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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Manifestation of Real Crisis and Its Deadly Effects To All

NOTE: After being in the Philippines for one week, I am struck with the many contrasts - from poverty-stricken families with small children - whereby both parents and children are hustling in the daily traffic, offering local food, water, other drinks and trinkets for sale.

In one week, I have travelled to exotic islands, visited magnificent temples, seen luxurious tourist hotels, walked through malls and growing business centres comparable to those in Canada and the United States and walked through poverty-stricken areas that stir up emotions of empathy, pain and anger - because I fully understand that it is the evil and immoral aspects of usury that is directly and/or indirectly causing the people to experience, poverty, scarcity, lack and fear about where and how they will get their next meal.

I have learned that about half of the Philippines’ 92 million people live in rural areas and that poverty is most severe and most widespread in these areas - although, I have witnessed extreme poverty that breaks my heart in the urban area of Cebu City also. It does raise my spirits to see the impoverished children smiling and giggling in spite of their plight and adults who can still smile and extend a happy greeting.

The research indicates that unfortunately, 
poverty in the Philippines has been increasing since the beginning of this 21st Century. Now in 2012, approximately 26.5 per cent of the total population currently live below the poverty line in the Philippines - that's about 23 million people. Compare that to Canada's population of approximately 34 million and we in Canada can be grateful that our percentage of poverty-stricken people is much less.

Here are some brief statistics about the Philippines:
Population: 92 million (2011)

Gross national income per person: $2,004 (US Funds)

GDP growth (5 year average): 4.4 per cent

Percentage population living on less than $2 (US Funds) a day: 45 per cent

I have selected 5 video clips to demonstrate the natural beauty of paradise that contrasts with the poverty that stirs my emotions.

12 Wonders of the Philippines

Awesome Philippines - The Man Photography

Living A Dream In A Philippines Farm

Typical Philippines:

Philippines Slums

This article offers a good backgrounder about 'Poverty In The Philippines.'

Now, permit me to introduce Eric V. Encina - a native Filipino - who for more than 20 years, has been tirelessly working to eliminate poverty while writing articles and sharing them on the internet for many years. I have been on Eric V. Encina's mailing list and this is one of his articles titled:

'The Manifestation of Real Crisis and Its Deadly Effects To All'
By Eric V. Encina

What is exactly happening to us in the first and down to third world nations is the savage cruelty of real crisis under the present financial-economic system, the debt-finance disaster capitalism and usury compounded by nasty-muddy-corrupt-based politics and aggravated by the rapaciousness of tycoons and multinational companies and bigwig bunches of highly-syndicated criminals and mafias. 

The present manifestation of real crisis and its deadly effects is also challenging us to intensify, renew and change the system and to those people who run for it. The system is the prime and the major culprit. There is no any valid to continue keeping it. 

THESE ARE THE RESULTS OF DEBT MONEY SYSTEM AND COMPOUNDED USURY  IN THE PHILIPPINES - the brutal truths of the saddest reality (of course, also all over the world to most nations on earth under the curse of perpetual debt.)

