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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Is Dave Mustaine Awakening Megadeth Fans?

Dave Mustaine was interviewed (Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011) on the Alex Jones radio talk show. He talked about the release of MegaDeth’s thirteenth album titled “TH1RT3EN.”

The album was released on November 1, 2011 via Roadrunner Records. “TH1RT3EN” follows Megadeth’s twelfth album which as titled “EndGame” - 
so-named as a homage to Alex Jones for his documentary of the same name.

Megadeth is a world, famous hard rock, heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California that has previously sold over over 30 million albums over the past three decades.

Dave Mustaine is excited about the release of “TH1RT3EN” saying: "This record is the culmination of my work over the 13 records I recorded. There are moments on TH1RT3EN that capture my every emotion, and other moments where I am releasing feelings I never knew existed! My proudest moments of my musical career are captured on “TH1RT3EN."

The title “TH1RT3EN" has several levels of meaning, which Dave Mustaine breifly referred to in the interview: This new release of “TH1RT3EN" is the 13th album for Megadeth and it has 13 tracks, Dave Mustaine was born on September 13th and he started playing music at 13 years of age. In summary, Dave Mustaine said that 13 has been lucky for him. As he recently told in an interview about why the new album is called “TH1RT3EN" - “It just seemed like it was the right thing to do to call it “TH1RT3EN."

A quote from the press release for “TH1RT3EN" - “On, TH1RT3EN, MUSTAINE and the band continue to sharpen their attack, taking down leaders who sell false truths; Megadeth tap right into the collective paranoia of modern times. The new release follows up 2009's ENDGAME, which was one of the most celebrated albums of the pioneering band's storied career. Anticipation is high and fans are anxious for a taste of new music from the legends, who have sold over 25 million albums globally throughout the course of their career. The album's first single is the volcanic "Public Enemy No. 1."

Through their music, is Megadeth awakening and re-educating millions of their fans with with the content of their rather dark lyrics in their music on relevant topics in these chaotic times?

These are the titles of the 13 songs on “TH1RT3EN.”
Sudden Death

Public Enemy No. 1

Whose Life (Is it Anyways?)

We The People

Guns, Drugs & Money

Never Dead

New World Order

Fast Lane

Black Swan

Millennium of the Blind

Deadly Night Shade


Readers can review the lyrics of the album “TH1RT3EN" (dark as they are with 30 million albums sold - obviously fans are listening) at this website:

I too, have always been motivated to use "13" whenever I can. It is my conviction that "numbers" are neutral and that "positive" or "negative" energy can be attached to a number.

Also I was always intrigued that from our youth we are constantly conditioned to avoid "13." To me that means that the one percenters (the usurers) like to keep and use "13" for their devious and evil intentions. So I decided to use "13" as a number to promote "positive" solution-oriented ideas.

For example, I made my one hour of time valued at $13.00. See an example of my own personal, usuryfree community currency where I value my time for one hour of unskilled labour to be worth $13.00 (Canadain Funds) at this link:

AND this year on November 13th, 2011, we are celebrating our Seventh Annual UsuryFree Day. Our Seventh Annual UsuryFree Week follows from November 13th to 19th, 2011.

Readers are invited to become familiar with UsuryFree Day & Week by reviewing the information posted at these links at the UsuryFree Eye Opener:

Launch of the Seventh Annual UsuryFree Week:

A Short History of UsuryFree Day & Week:

Perhaps some day in the not-too-distant future, Megadeth will dedicate a song to UsuryFree Day (November 13th). I encourage artists everywhere to create music demonstrating the problems associated with "usury" and the solutions as offered by "usuryfree creatives.”

Lots or relevant information about the problems associated with "usury" and the solutions as offered by the "usuryfree" community currency movement at the UsuryFree Eye Opener.

Congratulations Megadeth’s success since 1983. Thanks to Dave Mustiane for all that he and the group Megadeth do to spread the "truth" about what's really going on in this modern world of "economic slavery" where we-the-debtors are awakening."

My message to Dave Mustaine and all Megadeth fans is: “Know that the "design flaw of usury" as applied to our modern, economic system of debt-money is the killer machine that keeps debtors in economic bondage to creditors for generation after generation and also know that usuryfree living is definitely a possibility and a probability in the not-too-distant future.”

Enjoy this day!
Tom J. Kennedy aka "Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy"

NOTE: Megadeth's website:


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