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Thursday, July 12, 2012

UsuryFree Living Within The Golden Horseshoe?

By Tom J. Kennedy

UsuryFree Living is best understood by reading this article: "Life Without Usury." Given the ease of modern technology, we-the-people have the power and potential to experience the reality of usuryfree living in this incarnation.

Wikipedia defines the Golden Horseshoe:
"The Golden Horseshoe is a subregion of Southern Ontario, Canada which lies at the western end of Lake Ontario with outer boundaries stretching south to Lake Erie and north to Georgian Bay."
The UsuryFree Network supports the notion of a usuryfree living project's viability within the boundaries of the Golden Horseshoe. What prompts this suggestion?

For eight years, The UsuryFree Network in co-operation with the Family Life Foundation, The Non-Violence Festival, Dollars and Sense etc. has been co-sponsoring and/or co-hosting events that promote and foster usuryfree living. Many of these events occur each year during UsuryFree Week - from November 13th to 19th. This year, 2012 marks the 8th Annual UsuryFree Week. Readers are invited to read: "A Review of the Seventh Annual UsuryFree Week."

The premise for the idea of successful, usuryfree living projects is supported by the high density of population within the boundaries of the Golden Horseshoe. Once the concept is tried and proven in a high density population area, it can then be copied elsewhere and adapted to areas of less dense population.

The usuryfree time currency movement is the fundamental foundation block upon which any community can launch a project for usuryfree living. Two successful usuryfree time currency projects are: Ithaca Hours and Mountain Hours. The Tamworth Hours project which has been temporarily shelved is fully expalined in this article: "Did Tamworth Miss A Golden Opportunity?"

Negotiating trades/exchanges with any usuryfree time currency requires an ever-expanding database of willing entrepreneurs - and the more dense the population, the more likely entrepreneurs will come forth as willing participants. Likewise, the more densely populated the area, the more consumers with a "shop local" mentality and these shoppers are needed to make their purchases from the local entrepreneurs using a combination of usury-based, deferal cash and usuryfree time currency.

The UsuryFree Network is fully aware of the shifting consciousness of those astute consumers who are making a genuine effort to support the "shop local" phenomenon. More and more, the social networking scene is advocating that their followers/supporters "shop local."

The UsuryFree Network, given its history of promoting the UsuryFree Resolution, is open to contributing its information and resources to advance the reality of usuryfree living. The UsuryFree Network, through its electronic media arm, The UsuryFree Eye Opener believes in the possibility and probability of usuryfree living and publishes an abundance of articles about usuryfree living.

The UsuryFree Network has identified a unique resource or tool that has the power and potential to help advance and promote any usuryfree living project. That resource or toll is any (or all) duly registered provincial political party in the province of Ontario.

As of July 12, 2012, there are 21 duly registered political parties in the province of Ontario in Canada. These are listed at Elections Ontario. Any one (or all) of these duly registered political parties is positioned to take a leadership role in advancing the forthcoming New Age of UsuryFree Living.

The "tax credit' policies and procedures for duly registered political parties in the province of Ontario offer some unique opportunities that will bring mutual gain for all who choose to participate.

The UsuryFree Network believes it is feasible for the area within the boundaries of the Golden Horseshoe, with its high density population to thrive with the introduction of a usuryfree living project, whereby people learn to use less of their (the bankers') money and pay them (the bankers') less fees (usury) and use more of their own usuryfree time currency which they can create and spend for FREE!

The following pillars are required as a foundation upon which a successful usuryfree living project can be successfully launched and expanded.
(a) high density population
(b) shortage of usury-bearing, debt money
(c) re-birthing of entrepreneurism
(d) shop-local mindset
(e) tried and proven usuryfree time currency models ready for duplication
(f) software programmers who are capable of creating software banking programs whereby participants can buy/sell with dual accounts - one account for usury-bearing federal cash and one account for usuryfree time currency
(g) a duly registered provincial political party that is willing to participate

This article titled: "John KingofthePaupers Turmel Introduces The Pauper Party of Ontario" describes that party's policies, procedures and programs with some added innovative concepts that were first tested by the Abolitionist Party of Canada - a federal political party that was active in the 1993 Federal Election. Executive teams and supporters of all duly registered provincial political parties are invited to review the content of the above-noted article and borrow and implement any tried and proven ideas.

Indeed, the timing is perfect for one (or all) duly registered political parties in the province of Ontario to come forth and lead the way to expedite the forthcoming Age of UsuryFree Living.

Which one will actually, assume a leadership role and take action first?





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