‘usuryfree creatives’ will become popular with their growing networks of friends and acquaintances who will be healthy and wealthy as the paradigm shifts in the early years of this 21st Century.
7. UFN teaches by example and insists that newly recruited ‘abolitionists’ and ‘usuryfree creatives’ play simulated, economic games to acquire a complete understanding of the distinct difference between usury finance and usuryfree finance. The ‘abolitionists’ have developed a economic game with very simple instructions to teach how a service charge on a usuryfree loan or mortgage radically differs from usury on an orthodox loan or mortgage.
8. UFN will aid you in staying on top of new developments in the ‘abolitionist’ movement and the ‘usuryfree community currency’ movement by publishing updated lists of new resource materials and hosting workshops and seminars. UFN will occasionally publish documents that advocate ‘usuryfree’ living as a means to achieve better health and wealth. UFN understands that good students are likely to become good teachers no matter what the subject.
9. UFN believes that by networking together we can restore our health and wealth when we expose the big lie of usury. Together, we must work to abolish usury – the destroyer of health and wealth. Then we will have the peace, abundance and prosperity needed to clean our environment and feed the people of the world.
Every year UFN leads the way with special celebrations to recognize UsuryFree Day (November 13th) and UsuryFree Week (November 13th to 19th). Your support at events scheduled for this annual week is requested and appreciated.
UFN, founded in 2000, is a private, networking organization with a mandate to promote health and wealth. During its early years UFN focused on exposing the problems associated with the design flaw of usury. Recently, UFN has widened its scope to focus on solution-oriented ideas, having learned a great deal of information from individuals and groups about how so many other aspects of living are impacted by usury. UFN understands that usury is a worldwide problem which cannot be ignored by anyone committed to health, justice and righteousness. UFN invites its growing numbers of supporters to reflect and offer input on how our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health can be improved as we progress into this 21st Century.
UFN stands ready and willing to cooperate with its supporters as we work together in a new age of wellness and prosperity. UFN offers seminars/workshops and a variety of re-educational resources. Please contact UFN for further details.
The UsuryFree Network
P. O. Box 9333
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3V1
Tel: 1.888. NOUSURY

NOTE: I also invite you to read about and actively participate in the forthcoming "Fifth Annual UsuryFree Week" scheduled from November 13th to 19th, 2009. Details about that at these urls at the UsuryFree Eye Opener:



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