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Friday, March 02, 2012

CBC - Another State and Police Sanctioned, Propagandized Media Smear Campaign Against Freedom

Finding The Freemen - a CBC News Documentary:

By David-Kevin Lindsay

Having watched this video, it is clear again that, as with previous CRA and RCMP internal documents, the media has portrayed everyone involved in freedom issues, in either a violent light, or certainly with a predisposition to violence that could strike at anytime.  It is analogous to seeing all of us in the newspapers' 'Most Wanted' columns, telling everyone not to approach us and to call police right away.

What they fail to do, other than stating some of the verbiage used by some people when pulled over by the police or dealing with courts etc., is explain to all Canadians the fundamental and underlying legal and Constitutional issues that are applicable.  

There is a fundamental principle of law, recognized by Coke in 1608, that "rights never die", ie: Parliament has no jurisdiction to deny us our rights. Or more appropriate, The Queen in Right of Parliament.  This 20 minute scam job, is based on the propaganda that everyone is required to obey all statutes passed by Parliament, no matter what.  It has an extremely strong, "Parliament is supreme" underlying philosophy behind it. It is this mentality, along with a "para-military" police status in Canada (check out your RCMP history to verify that claim!), that fuels this police state mentality.  No mention is made of course, of the continued rights and freedoms deprivations which are occurring daily.

And of course, no such report is complete without a fat, CRA official claiming to know psychology and tendencies for us to get violent from her continued internet spying activities.  Why did this reported not inquire of her just what her investigative credentials are to make this claim?  

The fact that this reporter only shows, primarily, responses to unlawful police activity in a light that imparts the meaning that anyone who refuses to do exactly what the police tell them to do, is worrisome.  She fails to explain the nature of the legal language used, as well as the usury based banking system and bankers behind it all, (she wouldn't want her credit cards revoked would she?).

I have to admit, this is part of the danger of people using language and taking actions without fully understanding the legal issues behind the theories they are relying upon.  More so, when people begin by using US crap up here.  Yes we have the right to the free use of the public highways, and it is a shame that these reporters continually fail to investigate the underlying and supporting laws we have to back this up.  Clearly they too have a vested interested in maintaining the current unlawful power structure on the highways, designed to maximize complete power and control over all our actions.

I believe more than ever, we should follow that which De la Boetie instructed in 1588 or so, that we do have a Constitutional right to civil disobedience to topple our corrupt leaders, however it must be done peacefully - after all, they have the weapons of mass destruction, we do not, as they have treasonously stolen this right from us in the Firearms Challenge.  

We must also learn, whether you like it or not, how to present your ideas to the court.  Walking into court on first appearance rambling about certain issues, without understanding even the nature of the court you are in and/or what the limits to the powers of the judges are in that court, is dangerous, as we have all learned.  And we need to start packing courtrooms regularly again and learn that instant gratification in court is not usually the result, it takes time, and you will need to make several supporting appearances over many months.  Most people shouldn't have too much difficulty obtaining a day off here or there from work. Change requires commitment.  Empty courtrooms send the message to the judge that people don't care and he can do whatever he wants.

We need to learn as well, that it may be time to follow our friends in the UK and start having masses of people demand their Oaths and provide proof of understanding of them. Again, all actions must be planned and peaceful, and putting some of these judges under arrest is a good start - but only when done with large numbers of informed and knowledgeable people, and only where the judge has actually done something to support such charges.  Failing or refusing to comply with his Oath of Office and Oath of Allegiance is an excellent beginning.   Having one man in court with 80 supporters who don't really understand what is going on but only support the desired result, is not a good idea - they will spread like wildfire when peace officer arrive and you'll be on your own. All 80 need to understand the issues and support the freedoms behind it - and those people on the front lines.

And we are all going to have to be prepared to sacrifice our time and energy against these criminals in power.  If you don't want to sacrifice, we will get nowhere. Despite their lies and propaganda, knowledge is our most potent instrument. Power over all of us all begins with the Coronation Oath. Learn this Oath and its limitations upon what statutes can be passed by the Queen (s. 91 and 92 of the BNA Act, all laws are passed in her name, not Parliament's nor the Legislature's), and this becomes your basis of freedom against statutory terrorism.

And finally, take the time to learn just what a 'person' is - a man with the capacity for rights (benefits) and duties.  'Capacity' means power.  'Power' means the ability (free will) to affect legal relations, between you and the Queen.  A 'person' is a status - learn how this comes about and how to cancel it and you are well on your way to learning about real freedom.  If being a 'person' really was involuntary, the definition would be, 'a man with the incapacity for rights and duties', or a 'man that is subject to rights and duties', as is the definition for an artificial 'person', but this is clearly not the case.  Being a 'person' is voluntary and because every statute has a different bundle of rights and duties, every statute creates a different 'person'.  

NOTE: An article about David-Kevin Lindsay: "My New Canadain Hero"


At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article on the offencive and fradulent CBC propaganda video. To call that a documentary would be incorrect, it was, like you stated, nothing more then a smear campain.
You also call for educated people to take an educated stand and act -I like report my absolute support and I will take part.

Thank you kindly for this initiative.

Albert: Olofsson

At 3:20 AM, Blogger D-Rex said...

Typical MSM propoganda and disingenuous drivvle. Guess they really are scared of Freemen if they are resorting to broadcasting such sesationalist lies and disinformation. I suspect the CBC is bocoming as much of a joke in Canada as the sickly old BBC is here in Britain.


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