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Monday, May 10, 2010

Extreme Discrimination Against MS Liberation Plus More Bad News and Good News

NOTE: This article connects the current controversy re: the CCSVI procedure for MS patients to what's really going on in the world of raw political power and usury-based economics ...


By Tom J. Kennedy

The bad news is that the provincial and federal governments in Canada, the professional medical organizations (especially neurologists) and the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society of Canada are refusing to recognize CCSVI (Chronic Cebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency) as an effective treatment for people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, therefore funding of the CCSVI testing and treatment is being refused to MS patients - this is extreme discrimination.

The good news is that while many MS patients, along with their families, friends, neighbours, working colleagues, cyberspace friends as well as a few awakened doctors and politicians are coming together to learn how to flex their muscles on the political and economic landscapes in the name of “health and wellness,” they are learning that knowledge is king, that truth is stranger than fiction, that myths can be shattered and deceptions exposed on various, relevant issues.

Could this current CCSVI controversy become “The Awakening Factor” for we-the-people as we witness and experience the noteworthy and far-reaching scope of our influence in search of “health and wellness” for those afflicted with “sickness and disease” - whether it be multiple sclerosis or any other modern disease?

We are learning that any group or institution that exercises influence in the “health and wellness” industry is likely to be a target for control by the giant, trans-national, pharmaceutical corporations whose true focus is money and power as it relates to controlling “sickness and disease” for a lifetime with prescribed pharmaceuticals rather than advocating any immediate healing therapies or procedures.

I learned about the important work of Dr. Paolo Zamboni from Italy and his advocacy for the CCSVI treatment for MS patients in the fall of 2009. Since that time, I have noticed that more and more people are coming forth to question to motives and agendas of those individuals and groups in Canada that are opposed to adopting the internationally recognized and established imaging and treatment guidelines for this relatively simple and inexpensive CCSVI procedure as it applies to MS patients.

It is exciting to note that many people are voicing their observations that those opposed to the CCSVI procedure for MS patients are not in sync with the shifting attitudes towards “health and wellness.” Instead of blindly accepting the conventional thinking that persons afflicted with any “sickness and disease” must rely upon the expensive drugs manufactured by the giant, trans-national, pharmaceutical corporations and prescribed and administered by members of the professional, medical organizations - many of whom have stocks or holdings with Big Pharma corporations - MS patients and their supporters are asking questions and questioning answers about the “extreme discrimination” being foisted upon MS Patients.

Countless MS Patients and their growing numbers of supporters within the MS Liberation Movement are wondering if the MS Society of Canada is paying the price for permitting their organization to be so heavily influenced by Big Pharma during this current CCSVI controversy? It is my humble observation that the global banking cartel in conjunction with numerous major trans-national corporations has been buying up influence and control over the people who are running various groups, institutions, organizations etc. and tax exempt charitable organizations are included. One cannot help but wonder if the MS Society of Canada has been compromised.

It is noteworthy, that the MS Liberation Movement was formed in the fall of 2009 when it became clear that the MS Society of Canada was questioning rather than supporting Dr. Zamboni’s research which clearly indicates that any blocked veins in the neck and chest area are resulting in myelin damage in the brain and spinal cord on MS patients.

The MS Liberation Movement (includes all CCSVI groups on Facebook or otherwise in cyberspace) has been evolving and expanding now for approximately seven months. Indeed, it has taken on a life of its own with many supporters committed to seeking the “truth” about the hidden agenda of the provincial and federal governments in Canada, the professional medical organizations and the MS Society of Canada all of whom are guilty of imposing “extreme discrimination” against 75,000+ MS patients in Canada who are still being denied a respected and proven CCSVI treatment that uses venoplasty and stents for a vascular abnormality.

While the supporters of the MS Liberation Movement have been effectively using town hall meetings, rallies and the blogosphere, to network updated information about the global development and obvious benefits of the CCSVI procedure, the mainstream media is now beginning to notice that this “pursuit of truth” is infiltrating by way of stealth to influence and motivate to action many thousands of people far beyond those who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. We will carefully observe how the print and electronic media spin this ongoing story to discern if their influence and control has been bought up by Big Pharma or if they are committed to helping MS patients overcome this “extreme discrimination.”

Over the past thirty years, the MS Society of Canada has kept the reins on the favoured status quo treatment for MS, which has routinely been a variety of expensive “Big Pharma medications.” As of this current date, the MS Society of Canada has been reluctant to advocate an innovative and much less expensive treatment commonly referred to as “operation liberation.” Why?