1. The inevitable and almost total restriction of money.
2. The actual lack or in many cases absence of money.

3. The eventual and inevitable indebtedness of peoples, businesses, families and the government (also most nations) with skyrocketing interest (usury) payments at the expense of the poor populations already in utter agony.
4. The continual unjust increase of taxes, penalties and interest (usury) charges. 
5. The continuing inflationary pressures being played like a toy. 
6. The frequent devaluation of Philippine Peso currency versus other currencies. 
7. The unjust and unfair daily fluctuation of currencies.
8. The frequent, unjust and unfair increase of prices of basic needs, prime commodities, bills and services such as transportation. 
9. The calamitous increase of material and monetary poverty to most inhabitants in most impoverished region, provinces and villages in the Philippines. 
10. The calamitous cases of pitiful hunger and malnutrition of innocent children and diseases despite of the age of global plenty.
11. The increase of heinous crimes and violence - the increase of prisoners daily at overcrowded jails and prison houses. 
12. The deteriorating and devastating breakdown of the family and of the community.
13. The increasing massive problems of unemployment, under-employment or under-ground employment involved in criminal operations. 
14. The problems of the brain drain in the Philippines where around 5,000 to 6,000 up to 10,000 Filipinos particularly among women, mothers  leaving behind their family members and children, and leaving  the country daily to overseas nations for work, employment, migration, immigration, practically  for survival.
15. The increase of slavery, child-hard labor, abuses and prostitution or transactional sex,  drug, liquor and cigarette addictions to numb their poverty and sufferings.
16. The massive  destruction of the environment and the eco-systems.
17. The increasing rebellion and insurrection of the masses.
18. The shocking increase of suicide cases in the Philippines around reportedly 1,000 daily in the countryside and increasing. 
19. The increase of mental illnesses.
20. The increase of murdering the innocent unborn children by abortion in the wombs because of money and poverty problems.
21. Despair, and Loss of Faith in God.
22. The division of peoples and endless political animosity, crisis and bickering of parties and factions. 
23. The poor education or mal-education of so many peoples.
24. The homelessness of many poor families in the slum and squatter areas. The eviction of tenants and the poor families due to increasing rents, the loss of income, etc. 
25. The increase of both man-made and natural calamities. Often-times, calamities are well-designed by man-made technologies of evil men in control. Calamities by nature and by God can't be questioned.
The transgression of God laws and commandments, and hatred of peoples towards each other 
27. The increase of corruptions in the public life without any shame.
The behavioral changes of peoples either criminal or suicidal.
The increase of immoral manners or peoples destroying moral life and becoming disastrous to humanity.
The lack or loss of interest to live and the loss of meaning of life.
31. The increasing cases of millions of Filipino families suffering hunger and starvation in the countryside because of the lack of money, income.

It is very difficult indeed, here in the Philippines as the economy fell into bitterest and prolonged recession where hunger, poverty and unemployment are very common and savagely deadly.  No matter what we do in personal austerity, it seems survival  becomes mathematically  impossible now under the present murderous system. Most  children of poor families  are affected my malnutrition for the lack of food and  faces are withered by illnesses and unnecessary malnutrition.

We’re in a huge setback spiritually, morally, politically, and economically in the Philippines,  and we are obliterated by the system that kills the souls. But sadly many have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear and all the sins of omissions that are conspicuous everywhere. 

The noble ideas inspired by God's laws are gone. What is the future? 

Over the past 20 years of campaigns for life, family, justice, and reforms in the Philippines,  I am exasperated physically and emotionally speaking. The reforms and campaigns and proposals are unheeded by the authorities both in the Government and in the Church.

Reform of the financial system remains impossible so long as the IMF and WB dictate of the bitterest pills of further taxes, devaluation of Philippine peso, further borrowings at interest (usury) to foreign and international bankers, privatizations and selling of national assets and all other global policies such as population control programs inimical for the interest of the poor, for life, family and justice and above to insult God's creation and commandments. 

Financial pressures, being designed, are enforced to the point of killing off the poor populations including the innocent unborn, without any mercy. We are being sentenced by  usurious financiers to perpetual poverty and money problems in deep degradation, exploiting the poorest of the poor to enrich the bankers, the politicians, the powerful few, the tycoons,  driving entirely the poor deeper into savage penury, in the dark underworlds and no one seem to reach out the despised and the poor. Indeed we are now in the abomination of desolation foretold in the Apocalypse.

The evil debt money system has been increased by rapacious usury in the Philippines and that is killing many people.Our money system is an imported system that has been adopted and forced upon us and the results are devastating whereby the populations are raped and ravaged by endless crises - that resemble the works of the Anti-Christ.

That is why I am looking for God-based solutions and a means to be found for our survival, for life-soul-saving supports while
 in this great valley of tears.

There was 'Life Without Usury' and there can be 'Life Without Usury' again.

