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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

UsuryFree Radio otherwise known as "mtnHours Local Currency R3VOLUTION Radio"

 By Tommy UsuryFree Kennedy

Please share on your Facebook wall, on Twitter, on your blog,  on forums, etc. and invite others to do likewise.” Let’s make UsuryFree Radio the most popular Radio Talk Show ever!!
"mtnHours Local Currency R3VOLUTION Radio" - otherwise commonly referred to as "UsuryFree Radio" is broadcast on weekdays and 1:00 PM -3:00 PM (MST) OR 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EST) and all talk shows are archived.

Wayne Walton is the host and he commonly has guests to share their knowledge and experience as they journey towards usuryfree living and invite others to do likewise.

The link to listen live from 1:00 PM -3:00 PM (MST) OR 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EST)
Call In Number: 877-488-5350
The paragraph below is written on the page at (RBN) Republic Broadcasting Network where Wayne Walton’s Radio Talk Show ‎"mtnHours Local Currency R3VOLUTION Radio" - otherwise commonly referred to as "UsuryFree Radio" is introduced:

mtnHours Revolution Plan 

1. "Create neighbors with neighbors create 10,000 local currencies issued debt/usury free based on time.
 2. Each business which agrees to accept mtnHours receives $200(20Hours) every 3 months. Referring individual receives $100(10Hours). As organizer, I cannot spend mtnHours in order to maintain the integrity of the system. Additionally, we do a free marketing video for each local, indy biz. 
3. Hire, elect, pay the de Jure sheriff with the local currency to end income/property taxes, foreclosures, and victimless crimes. 
4. Broadcast this initiative to the world to show a specific, actionable plan to create a grass-roots, voluntary, usury-free society. Additionally, when the parasitic usurers send there minions to have a show down with Constitutional sheriff, we must show that THEY are initiating violence. 
5. Broadcast this initiative locally to grow the local currency network. Additionally, we do live remote broadcasts at our mtnHours network businesses. 
6. Affect the universal debt Jubilee where all debts, credit reports, and victimless crimes are forgiven. This will unite humanity, and connect it back to the one source. 
7. Guarantee all existing pensions, and benefits for those caught in the usurers web of dependence. 
8. Offer forgiveness to a frightened Smiegel who has his finger on the button to WWIII. In exchange he forfeits lands confiscated by "theft through color of law/usury" 
9. End the paradigm whereby we are: "A dog which begs its fleas for some of its own blood back" IE: The producers, not the parasites control the money power. 
10. Allow organic money(energy transfer technology) to fund projects which reflect the values of the organic people. 
11. Loan the local currency without interest/usury/riba. This is a points only program whereby an equal amount of money, and debt is created when money is loaned. IE: Mortgages can be paid with approximately 1/3 the time/energy as is done with the existing system. 
12. mtnHours will outcompete the existing usury based money, and lending system.”
NOTE: I was a guest on UsuryFree Radio on Wednesday, June 13th, 2012. Look for "Hour 1" in the Archives section. Let’s support RBN (Republic Braodcasting Network) by becoming a member:
Then you will have access to the B.Archives where all of Wayne Walton’s Radio Talk Show’s are archived.
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Mountain Hours:

Various samples of usuryfree community currency at Facebook - includes usuryfree time currency and usuryfree dollar currency:

Readers are invited to launch a usuryfree time currency in your local community and eventually we will all be connected given the ease of modern technology. After all: "Why should we-the-debtors keep using their (the bankers') money and keep paying them a fee (usury) when we now know that we can create and spend our own money for FREE?"


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