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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Hidden Power Behind The Presidents

By Tom J. Kennedy

While campaigning for office and early in his term as President, the political pundits compared Barack Obama to the popular, former president Abraham Lincoln. Now as President Obama finishes this last year of his term of office few political pundits would dare to compare him to Abraham Lincoln, except perhaps that both presidents reigned in “Years of war.”

Let’s consider the hidden power behind the Presidents in the 19th Century and in this 21st century.

I draw your attention to the book “War Cycles, Peace Cycles” authored by Richard Kelly Hoskins in 1985. In Chapter 29, “The War between The States: How It Started,” on pages 154 – 155 it is written: “April 12, 1861 … the war was on. Contracts went out; bank profits boomed as the money supply jumped to + 11% versus – 1%, the horrible warless year before.”

Then in 1862 – “Bank profits skyrocketed as the money supply jumped another +25% - happy days were here again! For the first time since 1954 money was freely flowing. It allowed the poor farmer to keep his farm; it allowed the hard=pressed businessman to pay the mortgage and keep his business; and it allowed people to pay their taxes which kept cities from defaulting in their bonds. This made the holders of those bonds happy indeed. The bloody wars which cost hundreds of thousands of lives did have a silver lining.”

Does this sound familiar when evaluating Barack Obama’s current reign as President from January 20th, 2009 until January 20th, 2013. Not much has changed!

Richard Kelly Hoskins goes on to point out that Abraham Lincoln was created by a “system” which demanded that money be borrowed into existence, whatever the cost, to relieve the suffering of the nation. I suppose we could say that during and prior to Barack Obama’s election campaign in 2008, he was created by a similar “system.”

Richard Kelly Hoskins continues: “Of course, for the sake of history the reasons must be changed to be acceptable for future generations. It sounds better to fight to preserve the union and to free the slaves than to fight to increase the money supply +25%, giving debtors another chance to pay a $2000. debt while only $1000. Is in circulation. The real reason – the thing that breaks strong men, turns women into workworn hags and early widows – the wolf of interest (usury) is never mentioned. The usury bankers who run the system selected Lincoln, a willing tool, and told him what to do.”

I daresay that the greedy, usury bankers of this 21st Century who run our modern, orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money selected Barack Obama –and have been telling him what to do.

When Lincoln played by the rules set down by the usury bankers, he relished his stay at the seat of power. However, when Abraham Lincoln broke the rules established by the hidden power of the usury bankers he paid the highest price – his life.

I suppose that as of this date, we can assume that Barack Obama has been following the rules. The key question is if Obama continues to follow the rules will he be granted a second term as President of the United States^

On page 162 of “War Cycles, Peace Cycles” Richard Kelly Hoskins writes: “"During the war between the States Lincoln came in conflict with the banking interests who had put him in office. Lincoln wanted to raise money quickly for military expenses. The agreement between the banks and government was to have government borrow from them. This was all right with Mr. Lincoln, except the banks were not content with the usual interest (usury); they wanted extremely high interest (usury) rates since there was a war. This posed a problem. Lincoln didn’t want to pursue an unpopular war or have to explain to voters why he was paying exhorbitant interest 9usury) to the banks."

The banks had elected him and felt they owned him, and they simply refused to modify their demands. Lincoln, in a rush to get things done, did one of two things that may have cost him his life. He instructed his government to print and issue “greenback” tallies to pay for wartime purchases.

These ‘greenbacks’ did not go through the banking system. They were printed and issued directly by the government. They were interest free (usuryfree) paper tallies. The operators of the usury system were furious. They felt betrayed. European newspapers carried news items about this ‘revolutionary’ development. Millions of ‘greenbacks’ were printed by the government and spent into existence, and not a dime in interest (usury) was paid to the banks.

Lincoln was killed. Immediately, the banking system demanded that the offending ‘greenbacks’ be ‘retired.’ As the supply of ‘greenbacks’ dwindled it forced debtors to borrow interest-bearing (usury-bearing) replacement money into existence from the banks.”

So far, President Barack Obama has not broken the rules of the usury bankers who own him. Since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, every President has complied with the rules of the usury bankers.

Should we expect this pattern to change with the election of the next President in November 2012?

In 1996, David Icke published a book titled “I Am Me, I Am Free” wherein he typed a few noteworthy and prophetic quotes about politics, money and finance that  are worthy of repeating.

On page 131 it is written

“"The party political system, like the financial system, is going to collapse because its structure is a physical expression of the old global energy field, the old imagination that humanity had of itself. To support this system any longer by voting in rigged elections (also known as democracy) is to give it an energy which will prolong its death and the human prison it underpins. It is wasting energy which could be used to create another reality to replace the old. Let it die, its day is gone. We are growing up now. As the spiritual transformation gathers pace and the sense of human reality changes, the old structures of party politics and interest-bearing debt are being thought out of existence. This will manifest on the physical level as people losing confidence in the system, refusing to play by its rules and the edifice of control will be denied the power (our power) which it needs to survive.”"


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