Anyone and everyone is invited to help eradicate poverty in the Philippines. Thank you! 

Eric V. Encina
Filipino Social Credit/Monetary Reform/Economic/Monetary Justice Campaigner


What To Do ??

This quote is significant:  ‘Reform comes from below. No man with four aces asks for a new deal.’ – Anonymous (Ireland)

What this means is that 'monetary reform' is not likely to trickle down from the top of the economic pyramid. Therefore, change must begin at the fringe of the economic pyramid - that's from we-the-people - otherwise known as 'the debtors.' 

I can envision the power and potential of launching (a) micro-loans (with a service fee instead of interest or usury) and (b) usuryfree time currency projects here in Cebu City for starters. I can think of two groups that could potentially take leadership roles in fostering and promoting the usuryfree time currency movement as the optimal poverty solution:

(1) Since the Catholic Church is the dominant religion here in the Philippines, I recommend that the local Catholic Churches take a leadership role and launch usuryfree time currency databases within their respective, local congregations. Church congregations are the ideal community groups from which to build and launch local bartering/trading networks.

It is my observation that foreign investors and young entrepreneurs are being attracted to set up budding business opportunities in Cebu City. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the youthful entrepreneurs who are choosing to launch their businesses (online and/or local) in Cebu City. I am impressed with their business acumen, their integrity and their desire to be fair and appreciative to the local staff whom they hire as employees.

I invite these  foreign investors and young entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with two innovative concepts - with the intention of taking a leadership role to help usher in a new age of usuryfree living where everyone will experience peace, prosperity and abundance.

(a) micro-loans which could be offered to local Cebu City entrepreneurs whereby a 'service charge' could be levied instead of exacting interest (usury) on the loan - this would help break the cycle of poverty.


(b) the usuryfree time currency movement whereby local databases could be created and usuryfree time currencies launched to promote local trading/bartering of products and services.

Since the staff employed by these successful, upstart companies here in the Philippines are commonly young people from local families, they are well positioned to help build the local databases of small to medium-sized businesses that are needed to effectively launch a community network of participating traders. 

When these local enterpreneurs learn how to barter and trade using a combination of usuryfree time currency and pesos they will find out they can save some pesos that would commonly be used for products and/or services required for their personal, family and business needs. The next step is to teach them to use more of their pesos to pay off any debts - for it is the interest (usury) function on debt that makes it grow exponentially. These are the simple steps that lead to the reality of usuryfree living.

There are an abundance of print and video resources online that are freely available for anyone who is motivated to action - to help usher in the forthcoming age of usuryfree living. I recommend 'friending' Wayne Walton . Wayne has recently assumed a leadership role to launch a usuryfree time currency in Summit County, Colorado. This is his latest video about the launch of Mountain Hours. and Wayne is a regular contributor at Architects and Engineers For Monetary Truth: Abolish Usury

AND I recommend that readers 'bookmark' and 'like' and 'share' The UsuryFree Network and The UsuryFree Eye Opener for ongoing and updated details.

Comments and feedback welcomed!


At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loan Shark Usury in the Philippines As Unpardonable

By Eric V. Encina

Usury in the Philippines, and of course all over the world, the crimes of banking loan and usury are coming to the point as unpardonable as crime against God, against life and souls. The banking crimes at usury are a detestable and unpardonable crimes that are ipso facto condemnable by the very commandments of God.

Banks create money "ex nihilo" or out of nothing, and lends money let say, $6,000 or P250,000 Philippine Pesos payable for 2-3 years time, at interest rate of 6% per month, that is, more or less $500 or P18,000 MONTHLY INTERES, that is, 6% X 12 months = 72% INTEREST RATE PER ANNUM, and that is whopping $6,000 or P258,000 Philippine Pesos-LIFE-SOUL-KILLING INTEREST CHARGES PER YEAR plus penalties and even compounded interest payments, to a pitiful Filipino borrower being required of security collateral: the land, house, employment for such interest-bearing loans.

