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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tax Collector's Bible by Alan Baggett

Greetings readers:

Alan Baggett has published the Tax Collector's Bible. He recently sent me an email with details about the affiliate program that has been set up to help market the Tax Collector's Bible (see below).

Anyone ordering from this blog please tell Alan that you got the referral from 'The UsuryFree Eye Opener.'

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy

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Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011
From: Alan Baggett <>
Subject: Tax Collector's Bible

Hi Tom,

I don't know if you recall speaking with me in the past but I'm Alan Baggett. With some help I recently set up the website to help get the word out about the Tax Collector's Bible.

As part of this we have set up an affiliate program - any website that takes the banner will earn a Pay-Per-Sale Percentage of 10% for each purchase they generate and I was wondering if this might be something that would interest you (or if you might know any other tax conscious that might be interested).

Thank you for considering this and best of luck in your future,


NOTE: Before ordering The Tax Collector's Bible here is what you need to know!

On January 22nd, Alan was visited by Senior Investigator of the CRA Internal Affairs Division Security Director Jim M Wardhaugh (Telephone (613)957-2266, Cell (613)612-6182 Fax (613)954-2019). Jim revealed that the CCRA had obtained a copy of The Tax Collector's Bible and officially requested (under threat of police involvement) that all names, anecodes and all details of policies and procedures be excised from the Tax Collector's Bible. Alan refused.

On January 29th, Alan was contacted by the Canadian Privacy Commission, (Nancy Parker 1-800-282-1376). She requested on behalf of the Canadian Government that the Tax Collector's Bible not be made available to Canadians. Again Alan refused.

But as a result of these intrusions we do not know how long he will be permitted to keep on publishing the Tax Collector's Bible.

"The TCB is the first book ever published about the CRA – the former Revenue Canada – from a former insider, which details the policies and procedures of the agency by using information available only to tax collectors, by use of anecdotal evidence, court cases and by identifying deficiencies and points of challenge to assist you in protecting yourself form an overzealous agency who often does now play by the rules of law. If you have a tax debt, are being reassessed or audited then you must by this book today." (snip) ...

Alan Baggett's website:


At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Alan,

Have you heard of the process called Accept For Value" used by groups of people to try and have their CRA debts and other debts removed? If so how does CRA react to them?


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