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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Wayne Walton Writes About His Awakening

NOTE: I like the honesty that is evident in this "Note" from Wayne Walton's Facebook page. Wayne's self-imposed re-education has earned him the highest degree ever awarded to a novice "usuryfree creative." Welcome aboard Wayne, to our local and global mission of creating a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet. There was "Life Without Usury" previously and there will be "Life Without Usury" again in the not-too-distant future.


Why are you an interest abolitionist? AKA: Interest/usury/fraud=slavery

"Who, what, when, where, how, and why? Who: I'm a 47 year old guy named Wayne Walton. Let me quickly tell you about me. But, please understand this story is about YOU. Be patient. I will reveal information to you which only 1 in 100,000 understand. The information which is the central cause of our enslavement. This information is PURPOSELY with-held by YOUR favorite "truth teller".

I grew up in a middle-class, 3 generation Navy family in Pennsylvania. I unfortunately, voted Republican my whole life including McCain/Palin. I have a degree in History of University of South Florida with a focus on Civil War, and WWII. I have never taken a dime of public money except for a very brief time in the Marines.

I have been a 25 year pool contractor who likes to get dirty, and play team, running sports. Unfortunately, I was also very wicked. I wanted to kill for my country for really no reason. 10 years of my life were spent being hedonistic, with 2 divorces, abortions, and 2 DUI's to match. I engaged in conduct which would make Charlie Sheen blush. I went through foreclosure, bankruptcy and monsterous lack of responsibility.

Finally, I fought back and regained financial stability. After the 2008 bailouts, I did a deep investigation as to the REAL power structure in the world. Once enlightened, AND reborn, I moved into a trailer, and built a survival property. Now, I am a monetary reform activist. I am a usury abolitionist.

"There is an education we receive, and another we give ourselves."

My hope is that you will allow me to be your "truth teller" so that I might reveal information about the root cause of the destruction of the planet, and human race. What: The problem, and the solution. The world has been at perpetual war, hunger, and hate for a very long time. The slaves have been taught to blame the other slaves for their enslavement, by design by the slave owners.

"Divide and conquer" is the strategy employed by Pharoah to build pyramids, Great Britain to rule India, and the central bankers to build bank buildings and Presidential libraries. We live under the most sophisticated, innovated tyranny in human history.

We are "free range" slaves. Have you ever noticed that war never ends for lack of funding? Have you noticed that there is virtually no "peace songs" on the radio despite widespread wish for peace in a supposidly "Christian" nation. Why is it that the "Christians" lust for war, hate, and killing the MOST?

Whoever controls the monetary system of any society is the real government. Forget the fancy building, and "illusions" of power as those are all just banker's propaganda. Elections are there to give us the illusion of freedom. The "money changers" are the real power behind the throne. It matters not if the throne is occupied by a king, queen, democracy, constitutional republic, socialist, fascist, or even anarchy.

We live in a two party, Zionist, fascist, international bank dictatorship called the New World Order. Don't believe me? It's written right on the back of a buck ever since the US was bankrupted on a gold, silver money system in 1933. When any entity is in bankruptcy, the creditor makes all the big decisions.

The TV's job is to get you to pick a team in a no win game. The TV's job is to sell you bankers' phony candidates, to solve bankers' engineered problems, with bankers' phony solutions. Why are bankers so powerful? Only bankers can INVENT their product. An "evil oil" company must produce a product. A central banker can purchase the most powerful oil company on Wall Street with the click of a mouse. The banker does this not with his OWN commercial energy. He parasitically harnesses the energy of the People through the monetary system. With this tyrannic power bankers own the world.

The "money changers" have acquired this power with mathematic certainty by offering loans with very low rates. No matter what the rate of interest, the loans are not possible to pay by all borrowers. Even with 1% charged on gold/silver the "money changers" can confiscate the world.

The ROOT cause of the world's economics problems is the mathematic fraud of usury, or interest. Inerest/usury charged on a loan has a 100% chance of creating a victim just like a Ponzi. Usury, interest just has much better PR. Usury USED to be punishable by death just like all theft.

All religions USED TO forbid USURY to be perped on their OWN people. It is NOT only my opinion, it is mathematic fact which can be proven with 3rd grade math. This simple lie is the "source code bug" in our economic system. It is the original sin which institutionally finances all the others. Our entire society is based on this fraud.

What exactly is the fraud? One cannot pay what does not exist. When money is loaned, only the PRINCIPLE is in circulation, or created. The INTEREST money is NOT created, and therefore impossible to pay. Most borrowers WILL be able to pay. However, at least one borrower will NOT be able to pay no matter how hard they work.

Again, one cannot pay what does not exist. The interest rate, amount borrowed, currency backing, or good intentions of the lender, and borrower do NOT matter. In fact, both the borrower, and the lender willingly engage in this contract, and think they have done a good thing. Unfortunately, the borrower is promising to do the impossible for ALL borrowers.

Usury/interest is a game of musical chairs, and someone will be left without a chair. People without chairs are called homeless, bankrupt, hungry. Governments without chairs are called bankrupt, and no longer sovereign. If NO governments, or banks existed on the planet, usury would still destroy. If all the money in the world was distributed equally among the People of the planet, usury would still destroy. The "money changers" who loan money with interest would slowly aquire all the wealth over time with mathematic certainty.