And of course, Philippines huge domestic and foreign debts from the global banking scams and usury are making us in deeper holes where light at the end of the tunnels is becoming dimmer than ever.

Now, it is now impossible for the poor Filipinos individuals, families, or impoverished communities who/that are mostly Catholics and Christians to have access to funds through borrowings at usury from the banking/financial institution. Fundamentally, this system runs against the Christian teachings, and even condemnable by Islamic Laws and teachings.

THE POLICY OF KILLING THE UNBORN CHILDREN by methods of legalized abortion to accordingly reduce or cure poverty is essentially a nostrum. And this belief has poisoned largely in the Philippines, and well-funded by the super-rich, the Western governments, international institutions and even global banking institutions lending money at interest with compulsion and intimidation to Philippines with the conditions of artificial population control programs.

I have written extensively in the past 20 years time, among other essential life-soul-issues, about the banking crimes as the mother of all crimes and scams-the arithmetic of the weapons of mass destruction killing lives and souls implacably. And we are now in this situation where humanity is comatosed and in great dying because of the system of the Anti-Christ that evidently rules us over.

Eric V. Encina
Filipino Social Credit/Monetary Reform/Economic/Monetary Justice Campaigner

At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Buckminster Fuller

At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Philippine Government is paying $900 to $1,000.00 (US Funds) or approximately P43,000.00 per second interest (usury) to creditors as debt service on outstanding loans.

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God has created the earthly goods for all men, without exception, no doubt. Hence, all men without exception, have the inherent basic inalienable rights in strict social and economic justice to have such share from the abundance of earthly goods as needed to live as human persons as children of God. God-made-wealth and men-transformed earthly goods could only serve life when these are distributed according to justice and charity

At 3:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"If I could change the world, the first thing I would do is to make sure that everybody had enough income to meet their basic needs." - Paul Bathurs.

Can the Philippine Government initiate a kind of economic policy to distribute money in the form of extra basic income to every Filipino citizen based on the available resources for distribution within monetary prudence and fraction?

It is recommended that Filipinos be educated about how money, finance and economics operate in the country so that public interest

is always given priority importance than the private interest.

It is also necessary to amend, repeal or even scrap laws that do not provide good for public interest particularly on finance.

We cannot obtain real justice under the existing laws in the world. All laws must be repealed, by exigency, by the vox populi, without necessarily resulting into anarchy. Laws are mostly technically biased in favor of the powerful few but practically hostile to the poor, voiceless and the innocents.


What is the future of the nation when wealth and economic justice are denied to be provided to every citizen?

The damages are horrendous under the present financial system economic system that even our lives and souls are for sale and or being sold because of money.

Do you think God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, the owner of Universal Wealth, is pleased to what we do with the wealth of the earth?

I am a believer that the more we distribute wealth, the more God is disposed to increase our wealth. But the very sad thing in this world is greed, avarice and our control of wealth, of money, even our populations for the sake of the powerful few.

Can I appeal for humanity, not for the purpose of emotive gestures, but for the betterment of all people. We need love, peace, justice, solidarity, mercy and compassion so that the world will be truly what is ought to be for all humans.

Can we be humans more than our nature?

At 3:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bank Secrecy Law in the Philippines does in no way benefit the large percentage and number of poor Filipinos in the countryside because they do not have Peso and Dollar bank accounts. To some poor Filipinos like me, most of us cannot afford to maintain bank’s required standard minumum balance. Most of the poor bank accounts are teetering to zero balance and or dormant. Philippine Savings Accounts are subject to standard maintaining minimum balance set forth by the private commercial banking and or semi or quasi-government banking institutions usually like P2,000 or $50, P5,000 or $100, to other big private commercial banking institutions require the savings account deposits to maintain P10,000 or $200. Most poor Filipino hand-to-mouth savings account depositors among pensioners or remittance recipients from their family members and relatives working overseas cannot actually afford to maintain the standards savings account requirement. Interest paid to the savings account depositors by the semi- or quasi-government private banking institutions.

