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Friday, November 04, 2011

What The Illuminati Want Us To Protest

What and Why The Illuminati Want Us To Protest ...

What the Illuminati Want is "Revolution" and here's the "Why"

This is Part I of II (Manufactured Revolution)

NOTE: Part II will be Titled and posted shortly: "History of 'Manufactured Revolutions' - Red October - Part II"

From the Blog:

Vatic Note:  “Of course, I have my own opinion about why, however, he makes a detailed and excellent case for why.   So here is why I believe it and it is not too far off from his position he outlines in detail.   The illums need violence and within a protest, they can infiltrate, as is their usual modis operandi, and hide their identities and incite the crowd to riot violently.  When you have that many together, the Tavistock group has determined there is a mass psychology that takes over and all it needs are leaders to do the trigger words to get it started.   When you see someone with their face covered it's because they came with the intention of violent or criminal action.  That means it was planned and you need to grab control of those provocateurs within your crowd. 

Even many of the police on not in on the scam, so they are afraid and would react as expected.  That is why the violence must never get started in the first place.   If they can incite the crowd, then the sheep will become afraid and support martial law.  Martial means gun confiscation,  which means a reduction in the threat to the power mongers.  That is part of it, but also, once martial, then no Bill of rights, no trial, not due process, etc.  NO JURY OF YOUR PEERS.  Lots of no's.  If we know the game plan,  then we can knowledgably take over the movement and redirect its emphasis back to where the real problem is rather than to a communist, fascist dictator system they need and want.  That requires educating the majority of the protestors.  So lets get to work on that.”  (snip) ...

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