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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Do not despair over Conservative Party successes

By Connie Fogal

"Yes, Harper will move sharply now to fast-track the global agenda of impoverishing the people of Canada. That agenda was on the move anyway, and our job is still the same: As it was before, it is now.

Just remember that in recent years we have had a number of minority governments in which the minority parties could have forced out some good moves against the death force of globalization, if they had chosen to be a real opposition, but they did not. Instead they chose to bolster their own image as cooperators rather than be fighters for the people's interest. Historically, Canada has had some good legislation come out of minority governments, but not with the last few.

With these 2011 election results, there should be a clearer demarcation of what each party really represents. The cabal will be more clearly delineated now . It will be easier to distinguish our friends from enemies, or our enemies from our friends. The murkiness will clear.

If there has been anyone elected with any jam, it is time for some real fighting in our interest. Now is the time for all of us to lean hard on the opposition to be an opposition, to fight for humanity; for all of us to take leadership in pressing for an effective OPPOSITION. NO MORE NAMBY PAMBY STUFF.

This election served well to hide from Canadians the severity of issues around us, from the Toronto G20 experiment in civilian roundup, to the escalating global and especially North American environmental destruction from Fukushima, to Canadian participation in dropping depleted uranium on the middle east and murdering innocent civilians, to devastating experiments with weather manipulation, to facilitating the world banking elite's impoverishment of nations.

Always remember that none of the people who put themselves forward in this election were willing to deal with these issues, not even sideways, let alone head-on. Unless we can change them, they are not much good to us as majority or minority.

The election results are not the issue. The election was only a facade, a pretense at democracy.. The work that thinking/caring/responsible people must do was here before the election, was here during the election, and is here after the election.

It is incumbent on those of us who do understand the world scene to take steps to protect our own physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual sides . Our first duty is to ensure our own health so we can survive; so we can be the force to show the way to those politicians who need to be effective as the formal opposition.

There is no time now for any of us to feel powerless. Each of us has a core of strength inside ourselves. We need to focus on that inner power, expanding that aura, projecting the good to those who want to lead us. It is not the first time in history that leaders needed to be pushed from behind.

Just as our Bank of Canada is a precious jewel in our nation, so is our earth a precious jewel in our universe. Harper's cabal is hell bent on destroying both even though the gifts of both were given equally to all of us. The point is, those gifts are not theirs to destroy.

So work on your health. Stay focused. Stay strong. Be kind to yourself. And bolster your courage.

There is work to do.You will see your role if you look." (snip) ...

Connie Fogal

NOTE: photos from The Calgary Herald:


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