Most elected officials such as President, Vice-President, Cabinet Secretaries/Undersecretaries and their respective departments and bureaus, the senators, congressmen/women/members of the house of the House of the Representatives and subjugated Palace, Senate and House officials in the Executive and Legislative branchand the appointed Chief Justice and justices of the Supreme Courtm, and judges of the local and lower courts are obviously ipso facto lackeys and protectors of the private banking institution for the obvious reasons that they themselves have vested interest and huge deposits.

They have Peso and Dollar Bank Accounts such as Savings, Current, Checking, Loans Accounts, Money Market, Time Deposits, certificates of deposit (CDs), no-frills bank accounts, etc to keep their money and or to save, hide their ill-gotten monetary wealth.

The Philippine Bank Secrecy Law in the Philippines is in favor of the powerful few among tycoons, criminals and corrupt officials in the legislative, judiciary and executive branches of the Philippine Government who have multiple and several Dollar and Peso bank accounts with huge deposits. The banking laws in the Philippines are palpably proping up and harboring monetary corruptions, and protecting criminals from top to bottom in the Government. It also protects the drug and human traffickers by way of Peso and US dollar deposit accounts and banking transactions both over the counter and online.


However, another Philippine Republic Act 6426 or the Foreign Currency Deposits Act, prohibits all kinds of inquiry into bank accounts involving foreign currencies "except upon the written permission of the depositor." "In no instance shall foreign currency deposits be examined, inquired or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office whether judicial or administrative or legislative, or any other entity whether public or private," Section 8 of Republic Act 6426 states.

At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ownership of MONETARY WEALTH in the Philippines:

If any concerned citizen in the Philippines will spend to read and scrutinize in perusal the figures below. we will see that there is huge monetary figures as wealth in the country. The question is: Who owns the wealth? Who is/are the owner(s)? Who benefit(s)?

Why more than 70% of Filipinos are in monetary poverty when we have Trillions of Pesos or US$76 Billion Gross International Reserves (GIR) at the end of 2011 of international reserves? And it has been also reported that the Philippine Gross International Reserves (GIR) as of January 2012 reached to US$77 Billion, with Philippine BANKS having total ASSETS OF TRILLIONS OF PESOS, with the Philippine Private Banks' assets that have reached to P6.4 TRILLION Pesos or P600 Billion in 2010 and likely increased in 2011 and increasing in 2012 due to what they say - through RISE OF INTEREST-BEARING LOANS AND DEBT SECURITIES ACCOUNTS OF COMMERCIAL BANKS to the peoples and governments with Philippine private bank deposits climbed to 6.5% toP3.3 Trillion as of end-February 2010 from P3.1 Trillion (May 17, 2010, The Philippine Star) as monetary authorities are raising banks’ reserve requirements. And according to Philippine Newspapers, Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI/11/17/2011), the "the expected initial estimate of net inflow of foreign exchange into the Philippines is going to be US$6.7 Billion".

I also took notice the Philippine Government Deposits P124,218,275,537.68, that is more than P124 Billion Philippine Pesos? And so another question is: Who benefits Government deposits? Do Filipinos as citizens of the Republic have any access to these Peso deposits?

At 3:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also took notice of "Surplus" under the Heading of "Capital" that is P81,493,672,968.17 or more than P81 Billion Pesos?

What is this "surplus capital?" Who benefit(s) this surplus? It is regularly sent back to National Treasury and or used to bail-out the banks? Or Is it being transferred to the Filipinos in the forms of infrastructural and development projects? Why it is that if the Philippine Government has surplus funds at the end of fiscal year, why it is still borrowing money from WB? Who has the possessions of ownership of this surplus? The Government? Or the People?

