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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ramblings on UsuryFree Living

By Tom J. Kennedy

Emile Zola said of truth:  If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through, it will blow up everything in its way.  As we progress into this 21st Century, the 'truth about money' is being revealed in ways that resemble the spread of an epidemic. People are awakening to the fact that a network of 'high finance' money lenders dictatorially control the wealth, the citizens and the destiny of nations worldwide through a centralized banking process enforced by usurious monetary laws.

A careful reasearch of history indicates that the Federal Reserve Act (USA) of 1913 was passed through the intrigues of these international bankers in order to finance World War I and commence the financial enslavement of the citizens of the western world. There is much evidence to show that the Great Depression of the 1930's was systematically planned to consolidate the plunder and power of the international bankers. And now in this 21st Century, the compounding burden of personal, business, national and international indebtedness has brought the world to the brink of global financial collapse that will leave millions of people destitute and dispossessed - unless we build our economic lifeboats NOW.

While most people are not yet aware of the power of the international financiers, the ranks of the enlightened are growing daily. The global banking industry must be understood for what it really is and not for what it is perceived to be. The objectives and hidden agendas of these global bankers must be thwarted and their injustices redressed. This requires the presentations of knowledge by those who have already learned the realities of international finance.

The banking industry, the transnational corporations and the politicians are but individual facets of the collective power structure of national and international finance. All facets of this power must be confronted and intellectual abdication is a luxury that cannot be afforded. The Revolution of Understanding must be accelerated. A new Intelligentsia must be created to bear the light of truthful concepts about usury or interest and how it affects our orthodox money system.

The conceptual incarceration foisted upon the world by the manacles of establishment propaganda must be destroyed. The people of Canada - and elsewhere - must be freed from the tenacles of international finance and the pernicious influence of the transnational corporations that are charged to do the bankers' bidding. Insidious, subversive legislation will no longer be tolerated by informed citizens. Our founding fathers fought and died to bequeath us the sacred right to free speech. Awakening people are invited to exercise this right and speak out eloquently against the powers of international finance. An infusion of light is being projected into a domain previously enveloped in darkness. And it is being done NOW

Viral marketing and viral advertising is producing an exponential increase in awareness about the possibility of 'usuryfree living' as compared to the reality of 'living with usury.' The messages about usuryfree living and how to experience usuryfree living are being spread by word-of-mouth, and by effective online processes such as word-of-email and word-of-web. Audio cassettes, video cassesttes, DVD's, CD's, websites, books and printed literature about the problems associated with the design flaw of usury and the solutions as offered by the usuryfree community currency movement are being networked by usuryfree creatives as more and more people seek to learn 'what they didn't know they didn't know.'

Usuryfree living is becoming more than just a dream for people who are re-educating themselves on financial concepts that formal education neglects to teach. In fact, usuryfree living is becoming a reality for those usuryfree creatives who are putting into practice the knowledge that they are learing from their self-imposed, re-educational courses of study. Viral marketing and viral advertising by usuryfree creatives within the usuryfree community currency movement can take the credit for the growing awareness of the reality of usuryfree living.

The new element about usuryfree living is that people are becoming aware of how they have been victims of the design flaw of usury and they are now empowering themselves to make a difference. The most staggering truth that absolutely baffles most people is the fact that banks do not lend out depositors' funds. Instead, banks act as the 'creditor' by creating and lending brand new money (the principal) based on the borrower's (the debtor's) signature on a promissory note.

Banks never create the interest (usury) though it is legally required to be paid to the lender along with the principal amount of the borrowed loan. The bottom line is that with a little common sense thinking it is mathematically impossible to repay the interest or usury as it is never created at the point when the loan is created. Ultimately, it is the growth of debt which is the atrocity that must be addressed if we are to shift from 'living with usury' to 'usuryfree living.'

People of our parents' and grandparents' generations instinctively managed their money and financial transactions to avoid paying usury and/or to pay minimal amounts of usury without being aware that banks were involved in a sleight-of-hand process in regards to money creation.

In recent years, it has become very clear that debtors have become pawns in the games of global banking and political power. These debtors are the small to medium-sized businesses and the family farms as well as those middle class families who have mortgages on their family homes. It is the aim of the super rich money lenders of the world banking cartel to check-mate all of the small to medium-sized businesses and family farms and so that we will be subservient to transnational corproations and large agri-business corporate farms.

Unknown to most of the debtors, it is the design flaw of usury (interest) along with the fraudulent practice of fractional reserve banking that is the rampaging, deadly cancer that has been destroying and weakening our economy so that we will have the status of a third world country. Will we awaken enough of our fellow-citizens to save ourselves or will we continue on the road to total financial enslavement by the New World Order advocates?

