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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shattering The Myth of “Left Wing” vs “Right Wing"

In his recently published book “The Most Dangerous Superstition,” Larken Rose presents compelling arguments to expose “authority” otherwise known as “government” for the arch-enemy that it is. Larken eloquently points out in the book that the average indoctrinated voter - whether in the United States, Canada or elsewhere - will accomplish nothing of value until their preconceived assumptions and deeply engrained superstitions are examined and set aside.

Larken begins his book with this punch line: “The belief in ‘authority,’ which includes all belief in ‘government,’ is irrational and self-contradictory to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for order and justice, the belief in ‘authority’ is the arch-enemy of humanity.”

Larken Rose mailed me the book and I received it as the current, election campaign got underway. I am currently reading the book and the content of the book is designed to cause the readers to question their long-held, preconceived notions about “authority” otherwise referred to as “government.” While I recognize that most people would rather not give up the belief systems about “government” that they were brought up with, there is growing evidence to suggest that the “Left Wing” vs “Right Wing” myth is being exposed for the hoax that it is.

Awakening voters whether in Canada or elsewhere, are questioning whether “right wing” and “left wing” candidates in politics are really opposites. During this current federal election campaign in Canada, I often hear these two statements from the growing numbers of disgruntled voters: (a) “Same machine, different driver” and (b) “Two sides of the same coin.”

One wonders if the trend of voters choosing NOT to exercise their vote will continue to rise as the myth of “Left Wing” vs “Right Wing” is shattered. Those awakened voters know that they will be forever enslaved regardless of whether the “government” is “Left Wing” or “Right Wing.”

Historically, “Left Wing” and “Right Wing” politicians engage in similar practices when elected to form a government such as: attempting to re-distribute wealth, sending our youth to slaughter in unnecessary and insane wars, seeking to centralize control of commerce but refusing any discussion about the malfunctioning economic system of usury-based, debt money, while promising to pass more and more laws that will impose coercive restrictions on the citizens of Canada.

Indeed, it is my humble observation that when “left wing” and/or “right wing” politicians gain power to form a government, there is much evidence to prove that they become indistinguishable from each other, or otherwise stated, they are virtually identical.

Feeble attempts by “right wing” and “left wing” politicians to state original campaign platforms are trumped when elected politicians gain complete power and control. In reality, the voters are hoodwinked as their perception of democracy keeps them forever enslaved by “different drivers” pretending to steer the “machine” in new directions, even though more and more voters know that the “machine” is remotely controlled from behind the scenes by a cartel of major, transnational corporations - led by the the global banking cartel of usury bankers.


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