To find the correct answer to the “Why” we must understand the complexity of the inter-related issues. Indeed, we need an educational army and everyone is invited to enlist. As Patrick Henry said: “Our brethren are already in the field, why stand we here idle?”

The bad news is that time is running out not only for those people diagnosed with MS, but for all Canadians. I remember not too long ago, I would connect the dots on some of these issues related to "health and wellness," "economics," "politics," "9-11" etc. and people would look at me like I was an alien from Jupiter and say: "You have got to be kidding, that could never happen in Canada." Now when I explain the relevance of these inter-related issues and how they apply to the "extreme discrimination" of the MS patients, people lean forward and ask: "How much time do we have left?"

Yes, their New World Order is descending all around us, there is ample evidence of Big Brother’s intrusions and the processes are advancing rapidly. Since time is running out whatever we plan to do for MS patients, for their “health and wellness,” for our ultimate freedom, for our country, we must do it now. The good news is that we still can do it. We still can talk openly, we can attend rallies, we can share information, we can advocate for the CCSVI treatments for MS patients NOW,

The emergence of the MS Liberation Movement is spawning a national (and international) coalition of CCSVI, inter-connected, advocacy individuals and groups that are affecting the national consensus for immediate acceptance of the CCSVI treatment here in Canada.

Could this current CCSVI controversy become the “sleeping giant” that is awakening our fellow-Canadians who are already dissatisfied with many conventional elements of the “system” that are failing or broken. A key question is: “Will people continue to organize with a vengeance that will move forward and far beyond issues related only to “health and wellness” but also “economics, energy, education, 9-11, spirituality etc.”

MS patients and their supporters are currently directing their limited funds, exclusively to (a) those who are traveling to foreign countries for the CCSVI procedure (b) doctors and supporting groups that are advocating for the CCSVI procedure here in Canada.

In the meantime, there is much evidence that there are growing networks of grassroots activists who have been dedicated to exposing “lies, deceit and deception” about various issues and topics, while promoting “truth, honesty, integrity and health and wellness” and these networks view the “CCSVI controversy” as one more discriminatory evil to be widely exposed and immediately corrected.

The MS Liberation Movement is now positioned to build sophisticated databases and cyberspace networks that are intent on mobilizing increasing numbers of fellow-Canadians who will be connected and informed electronically with emails, video clips on You Tube, tweets on Twitter, posts on Facebook, as well as printed literature, rallies and town hall meetings.

As the MS Society of Canada comes to realize just how many of their former loyal donors are committing to change the way they spend their money, other charitable organizations are coming forth to ask how they can help to solve the “CCSVI controversy.” Hopefully, there will soon be other opportunities to make donations to participating and duly registered, charitable organizations specifying that the money be allocated for particular CCSVI advancement. Of course, request receipts for allowable income tax deductions will be granted for any donations.

The MS Society of Canada is invited to ponder a response to this question: “Why was the MS Society not motivated to support what MS patients really want instead of what Big Pharma dictates?”

Though the MS Liberation Movement may still be a small minority as judged by Big Pharma, it does have the potential to become well organized in this modern age of change. The animosity towards the giant, trans-national corporations and the global banking cartel is steadily growing. This is evidenced not only by the “CCSVI controversy” but also by the recent tremors in the usury-based, debt money, financial system - in South America (Argentina) in 2001 and now especially in Europe.

These financial tremors are fueling the necessary changes as their old and broken “system” collapses, opening a space for many changes that will bring a brighter future of health and wellness accompanied by economic abundance for everyone on this planet.

May the CCSVI procedure be one of those significant changes, may it be adopted, implemented and funded immediately as a routine treatment commonly available for any MS patient in Canada who may requisition it from her/his doctor. The silver lining in the clouds surrounding this “extreme discrimination” is that people in favour of the “CCSVI treatment” are learning that this is but one obvious symptom of our broken “system” and they are getting much support from people who are aware of the other broken elements in our “system.” Together, we can and will make a difference.

The final good news is that all we have to do to make sure the “CCSVI treament” is available for any MS patients who might choose it, is to continue to go out and work like our very lives and freedom depend upon our activism, because they do.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

Your contribution to spread informations on IVCC/CCSVI is a great move. Congratulations!!

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Rickshaw: said...

well said...we need family and friends to stand up an protest this discrimination!!!

At 6:00 AM, Anonymous Wendy said...

