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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Does the Whistle Pull The Train?

By Tom J. Kennedy

The simple answer is absolutely, the whistle does NOT pull the train. For far too long, we-the-people have been permitting the whistle (the noise-making politicians at all levels of government who are commonly controlled by a shadow government) pull our train. Many people are awakening to the simple fact, that modern government (no matter what level - municipal, provincial/state or federal) is not a friend of we-the-people.

Why has the whistle been pulling our train? Are the New World Order advocates the real shadow government behind our politicians? Many of we-the-people are now realizing that this is the most likely scenario. The key question is: What are we-the-people going to do about it?

It is really we-the-people who should be pulling our train. It is time for we-the-people to make a determined effort to fully awaken to their (the New World Order) agenda and reform ourselves so that indeed, we can pull our train again.

Where do we start? Why are we-the-people accepting to live the illusion and set aside reason? Why are we-the-people so brainwashed to believe that we cannot do anything about our controllers who are stealing our wealth and resources?

Why are we-the-people not rebuking those who are feeding us lies, deceit and deception? Why are we-the-people not restraining those who are implementing harmful policies? Why are we-the-people permitting self-styled authorities to instill a fear of openly speaking the truth about critical issues within the Court of Public Review? Why are truth-seekers not commonly respected by neither the masses of we-the-people nor the noise-making politicians nor the mainstream media?

For example, even though millions of we-the-people now know that 911 was an inside job and that the noise-making politicians in cahoots with the electronic and print media lied about what really happened on September 11, 2001, most people are still afraid to talk about the truth when they are in public venues.

Millions more of we-the-people know that banks (a) never lend out depositors’ funds and (b) never create the interest or usury portion of any loan, but most debtors keep signing promissory notes which are really impossible contracts.

Why is it seemingly more dangerous for we-the-people to practice honesty and integrity and seek and teach truth, than to enter a dynamite storage area with a lighted match?

Could it be that the mass consciousness of we-the-people is being raised by countless individuals who are experiencing overwhelming evidence of massive manipulation and human engineering by the shadow government behind the noise-making politicians?

As individuals, each one of us who make up the larger group of we-the-people are now facing a dilemma? Do we take action and do our part to expose the lies, deceit and deception while fostering honesty, integrity and truth or do we just complain in our inter-connecting private circles of family, friends, neighbours and working colleagues? I recommend that we-the-people set aside our fears and take action now as active truth advocates as we progress into this 21st Century.

Otherwise, the already awful conditions will only worsen and the mainstream print and electronic media will continue to bombard us with fear every day as part of their selfish agenda of problem, reaction, solution which is ultimately designed to financially enslave us with Big Brother's invasive and plasticised, electronic, usury-based, money system - devoid of paper notes of federal cash.

Up until now, great numbers of we-the-people have been seeking instant gratification through arts and entertainment as a shield to guarantee us some relief from usury payments, taxes and others unpleasant aspects of our mundane world of reality where we constantly wallow in poverty, scarcity and lack while watching or hearing about wars and violence elsewhere on this planet.

Smaller numbers of we-the-people, but still significant numbers, attend religious services at their church-of-choice in search of an insurance policy of a heavenly life hereafter. Yet others seek refuge and escapism from the financial and social chaos or otherwsie in alcohol or drugs.

It is time for we-the-people to know that our compliance with the status quo and our inactivity is selfish and self-serving and is simply compounding the problems and not offering any solutions.

Indeed, it is time for we-the-people to take action based upon the preponderance of evidence that is now available - thanks to their (the New World Order elites) world wide web. To begin to pull our won train again, each individual within the larger group of we-the-people must re-examine who each of us really is.

How about some silent meditation each day? Try to shut out not only the noise-making politicians but also, the noise of daily life and make an effort to reflect upon those things that each of us really believes in and why we have those beliefs.
Now that we-the-people fully understand that it is ourselves who are really pulling our train, we will most likely become motivated to action. A good starting point is to visit the website UsuryFree Living When the usury-based, debt money system is fixed, it will be much easier to fix any other social problems.

Read what is there, watch the video clips and help usuryfree creatives to promote the forthcoming Sixth Annual UsuryFree Week from November 13th to 19th, 2010. Then click on the links in the Blogroll for plenty of relevant background information.

You will learn lots that formal education neglects to teach. Know that this is only the beginning of your re-education process whereby you will first have to unlearn lots of the lies, deceit and deception that has been foisted upon you either knowingly or unknowingly by the authorities in the system which you formerly trusted.

Your new self-imposed mission is to unlearn, then learn or re-educate yourself and then teach others, thereby multiplying and duplicating your efforts. Simply by telling others that the whistle does not pull the train will make a big difference on whether enough of us awaken fast enough to save ourselves as a planet currently headed towards self-destruction.

Welcome aboard! You are now pulling the train!


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