Now, there is a news that according to PDI-B2-2, Wednesday, February 22, 2012, Business News, Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippines has contributed more than US$125 Million as of end-2011 to the pool of money-disbursed by the IMF to help address the financial crisis confronting economies in Europe . The BSP or the Philippine Central Bank is proud to say that Philippines is said to be enjoying the growth of foreign exchange reserves that made it possible to give funds to IMF to finance assistance program - THE FINANCIAL TRANSACTION PLAN (FTP)-for crisis-stricken countries.

My comment is that: Philippines can't provide capital funds to the poor and the needy Filipinos in the countryside. It has been reported that every 5th year IMF-member-countries pay contribution quota to this global financial institution. IMF-member-countries are either net borrowers nor lenders depending on their foreign exchange liquidity and the stability of their financial sectors. Philippines is used to be a net borrower as far as its memberships with IMF was concerned.

In 2006, Philippines has prepaid its outstanding foreign debts with IMF, while Government says, there is still debts to pay to IMF other than WB and to foreign bilateral creditors, et al, but all these debts at interest have been paid as mandatory even at the expense of poor Filipinos in the quagmire of poverty. In 2010, Philippines has become a lending IMF member by participating in the FTR as a creditor country. My comment again is that whether or not Philippines is a net borrower or a lender of the IMF, the Filipinos do not benefit from those funds as we know corruptions are very heavy here. The damages done by debts, interest payments and corruptions are heavier and yet the country continues to participate to this global financial institution. Philippines is a part of a global lending operation. And if this is going to be honest, then it must be possible to make the profits flow down to the poor Filipinos to have and usher a dignified living. PHILIPPINES CONTRIBUTION TO IMF, The news report can be found at .

At 3:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The financial economic welfare of the Filipino citizens is the major responsibility of the Government where leaders are elected for public service and trust. The Government exists for the citizens, and not citizens for the Government.

Our wealth is for all, without exceptions and discrimination. Money creation that converts to monetary wealth must be based on facts and the reflection of PEOPLE’S WEALTH and money. Our economic system should be based on economic bill of rights, of authentic human rights approach, a philosophy to back up reality, of justice, solidarity, of brotherhood, of equality with theology of charity, mercy and compassion to appreciate the human dignity of everyone and the love and adoration and our appreciation to OUR CREATOR Who created everything for us as PRO BONO, the Author of Life and its diversities and the Owner of All Universal Wealth seen and unseen.

We’re all definitely imbued with a certain responsibility, by remorse of conscience, to help effect for change from the oppressive system to system where everyone will be secured, justly guaranteed and prospered without compunction of heart and scruple of conscience, and moral regrets, without fear and above all free from any of God’s wrath.

There is enough wealth for everyone in the world with all material indisputable evidences if only there is justice and charity in the minds and hearts of men. There is no any valid reason for the lack of money.

At 3:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The financial economic welfare of the Filipino citizens is the major responsibility of the Government where leaders are elected for public service and trust. The Government exists for the citizens, and not citizens for the Government.

Our wealth is for all, without exceptions and discrimination. Money creation that converts to monetary wealth must be based on facts and the reflection of PEOPLE’S WEALTH and money. Our economic system should be based on economic bill of rights, of authentic human rights approach, a philosophy to back up reality, of justice, solidarity, of brotherhood, of equality with theology of charity, mercy and compassion to appreciate the human dignity of everyone and the love and adoration and our appreciation to OUR CREATOR Who created everything for us as PRO BONO, the Author of Life and its diversities and the Owner of All Universal Wealth seen and unseen.

We’re all definitely imbued with a certain responsibility, by remorse of conscience, to help effect for change from the oppressive system to system where everyone will be secured, justly guaranteed and prospered without compunction of heart and scruple of conscience, and moral regrets, without fear and above all free from any of God’s wrath.

There is enough wealth for everyone in the world with all material indisputable evidences if only there is justice and charity in the minds and hearts of men. There is no any valid reason for the lack of money.

At 3:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We’re supposed to be born free, but now become virtual slaves of debt and usury! We have the universal rights to be free again.

