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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Dad Talks (Types) to His Graduating Daughter

July 13, 2010

Dear daughter:

I am writing this to you on July 13th, from my computer. First, I want to say how proud I am of your academic achievement at University. Though I did not attend the graduation ceremony I was thinking of you walking across the stage with your peers.

On that day, I marveled at you and your generation’s commitment to similar values that my generation and my parent’s generation hold dear: love, honour, justice, fairness, integrity, freedom, prosperity, spirituality, civility, peaceful resolution of conflict etc.

As I admired you and all of your colleagues and your professors and the faculty staff of the University, I wondered if it would be your generation that will dare to take up the challenge to formally address the critical issues of war, terror, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack and how these issues can be forever fixed when we expose the design flaw of usury for the evil that it is.

Contrary to what it may have seemed at times over your university career, I have always been supportive of your academic decisions. I have tried to honour you by not interfering and imposing my bias that has been coloured by my ongoing research and my chosen, real life experiences. You and I may not always agree on specific strategies to realizing ultimate freedom and financial success, but I do appreciate your willingness to hear (read) me out. So here goes ...

I pondered that the .001 percent calculation that is commonly used to measure the general public’s awareness about the design flaw of usury, is likely applicable to the approximate 1000 graduates who received their academic degrees with you. Since you have some exposure to my research about usury, then you would likely be that .001 percenter in your graduating class of 2010. Bravo!!

I know that it’s not easy being a young, graduating adult with a debt load caused (a) partly because your father made choices to pursue research as a usuryfree creative and was therefore incapable of giving you abundant financial assistance during your many years of study and (b) partly because your mother and father separated, thereby causing our meagre monthly earnings to be distributed to cover the cost of two households instead of one & (c) partly because you made your own choices of how to spend your loans, grants, earnings etc. and (d) mainly because the ‘system’ is designed to make sure that graduating students of this 21st Century are financially enslaved as they set out to perform their roles and duties for the next 40+ years.

What makes the debt challenge even more unique is the fact that you - by association with me - have a reasonable understanding of how the function of usury which will be exacted commencing six months after your final graduation. This usury will cause your debt load to grow exponentially, even though you will be making monthly payments.

I recommend that you reduce your debt load as quickly as possible to evade the usury fees that the banking institutions will exact from your future monthly pay cheques as you take your place to perform roles and duties for the ‘system’ that relies on new graduates to replace those who retire annually. This means that you must immediately establish your priorities and balance them with your available finances and commit to following a strict budget so that your education debt is paid off as quickly as possible.

I admire your tenacity and the way that you and your generation are accepting the challenge to learn how to cope with the vagaries, the hypocrisies and the criminalities of this 21st Century. I extend a sincere invitation for you and your generation to support the research of that unique group of usuryfree creatives (of whom I am one) who have exposed (the problem) - the big lie about money creation and offered (the solution) - a usuryfree time currency for the whole world.

When your loans are paid off you can consider yourself a proud usuryfree creative. We, the usuryfree creatives are dedicated to the unselfish, long term goal of experiencing usuryfree living for the whole planet rather than the selfish, short-term goal of experiencing usuryfree living for oneself.

Make no mistake about it. We are in an Information War and it is not just about abolishing usury within your personal lifestyle. It is about knowing of the desire of the usury elitists (politicians, global bankers and their corporate cronies) who have hijacked most governments in the world to create permanent financial slavery - locally, nationally and internationally. They have an ultimate agenda to forever enslave us within their usury-based system of electronic finance enforced with police-state repression. They refer to it as their New World Order, I refer to it more correctly as their New World Dis-Order.

They are advancing their agenda at a rapid rate. The Bilderbergs met in Spain during the first week of June 2010 and the G8 and G20 met in Toronto, Ontario during the last week of June 2010 to further advance their devious plans - certainly not for we-the-people. Indeed, the outcome of this current Information War will shape Canada’s future, America’s future and the world’s future for the 21st century and beyond. Indeed, the stakes are that high.

If we want to preserve and defend the Constitution of Canada, and the best of what we are in the world, and if we want to help advance humanity another couple of feet along the route to civilized behavior instead of falling back into the old habits of violence and repression - if we truly desire that future, we can make it happen with soul force and re-education that begins after you complete your formal education.

So that's where I'm coming from, dear daughter. Let's type, talk and communicate often. Many in my generation have been there and laid the foundations to make usuryfree living a reality early in this 21st Century. So, let's work together to turn this country around for you, your brothers, your nephews, your cousins, your peers, and for my generation, for future generations and for the whole world. Let’s begin NOW

Love you dearly
Dad xoxox


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