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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Crom Alternative Currency System

Welcome to the Crom Alternative Currency System - the integral part of the web space of a non-profit social-humanitarian organization administered by its members.

Without any doubt, life is certainly the greatest of all mysteries that humanity has ever coped with. From the first day of the calendar they are using, human species is constantly running away from confrontation with the original problem for all of their torments, always inventing for problem some new names and definitions. From then until now, a myriad of pointless wars has been conducted and many innocent victims fallen. In the stage of man's journey through time called a democracy, nothing has changed in relation to the past - in the East, the same old stories - in the West, nothing new: In absence of the development of monetary culture - financial, material and information resources are still controlled by the narrow minority of influential people who extract a maximum benefit from this at the expense of all other animate and inanimate nature.

In the ambience of countless commercials and propaganda messages, vivid imagination and a lack of knowledge, where apparently only the will of the majority prevails and where everything is a question of quantity rather than quality; in society with the maneuvering space from A to Z in which in the name of consumerism dialogue is accepted only in range from A to B; spontaneously by itself has begun to emerge a desire for some different kind of freedom and happiness. The will has awoken to build the most beautiful and most attractive place in this part of space in which people proudly live and work in peace and love, produce ecologically clean energy and not destroy flora and fauna, eat healthy food and all together maintain this heritage.

Introduction To Problem: Money - Root Of All Evil

Money is a collective mental agreement. Our money has no precise definition and is blurred by the complicated terminology.

It is really a strange situation in which community has developed the idea, disposed of labor and material, but without the intermediation of the bank, the whole project is just a dead letter on paper. It is no longer a secret that bankers create money out of nothing. Without a bricklayer, a house cannot be built - if there is space, if there are builders and there is a material, then why the problem is a lack of a simple piece of paper signed by the governor or director of the bank? Is it not just incredible that banks, which generally produce nothing except digits on paper or on computer screen, are more powerful and the wealthiest institutions of states whose hundreds of millions of voters spend most of their lives locked in some suffocating factory production department?

How is possible that now when each worker produces more than ever in world history, both parents work fulltime but due to the growing difference between wages and prices, do not earn enough money for a dignified life? The fact is that the more we progress, the more isolated from each other we become. Why are we increasingly deprived of our rights, why do we sacrifice ourselves more and more, and why do we have less and less free time? Shouldn’t the opposite be happening as we continue to become more and more productively efficient? Why are we less happy than ever before? Something must be wrong!

All our current problems are directly linked to the monetary system in use. Due to the structure of the monetary system, money has the greatest influence on the people's behavior - money determines our relationship with ourselves, other people, and nature that surrounds us. The money system affects our everyday lives more than the executive, judicial, and legislative decisions altogether. The fundamental source of power lies in the creation of money, not laws.

There are only two possible choices in front of the money issuer: to serve or to be served. In the current global financial system, money is not created by communities but by the banks. Banks create money and lend it with interest to governments and communities in the same way they approve credit cards to the people. Under these conditions, the more we work and produce, the more we fall in debt. The mystery that inevitably imposes itself on a planetary level is: Why do We The People Of The World, through a concept in which money without any material basis is issued out of nothing, accept indebtedness to the private institution for the amount of all currency in circulation, without receiving anything in return?

The development of human civilization through the gradual dispossession of the population's monetary sovereignty, at the end, has led every aspect of modern society into the absolute dependence on the money issued as the interest based debt; and as a result produced an invalid society limited by countless abnormal bureaucratic obstacles and constraints.

Introduction To Solution: Money - Source Of All Good

A medium of exchange is an intermediary item used as a measure of the value of goods and services on the market. Even though the money is everything that the two sides can agree to use as a medium of exchange, for some secret reason, mankind is convinced that money is only what the government or central bank specifies and controls through the laws in a monopoly regime.

Money supply and collective wealth - each of us has the right to use whatever kind of money he wants.

The only sustainable economic system is one which is in compliance with the resource limits, or in other words, any quantity of money in circulation that is not compatible with the quantity of all goods, products and services within that circle - is a spark of the speculation and currency instability conflagration." (snip) ...

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