The Philippine Government ( also applicable to any government in the world) should take up its responsibility to create the money debt free by legislation, and therefore, as a democratic country in the South-East Asia, the only claimed to be Christian nation in the region, should lead by example to implement ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY – the financial-economic policies to provide a guaranteed economic security to every Filipino citizen as a matter of economic rights without condition and discrimination in the form of NATIONAL DIVIDEND or extra basic income to be financed interchangeably by taxation, if possible, not from taxes, and not from any domestic or foreign borrowings, but from the NEW CREATION OF MONEY DEBT FREE.

The Government-Created-Money by legislation, by popular Filipino people’s demands through the facilities of STATE-OWNED CENTRAL BANK (the necessity to reverse the central banking policies and amend the Philippine Constitution) and or public banking schemes can ignite and revive HOPE to Philippines to eliminate unnecessary domestic and foreign debts, interest payments, taxes, poverty, hunger, crimes and environmental destruction at already at calamitous proportions.

Debt-free money creation the Government can kick-start the blossoming of provincial and regional economies without tensions, pressures and violence.

The rightful and unconditional provision of dividend to every Filipino citizen, father, mother and child, annually, let say, a proposal, at the rate of $1,000 in the Philippine Peso value of P43,000 more or less can certainly reap with considerable benefits and can help the household’s buying power with dignity and prosperity.

If the Philippine Government and the people as a whole remains to be in the trap and chains of debt and in the dungeon of usury, of continuing devaluation of currency versus other world currencies, burgeoning and bloating budget deficits, we will, for certain, continue to be in the vicious cycles sliding back and forth with long-term effects down to the next generations, into dehumanizing levels of poverty, of hunger, starvation, of chaos, violence, corruptions, devastations and man-made apocalyptic events even in the age of global plenty in the 21st century.

At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crimes For Survival Aren’t Crimes At All
(Philosophically Pragmatic Discourse)
By Eric V. Encina

“I don’t intent to violate the laws for the sake of violation, but for the sake of survival.” – Eric V. Encina

An act becomes a crime when it is against the law. When (if) there’s no law, there’s no crime at all. All acts are a result of living nature. What about, if acts, according to definitions of law, are criminal when the time of the commission, are under the survival circumstances? An instance of this, is robbery. Do we give more importance to law than survival? If we will obey the law and yet and yet our survival is at stake, then what is the question of preponderance, priority and the highest order?

Is law more important than survival? Or is survival more than important than law?

Can we survive without adherence and obedience to law? What if following the law becomes impossible for survival?

Laws are not absolute when and if the issues are about survival. Survival takes precedence, a primordial objective than obeying the law.

No one should be punished or imprisoned for the commission of crimes on the reasons or basis of mere survival. Survival of one’s life is more preponderant than obeying law. Hence, obeying law is futile if survival is at stake. Do we need to obey law at the expense of life and or when survival is taken for granted?

If all survival chances for humanity are at stake, then we should gradually ignore or disobey or even defy the law. Permanent or partial disobedience of law does not matter. It is a matter of pragmatism. Any act for survival is a matter of pragmatic initiative for life preservation whether it is against the law or not.

What are the laws that support survival? And what are the laws that don’t support survival?

1. The Laws of Nature
2. The Laws of the Divine (The Laws of God)
are therefore laws with infallibility to be obeyed with absolute immutability.

However, laws that are subject to mutability, changeability, by necessity and or by contingency, for obedience, not by compulsory or mandatory, for survival, are the following below:

1. Civil Laws
2. Government Laws
3. Political Laws
4. Economic Laws particularly the Law of Supply and Demand
5. Banking-Public/Private/Central Banking Laws
6. International Laws
7. Certain Church Laws such as Canon Laws subject to contestability, contention and disputability
8. Laws such as Marriage Laws, immigration laws and all other laws that are subject to times.

At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obedience to such laws are not required for absolute obedience if the human race survival is at stake such as the situation now in the world. The real and the most pragmatic law is the LAW OF SURVIVAL because it’s about life. Life is sacred.