In order for mankind to have abundance, she must REJECT usury. Fortunately, another lending compensation system is available which creates sufficient money to pay the outstanding debt. With a POINTS ONLY lending system, an equal amount of money is created to the amount of debt owed.

Let me repeat. An equal amount of money is created to the amount of debt owed. Let me repeat again. An equal amount of money is created to the amount of debt owed. Say it to yourself "An equal amount of money is created to the amount of debt owed". You have just learned an economic lesson that baffles Ivy League PHD's.

Having sufficient money to pay the outstanding debt is a pretty simple concept. What is the difference between points, and interest? Both are just a percentage charged on money loaned. Simply put, one is sustainable, and one is not. A POINTS ONLY system creates sufficient money to pay the outstanding debt owed. This makes the lending compensation system sustainable, and not parasitic. The points necessary for bank profitability will be determined by the market.

We can create a system which provides abundance. We are not against banking, lending, money, competition, free markets, or responsible borrowing. Usury based lending is completely irrisponsible as it always creates a victim. We must replace both MONEY CREATION, and MONEY LENDING when they are borrowed with interest.

Currently, our money is created as a debt with usury. Our money says Federal Reserve NOTE. A note is a promissory NOTE. This is a promise to pay. Unfortunately, one cannot promise to pay what does not exist. The INTEREST on the loan does not exist. Once we use a sustainable loan system where equal money and debt is created we will have abundance.

We will have more money, more banking, more lending, and more prosperity. However, foreclosures will still occur. People will still be irresponsible. However, the institutionalized theft through color of law will not occur. All the borrowers will have an honest chance to pay their debts. How can we make this happen without relying on a corrupt vote, or phony bankers' savior?

We will NOT find a solution, or leader on the TV as they PROTECT THE LIE of usury. Whether the phony "truth tellers" on TV are paid shills, or simply ignorant is no matter. In either case, they are not fit to lead. They help the slavemasters enslave the People in perpetual war, want, and hate.

So WHAT can be done? We have a globalist problem, we need an organic solution. Local currency issued, and loaned USURY FREE is essential. Ithaca, NY has had a local currency issued, and loaned interest free for 20 years. If each county across the country were to do this ASAP we can very quickly change the world.

2012 will be known as the greatest year in human history as the ROOT PROBLEM of our economic system will be understood. Mothers who don't want their children to be drafted into bankers engineered WWIII will take action. Fathers, will finally turn off the game, and teach their sons about the fraud of usury. Mothers will turn off the Kardashians, and Idol and do the same. REPEAT women, and men will learn to teach others about the FRAUD of usury. REPEAT women, and men will learn to teach others the FRAUD of usury.

Why will the People take some time to focus on boring economics? Maybe, they finally become mad that every "truth teller" that they listen to is a "keeper of the lie of usury". The People will finally get wise to the grand conspiracy which has kept them and their children in a sea of deception. Adults will GROW UP because, they love their families, and children. They will finally be ADULTS who focus on the specific SOURCE PROBLEM, and not the symptoms.

Free, grown men, and women will stop demanding saviors like helpless children. Free, grown men, and women will NOT ask permission to do the right thing. Free, grown men, and women will stop complaining, whining, and telling OTHERS what to do. Free, grown men, and women will become responsible adults who SOLVE PROBLEMS.

The People will become doers, instead of talkers. How will we make this information become a movement?

By making a 2012 New Year's Resolution! "I will learn about usury, and interest and understand how it is a fraud regardless of rate, currency backing, good intentions of the borrower, and lender. I will then teach a minimum of 10 of my friends, family, or neighbors. I will turn off the TV, and stop listening to the "protectors of the lie".

I will take action so that my family and society does NOT accept the theft, accept which occurs because of the lie. I will personally email, and repeatedly post information on my social networks to expose the big lie. I will go to and subscribe to learn how Summit County, CO will soon have a new local currency and follow the progress"

For extra credit to really make yourself, and your mother proud. Please do this. Get with your neighbors and start your own local currency. Friend Wayne Walton, and go to to learn how to start a local currency issued without INTEREST.

Together, we will change our world by simply changing the color of our money. We will finally take our power back, and keep it. We will do this peacefully, morally, and courageously. Through this entire process of enlightenment we will become "super humans" (snip) ...

Peace and Wisdom,
K Roc "the truth hammer"
formerly Wayne K Walton
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NOTE: This article is originally published at this link on Facebook:

NOTE: Wayne Walton invited readers to learn about a usuryfree time currency in Colorado referred to as "Mountain Hours." If you live in Colorado, enrol with Mountain Hours and begin trading locally with your own usuryfree time currency.

NOTE: Wayne Walton was also instrumental in launching the Open Group at Facebook titled "Architects and Engineers For Money Truth: Abolish Usury!" Everyone is invited!

NOTE: Wayne Walton is also co-host of "National UsuryFree Radio" - every Wednesday from 11:00 AM - 12:00 NOON at Please share this good news with others.

NOTE: Wayne is also a regular at The UsuryFree Network group here at Facebook. Others are invited to "Like" The UsuryFree Network" and visit often.


At 8:23 AM, Anonymous K-Roc said...

Please make a commitment to mankind to learn about interest/usury/riba and how it has enslaved mankind in compounding debt.

Additionally, picture your future where 1 "bread winner" works 3 days a week in a vocation he/she LOVES. This is possible in a usury-free society where parasitism does not steal our time/energy/wealth/money.


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