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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why Usury is Fraud

by Wayne Walton

The bank does not LOAN money that it has. The bank INVENTS the money at the closing table. The bank cannot show a ledger where it had say $1M BEFORE the loan of $100k; then $900k after the loan.

The bank INVENTS the money at the closing table when when a REAL FLESH AND BLOOD human signs the promissory note. A corporation is a piece of paper/ficticious entity and cannot create funds on its own. A living/breathing human being must BOND themselves to a piece of paper(promissory note) and THIS energizes the paper to become money. The bank was in profit after the very first payment.

AND it is IMPOSSIBLE for all borrowers to pay their mortgage regardless of the interest (usury) rate unless it is zero. More money is always owed than what exists in the system.

Example: Let's say 10 people borrow $100k each for a total of $1M in total loans at 1%. Thus the total debts are $1,010,000. How does the group of borrowers pay off $1,010,000 when ONLY $1M exists? It does not matter what the amount borrowed is, or the interest rate, or if the money is gold/silver/paper/digital.

This is why USURY is fraud, just like a Ponzi is fraud. Some can pay/get paid, but it is IMPOSSIBLE for all to get paid. Usury used to be punishable by death. Today, our entire economy is based on this fraud which even a 3rd grader can understand.

The PARASITE ENSLAVES PRODUCERS: Example on $100k house loan. The parasitical usurer makes $250k once it goes to term. The PRODUCER BUILDER who has costs for building the house: $20k land, $40k materials which yields $40k in labor profit if he builds by himself over say 2 months. Parasite: $250k by clicking a mouse. Producer: $40k for blood, sweat, and tears for 2 months alone.(impossible).

Any moral society rewards producers who are essential, over parasites.

Why not pay the bank $500 to invent the money without interest?

Fraud is theft. Usury will confiscate all wealth over time. Even if NO LOANS are made on cars, houses, credit cards; nations engage in this fraud through creation of money whether it is based on gold, silver, digital, or paper.

The bankers are duping the People with the "End the Fed" movement as it will not "end usury"; neither will the platitude of "sound money". The bankers engineered panics on the Rothschilds gold/silver money system in 1883, 1907, 1921, 1929. Finally the US was bankrupted in 1933 on a gold/silver money system where those commodities were borrowed by the US from the private banksters.

End the Fed be analogous to End OPEC; but still more private oil companies will then do the exact same thing as before in more numbers under different names "competing" for the same goals. Monopoly control over an essential commodity. If we "end borrowing paper and digital" money into creation; then borrow gold/silver into creation, we will still be ruled by the elite through usury. The elite have almost all the gold/silver as they have ALL titles to ALL property since the 1933 bankruptcy. Evidence: your deed lists the you as "tenant/renter". Even after you pay your mortgage, you still pay rent to stay on Rothschilds land.

Borrowing gold/silver money is a false solution, and has destroyed the sovereignty of every nation which ever used it. This is why Rothschilds INSISTED US Revolution war debt be paid in gold. As the former colonists had none, the Brits could "take their flag down/play possum/surrender". They knew that they would enslave the US through usury/gold. They did it just the way our banker/owners ended chattel slavery, and replaced it with debt slavery with the 14th amendment US Citizen.

How many times must we be duped until we wake up?

If we end usury we can have 8 year mortgages with the same payment as 30 year mortgages and get 22 years of our lives back from the parasitic usurers. We can have INSTANT economic recovery.

Let public money WITHOUT usury be the litmus test for every "leader", or "truth teller" you listen to.

Otherwise, YOUR "truth teller" is either ignorant, or loyal opposition. Either way, they are unfit to lead.

Please follow me until we find more TRUE PATRIOTS who speak about this simple problem to resolve. Please, understand that EVERYONE on the political theater reality show stage is loyal opposition to private bankers' usury fraud.

"End USURY" save the world. Add in the universal debt Jubilee too!

The only cost to the people is changing the color of pieces of paper(money) they use.

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