All man-made laws are futile, useless, if survival is in question or at great risk. It would be better to violate laws than obey them if for the sake of survival. For example, BANKING LAWS OR TAX LAWS – these laws are useless and even criminal to obey if and when life survival is at stake.

Therefore, if and when the question of survival is at the pangs of death, then, by pragmatic contingency reasons, other than logical points, the law of survival must prevail and therefore must defy, ignore and violate the laws. Violation of laws does not mean an objective violation per se, but a matter of survival. An example of this is the law governing the mandatory presidential decree of payments of interest to private and foreign banks at the expenses of the lives of the poor populations. Therefore, this law must be repudiated and even be scrapped.

Most laws today, although tested by time and history, now become ipfo facto obsolete, and are no longer working and applicable for human betterment but hostile and inimical for survival.

I don’t advocate lawlessness, but if and when laws become cruel, hostile, inutile, futile and become obstacle for human survival, then we have to disobey, challenge, dispute, defy and even, if not to modify and or amend, to scrap them.

Being a law-abiding citizen is very legalistic and wrong and no longer infallibly applicable in the modern world. Breaking the law to survive is a sign of expediency, not the sign of intrinsic evil.

My present position is that obey the laws that support your survival but break those laws that do not support your survival.

It’s your (our) survival and or your life subsistence that matters now, and not the laws – that oftentimes protect and harbor the powerful few and the moneyed-peoples in the world while despising the poor and the needy. Laws have become the tool for injustice and not for justice.

Anyone can be good and sane enough even by breaking laws for the sake of survival.

Eric V. Encina

At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOST PEOPLE ARE BLIND. MOST appear to be INDIFFERENT AND COMPLACENT to the gross inequality built into the prevailing dinosaurian systen of finance and usury and trade ad economic system based on debt and usury and the way it is leading us all into global disaster, and alas, some are damned quislings TO PRESENT SITUATION. The present debt finance and usury are of diabolical forms creating tremendous life-soul-killing atrocities at extreme brutality in the 21st century. The vulture funds of the IMF and WB and other foreign and international bankers are creating continuous economic chaos and brutal economic impoverishment for billions of people, harboring blatant corruptions to most heavily debt-clogged nations exacerbated by gangs of corporate crooks. My admonishment for all people is to wake up and vociferously demand for global change.

CANCEL DEBTS NOW, AND CREATE MONEY DEBT-FREE. Distribute money to every citizen as a right of citizenship.

Why most of you are afraid to help shouting for reform and change?

Eric V. Encina

At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THE PERNICIOUS CULTURE OF INDEBTEDNESS AND USURY IS UNSUSTAINABLE. Philippine Government is in the dungeon of corruptions where science of corruptions is applicable, fueled by profligate spending for projects tainted with scams, continuous borrowings with corresponding increase of taxes for the same vicious cycles. All these are the fruits of the banking system scams of the fractional reserve prevailing in the world economy. PEOPLE’S MONEY IS ADROITLY GAMBLED BY THE BANKING SYSTEM – passing through a PARASITIC AND AVARICIOUS INTERMEDIARIES.

We’re in the complete madness and disarray! The people are in calamitous situations without respite, would be continually CRUSHED to the ground with increasing taxes to be imposed as one of the harsh conditions of the International bankers. LOAN WILL BE MADE UPON LOAN forever, worse than being hog-tied to debt money system.

Moral madness within banking system industry, the unbridled market forces and speculative gambling, usurious and criminal financial operations, continuous monopoly of credit, manipulations of the banking/financial/economic criminals/global manipulators, intimidations of the powerful few, brainwashing and indoctrination of peoples through the “core tactical nostrums of false education and media communications, mind-control, scam and racketeering, IMF-WB-Machiavellian – Voodoo Economics & Politics, Economic Warfare, Economic Shock Therapy and all other methods of control CONTINUE CALAMITOUSLY.


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