Excellent article. I have MS and would like to extend to you a personal "Thank You" for actively participating in this cause. We need you and more people like you.

At 8:55 AM, Blogger John said...

Thank you, I hope the future will show the doubters to be mistaken and will be asked to account for their dubious motives ?

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article exposing the hidden agendas behind the current "extreme discrimination" against MS patients who are being deined the CCSVI treatmenmt. I am passing the link to this article along to others.

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other article "Operation Liberation" vs "Big Pharma Medication" also has plenty of relevant background information.

At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

information worth sharing whether you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or not ...

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Max Radico said...

Thank you Tom for your very promising commitment to the Truth. Grasshopper Media is very interested in this issue and agree that this very well could be another brick in the wall that we are dismantling in the bankers ever influencing control over this already far too corrupt system!

At 2:29 AM, Blogger Greg Mills said...

CCSVI Clinic Receives Joint IRB Approval for Aftercare Protocol Study.
Dr. Don Simonson, the Principal Investigator for the study agrees; “Of course there are other reasons that patients restenose, depending on the condition of their veins in the first place, and operator inexperience, so we have designed a study that isolates the aftercare protocol because we feel it may be at least as important, and in any case well worth studying.”
CCSVI Clinic is already sponsoring patients for this protocol with a 10-day stay in the hospital where patients will be imaged daily, post procedure. If there is evidence of re-occlusion, they will be taken back to the OR and re-treated. To comply with the IRB approval, once home, patients will be examined and/or surveyed at regular intervals by a Principle Investigator (PI) for several years after the treatment to study the changes. Patients will have regular consults with the surgeon who performed their procedure as part of the protocol.
More and more MS patients are reporting initial success (including vascular and some neurological differences) as a result of the venous angioplasty (liberation therapy) but then regression to previous symptoms sometimes within weeks post-procedure. It is estimated that the failure rate of the “liberation therapy” may be 50% or higher, even through the most experienced and best-known surgeons. Consequently, there is increasing concern amongst patients that the liberation therapy hypothesis needs to include a post-procedure protocol that is more refined than simply releasing the patient from the hospital or clinic within hours or a day of the procedure. If the study hypothesis is correct, it means that there are many other considerations that indicate a post-procedure stabilization period, re-examination, and re-treatment if necessary.Please log on to for more information.

At 10:57 AM, Anonymous jessica forester said...

After 6 months of offering stem cell therapy in combination with the venous angioplasty liberation procedure, patients of CCSVI Clinic have reported excellent health outcomes. Ms. Kasma Gianopoulos of Athens Greece, who was diagnosed with the Relapsing/Remitting form of MS in 1997 called the combination of treatments a “cure”. “I feel I am completely cured” says Ms. Gianopoulos, “my symptoms have disappeared and I have a recovery of many functions, notably my balance and my muscle strength is all coming (back). Even after six months, I feel like there are good changes happening almost every day. Before, my biggest fear was that the changes wouldn’t (hold). I don’t even worry about having a relapse anymore. I’m looking forward to a normal life with my family. I think I would call that a miracle.”

Other recent MS patients who have had Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation (ASCT), or stem cell therapy have posted videos and comments on YouTube.

Dr. Avneesh Gupte, the Neurosurgeon at Noble Hospital performing the procedure has been encouraged by results in Cerebral Palsy patients as well. “We are fortunate to be able to offer the treatment because not every hospital is able to perform these types of transplants. You must have the specialized medical equipment and specially trained doctors and nurses”. With regard to MS patients, “We are cautious, but nevertheless excited by what patients are telling us. Suffice to say that the few patients who have had the therapy through us are noticing recovery of neuro deficits beyond what the venous angioplasty only should account for”.

Dr. Unmesh of Noble continues: “These are early days and certainly all evidence that the combination of liberation and stem cell therapies working together at this point is anecdotal. However I am not aware of other medical facilities in the world that offer the synthesis of both to MS patients on an approved basis and it is indeed a rare opportunity for MS patients to take advantage of a treatment that is quite possibly unique in the world”.

Autologous stem cell transplantation is a procedure by which blood-forming stem cells are removed, and later injected back into the patient. All stem cells are taken from the patient themselves and cultured for later injection. In the case of a bone marrow transplant, the HSC are typically removed from the Pelvis through a large needle that can reach into the bone. The technique is referred to as a bone marrow harvest and is performed under a general anesthesia. The incidence of patients experiencing rejection is rare due to the donor and recipient being the same individual.This remains the only approved method of the SCT therapy. For more information visit


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