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Friday, March 16, 2012

Step by Step Jubilee Plan

By Wayne Walton

Subtitled: "Make it happen where you live with your neighbors."

Central Bankers are the only industry which can INVENT their own product. With this awesome power, they have enslaved the world in usury which is impossible to pay as more money is always owed than what exists in circulation. This usury fraud occurs on gold, silver, paper, or digital money. This is why usury is warned of 15x in the Bible. Usury = debt Ponzi

Our “banker owners” enslave us by harnessing our energy through the monetary system. They can purchase the largest company on Wall Street by clicking a mouse, and borrowing that money into circulation. Central bankers can do this not with THEIR energy, but with ours. This is PARASITISM.

This awesome money power must be distributed locally, organically, and returned to the People to liberate them, NOT enslave them as it does now. On a $100k mortgage, the parasitical banker makes $250k; but the producer, builder makes $40k.

All this in a scheme where it is IMPOSSIBLE for all borrowers to pay their mortgages. As the banker invented the funds at the closing table, they are into profit after the first payment. The bankers engage in fraud on ALL mortgages.

How do we fix this? The Non Aggression Principle is key.

Create 1000’s of local currencies issued debt free based on time unit of value as Ithaca, NY has had for 20 years. “Time is money” and is a precious commodity that even the poor have, and not manipulated by the elite.

Energize that money by usury free financing of organic water, food, shelter, energy, and transportation.

Hire/elect/pay a sheriff, and Grand Jury to end income/property taxes/foreclosures/victimless crimes.

Broadcast each communities’ activism of this initiative on a single internet, subscription TV channel: truVibe.TV. Allow the People to promote, and earn income by selling subscriptions as a way to put people back to work! Subscribers vote to promote the best activists, communicators, and tactics to promote debt free public money. All domains and business are non-profit and held in the truly public domain.
Affect the Universal Biblical, Debt Jubilee where all debts, credit reports, and victimless crimes are forgiven.

Guarantee all existing pensions, and benefits for those caught in the bankers dependence web.

Offer forgiveness, and protection for all whiste blowers, and “evil doers” who repent, and name names.

Offer compassion to a frightened Smiegel who has his finger on the button to WWIII.

By removing our energy from the private bankers systems we empower ourselves, and fundamentally change the top down, pyramid power structure to an upward facing “V” for victory. THIS is a true revolution where the People take their power back, and keep it forever. Then they have a big party!

The cost? By removing the parasite from the necks, the People will have INSTANT, POWERFUL, economic recovery, with strong demand on wages. They do this by merely changing the color of paper(money) with which they trade.

Peaceful, direct, non-violent, moral action with direct self-responsibility is what will change the world to a better place. Many will wish to remain in the Matrix, and that is there choice. However, we will have abundance, hope, fun, joy, enlightenment, better education/entertainment/spritituality, and community.

Join the cause:

Earn your wings in the karmArmy and earn karma credit for your courage, vision, and good-will toward emancipating the global debt slaves! for more detail on the usuryfree local currency movement.

NOTE: The optimal usuryfree community currency is a usuryfree time currency. Take action and launch a usuryfree time currency in your local community!!


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