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Friday, March 02, 2012

Introducing “Nationwide UsuryFree Radio!"

By Wayne Walton

We will have a nationwide radio show each Wednesday to bring this SOLUTION to the world. 11:00 AM EST on This is the time slot before Alex Jones' show on the same network.

"Crash are You Ready" with George Whitehurst Berry. I will cohost with him weekly for at least the next 6 months. Please tune in and spread the word. REAL MONETARY DEBATE. REAL SOLUTIONS FOR VICTORY THIS YEAR. We can have FAR MORE money, banking, and lending without interest/usury/riba. Free listen live number then archived for 23 hours. 760-569-7709

More Details:


Host George Whitehurst Berry/Wayne Walton of This show is DEDICATED TO SPECIFIC monetary reform solutions that the People can put into affect TODAY without waiting for a corrupt vote from bought/vestigial politicians. This show is on the 1 hour time slot prior to Alex Jones on

Airs Live on Wednesdays from 11:00 AM -12 Noon (EST) 9:00 AM -10:00 AM (MT)
 Call In Number: 855-660-4261 
Listen Line Tel: 760-569-7709

This show will be unlike any full time/regular radio broadcast. Why?

1. It will identify interest/usury/riba as the original sin of the worlds economic and monetary problems. No society/nation which permits interest/usury/riba will remain sovereign. Why? Foreclosures, bankruptcies, and loss of sovereignty are a mathematic certainty over time.

Jesus was killed by the "money changers" for exposing their usury scam.

2. It will correctly identify how interest/usury/riba on gold/silver/paper/digits is the real problem behind money creation/lending . The "money changers" can bankrupt societies even on gold/silver with 100% reserves. They can do this with big govt, small govt, or even no government.

3. It will show how the "money changers" can cloak themselves/hire dis-info agents as "9.11 truthers", Statists, commies, socialists, Constitutionalists, peace activists, zionists, anti-zionists, Holocaust deniers(or not), WAC'ers, pacifists, Yogis, anarchists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, pro-choice, pro-life, former military activist, military, anti-military, open/closed border supporter, Occupier, Tea Partier, banker, or anti-banker. 

The "money changers" REQUIRE interest/usury/riba parasitism to survive. As long as we focus on ANY OTHER ISSUE they are free to feed on the People's commercial energy.

If the People FOCUS on this issue like a laser, understand the problem, and the MASSIVE POTENTIAL for immediate abundance they can become prosperous like very few times in human history.

Societies in the past which did not permit usury allowed for 1 bread winner to work 3 days a week. Why? Compounding interest was not stealing their commercial energy!

4. We will correctly identify that the US corporation(1871) is a bankrupt(1933) war democracy operating under emergency powers since the South walked out on Congress(1861). When any entity is in bankruptcy, the creditor(Fed) makes the decisions, and the corporate president is merely vestigial. 

Corporate presidents have a fiduciary responsibility to raise money for shareholders, not protect natural rights. Additionally, US citizens are corporate subsidiaries/franchisees of the US corporation. Fictitious entities(US Citizens) have no natural rights. Just by registering to vote we testify we we are US Citizens, and confirm that we are debt slaves.

5. We will correctly identify that our elections, and politicians are just phony actors in a grand act of political theater. YES, YOUR GUY TOO. The "money changers" have been in power for 1000's of years, finance both sides of wars, and initiate hundreds of "false flags". They FINANCE all sides of conflicts. They are masters of deception, theater, and control. The "false left-right" paradigm is a much stronger 3 sided control triangle to keep the sheep on the NWO plantation.

6. Leaders offer solutions. Fear mongers are tools. This show is dedicated to RADICAL INNOVATION of the world's monetary systems which can offer abundance THIS YEAR. 2012 Jubilee, and the abolition of usury. The "money changers" artificially suppress or human potential via interest/usury/riba. Just like they with-hold free energy technology. Money is just a technology which can be used for good, or evil. 

7. We intend to radically innovate money creation/lending. There is no reason to pay interest/usury/riba. We can buy almost 3 houses for the same energy we use to pay off one today. Additionally, we can fund a voluntary society through a fee based lending system for homes. IE: no income taxes/property taxes/victimless crimes. 

EX: On $110k borrowed, the borrower would receive $100k. $5k to bank. $5k to social programs. The borrower would pay back ONLY $110k. This is sustainable as $110k of debt is created, and $110k money invented. Interest free loans are being created already on a very small scale in Ithaca, NY for 20 years now.

8. We are not just posting/talking/complaining/occupying/whining about problems. "talk is cheap" We have already initiated our plan for a local currency modeled after Ithaca, NY's 20 year old system. 

9. A step by step plan for the universal debt Jubilee can be found at Hint: hire the sheriff with the local currency so he will work for the People to end income/property taxes/foreclosures/victimless crimes.

10. The People creating their own money to harness their own commercial energy! What is MORE revolutionary than that? This is a true grass roots revolution which cannot be co-opted as YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS control/create/distribute money.

NOTE: Please plan to listen and help to spread this message so that it will go viral ...


At 4:59 PM, Anonymous K-Roc said...

The People's energy has been suppressed via interest/usury/riba on money creation/lending. Our human potential is being suppressed with this unnecessary scam.

Please take time to understand the fundamental cause of the "engineered scarcity" which has been perped by the "money changers". Solution?

10000's of local currencies issued debt free based on time globally!

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Anthony said...

I look forward to this program!

At 12:56 AM, Blogger King of the Paupers said...

10000's of local currencies issued debt free based on time globally!
Jct: No, every wise accounting system has both its credits and its debits. LETS are debt-based timebanks. IOU 1 Hour is a debt-based token. So it isn't whether it's asset or debt as base but only the positive feedback on either that causes the malfunction in the 1/(s-i) account. Only need to get rid of the i to end up with an ideal 1/s integrator account.


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