During the latter half of the 20th Century and continuing to the present, just like any marketable concept - 'Buy Now, Pay Later' - was and still is foisted upon two unsuspecting generations, baby boomers and their children. As consumers, the baby boomers and their children are bombarded with an 'immediate gratification' mentality by radio, TV and print advertising and credit cards are pushed at the youth even in their teens.

For the past 40 years bankers have been using with great success, the age-old 'bait and switch' con game on consumers who are ignorant of money creation. It's about time that consumers - the baby boomers, their children - and their children's children - learned that bankers create money by the stroke of a pen with a hidden agenda to 'snare' as much collateral as possible. Informed consumers will stop trusting bankers when they learn the truth about money creation.

The expected norm of carrying credit card debt has mushroomed into a multi-billion dollar business during the past 40 years. More people than ever before are placing second and/or third morgages on their family homes to pay off usurious, credit card debt.

Enter the usuryfree LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software in the early 1980's and those who participated learned that they could create and spend their own usuryfree community currency in these mutual credit systems known as LETSystems. Ironically, this new-found status of abundant money creation was birthed because of a 'shortgage of money' in the early 1980's when interest (usury) rates skyrocketed to 21% in Canada.

For the past 26+ years, the usuryfree community currency movement has been evolving with the introduction of hybrid usuryfree currency systems that utilize paper notes of usuryfree community currency. The usuryfree community currency movement is shifting us away from cenralized 'dollar and cents' banking towards decentralized 'hours and minutes' banking.

For many visionaries, 'time' is the universal unit of account that is standard in every country on planet earth. Every hour has a value of sixty minutes, so let's find ways to trade 'time' locally and globally by implementing a simple service fee - payable in hours and minutes - to replace the design flaw of usury which is exacted in 'dollars and cents.'

Given the ease of modern technology, we can abolish the usury software that currently dominates the infrastructure (hardware) of the orthodox banking system and replace it with a usuryfree software modelled after the original usuryfree LETS software.

During the 1980's two-income families emerged as the norm and both spouses in a marriage were conditioned to scramble on the economic tread-mill in a frenzied effort to earn enough money to pay the ever-increasing amounts of 'usury and taxes.' Few people realized that most taxes payments are directly and/or indirectly exacted as usury by the orthodox banking system since all levels of government as well as all corporations have loans from creditors that exact interest or usury, otherwise known as 'debt service.' What to do to solve these problems?

That's where the UsuryFree Network comes in. The UsuryFree Network offers workshops/seminars to individuals and/or groups along with an abundance of resources such as audio cassettes, video cassettes, DVD's, CD's, websites, books and printed literature. 'Money As Debt' by Paul Grignon, is the newest and most popular DVD that is now available from the UsuryFree Network.

The UsuryFree Network was launched on May 13th, 2001.

The UsuryFree Network launched a usuryfree community currency in Tamworth, Ontario, Canada on November 13th, 2004. To honour the first anniversary of Tamworth Hours, the first annual UsuryFree Week was declared to be from November 13th until November 19th, 2005. Events were celebrated in Tamworth, Ontario, Canada on November 13th, 2005. 

The sixth annual UsuryFree Week is scheduled from Saturday, November 13th until Friday, November 19th, 2010. Events will be planned for various communities during UsuryFree Week.

The UsuryFree Network invited usuryfree creatives to plan local events and share the details with the UsuryFree Network. Together we rely on viral marketing and viral advertising to network and promote these events so that more people can learn how to avoid and/or eiminate usury in their economic lives. Sharing news about plans to launch a usuryfree community currency in your respective local communities is advocated as one of the best ways to celebrate UsuryFree Week.

The dream of becoming usuryfree and thereby eliminating usury in this incarnation motivates people to step out of their 'hassle-free zones' to re-educate themselves and over-ride the lies, deceit and deception that has been foisted upon them by the media and their formal education experiences during the latter years of the 20th Century.

The UsuryFree Network reports that individuals freely admit that after being exposed to this new information, they may choose to ignore this re-education, but they can never unlearn the 'truth' once exposed and confirmed by their own ongoing research.

Consultations offered by any usuryfree creatives being re-educated by the UsuryFree Network are definitely worth implementing and individuals are encouraged to become self-motivated in a world where usuryfree creatives are still a minority and the dream of usuryfree living is a reality yet to be realized by the masses.

Understand that when usuryfree living is experienced, and usury is eliminated from your life experience, you will truly enjoy 'heaven on earth.' Indeed, usuryfree living is empowering and it is right for you. When you are ready to commence the process of 'becoming' usuryfree consider attending or planning a usuryfree workshop/seminar hosted by the UsuryFree Network and make it an event that will transform your life.

The UsuryFree Network, P. O. Box 9333, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 3V1 
Tel: 1.888.NOUSURY Email:


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The book The Snowball is not just about learning how to get rich, the chapter that deals with the childhood of Warren Buffet, is a huge lesson for the parents how their own thoughtless actions may affect their little ones.


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