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Monday, March 05, 2012

Catherine Austin Fitts On Genocide And The Looting Of America

"There are 290,000 articles on the Internet which include the full name of Catherine Austin Fitts and of these 144,000 are Youtube videos. Yet until today not one article included the word genocide though Catherine did warn us that the government wants to kill us. They stole our money and do not want to make restitution.

Catherine Austin Fitts was a Wall Street banker who rose through the ranks to become managing director at Dillon Read Investment bank. She resigned and became Housing Secretary under George Bush in 1989. She left to found Hamilton Securities which made money in the mortgage housing market. She was investigated and indicted 19 times and was eventually run out of Washington DC. Attempts were made on her life. She was persecuted for excessive honesty and had to retreat to a small town in Tennessee. She emerged on the Internet as a leading spokeswoman for the resistance to the New World Order.

In 1994 both of the political parties owned by Wall Street managed to pass NAFTA which sent 50,000 manufacturing plants overseas. Since Wall Street knew the people who had jobs and bought homes were soon to lose their jobs due to NAFTA, we can easily conclude that those home loans were fraudulently induced which nullifies the contracts.

The bankers took this fraud a step further and bundled home loans into mortgage backed securities which were designed to fail. They bought Credit Default Swaps (CDS) to make it appear that these bonds were valid investment vehicles. It is illegal to sell a worthless security. CDS are unregulated and only appear to insure a worthless bond as the seller of a CDS is not required to set aside funds to pay for losses as would a fire insurance company. Brooksley Born was the head of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission in 1999. She attempted to regulate CDS as she saw the inherent risks. Four Jewish men – Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers (Samuelson) and Arthur Levitt- said No to her plan to regulate CDS. And the world financial community is now exposed to hundreds of trillions of dollars in CDS and derivatives that essentially did not exist fifteen years ago. The level of money in bonds is 3 times what it was 11 years ago. We are awash in credit. Yet a year ago at the Davos summit we were told that our problems would be solved if we created another 100 trillion dollars in bonds. We have a world economic output of nearly 70 trillion dollars but with total debts equal to 300% of that claiming payment. The International Swaps Dealers just concluded that they owe nothing for the Greek default.

My regular readers know that Ben Bernanke at the FED has created at least ten trillion dollars to date to buy back fraudulent MBS from the Europeans to keep the New York banks out of jail. We will pay for that money printing to cover fraud with higher food and gasoline prices. Many will not survive as the price of food rises beyond their reach.

In 1997 Catherine talked to the head of CALPERS (The California Public Employees’ Retirement System), who told her that he could not invest in her plans to rebuild America because the decision had been made to take America down and pull the money out of America. It was just 4 years later that the Department of Defense reported they could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars.

Catherine talked to a friend in New York about genocide at the time Clinton and his co-conspirators in the Republican party repealed Glass Steagall. This allowed deposit banks to behave like investment banks which is to say just like criminals. This exposed us all to unwarranted risk. How could JP Morgan have 90 trillion dollars of exposure in CDS and derivatives without impoverishing both their customers and the pension funds they managed? Alan Greenspan was of the opinion that fraud need not be regulated. That competition would eliminate fraud was not historically evident was of no concern.

In 1999 I began telling my friends that the Federal Reserve bank under Alan Greenspan was going to take America to war. They would begin by tightening money supply well in advance of the elections to drive down the stock market to guarantee Bush’s victory over Al Gore. Both Gore and Bush Sr. were members of the Trilateral Commission headed by David Rockefeller and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. It was felt that George Bush would make a better war leader.

It was 20 years prior to that when I had told my friends at the lab back in Boston that David Rockefeller and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild wanted America to lose World War III. I had concluded this would eventually happen when I was a child after having read a small booklet explaining the dangers of money as a debt. I was shocked to learn that adults would allow such a thing as a bank to exist. I discussed the matter with adults in my neighborhood. Those that grasped that inflation was built into our system knew it would destroy us. But they all wanted to run out and buy real estate to profit from the coming societal collapse.

Lincoln and Kennedy created money as credits without first requiring a debt to be issued as did our ancestors with colonial scrip prior to the Currency Acts of King George. Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated to keep us in Debt Slavery. As a child, I calculated that interest could not be paid without creating huge amounts of unpayable debts. By 2000 I could see World War III coming. It would serve the purpose of killing us so we could not ask for the return of the money the bankers had stolen from us.

Catherine realized the numbers she was seeing in the economy meant that Wall Street was making no provision for us to live long enough to collect our pensions and redeem our savings. This startled and pushed her into calling a friend to drive hundreds of miles to discuss her findings in a New York restaurant. People at her level are only allowed to talk privately. Her friend had come to the same conclusion that Wall Street intended to kill us.

If you are familiar with my background and writings, you will understand that the US military will not allow this to happen. In the Middle Ages the Catholics in England had no army willing to defend their property so they lost everything. Wall Street has no armies willing to die to defend them and the money they stole from us.

The article below covers the topic of Wall Street stealing our money and using it to buy real American assets for pennies on the dollar.

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Black Budget And The Leveraged Buyout Of The World Using Stolen Money

The video below is an interview in which Catherine explains this in one setting. Please pay attention when she talks about reform, transparency, food and slavery. Your life depends upon your ability to spread the truth about what she is saying."
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Catherine Austin Fitts The Looting Of America

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