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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Twinning Triple Trends

1.Local Shopping
2. The SDI industry
3. UsuryFree Living
By Tom J. Kennedy
As modern technology continues to evolve, the shopping habits of astute consumers are shifting to focus on (a) online shopping (b) supporting local, small-to-medium sized businesse and (c) home-based enterprises. 
The more conventional, retail store-front operations may not have access to online shopping BUT most home-based enterprises now have access to online shopping through replicating websites. In any case, whether usuryfree creatives have access to online shopping or whether they operate a home-based enterprise, they will still make an effort to spend some money locally and loyally with mom-and-pop, small to medium-sized businesses in their respective, local communities.
More and more, awake and aware consumers are ready and willing to change the way they spend their money as they seek essential and quality products and/or services for their individual, family and business needs,
The growing sales and marketing industry of home-based enterprises - which I commonly refer to as the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry - is steadily gaining momentum for two reasons (a) the offer of a part-time business opportunity and (b) the high quality of products that SDI entrepreneurs are offering to consumers. The term SDI industry is used to refer to any home-based enterprise, and of course this includes the network or multi-level marketing industry as well as the more orthodox, direct sales industry.
Permit me to refer you to one popular article titled: “Analysis, Projections, Observations & Proposals For The SDI Industry.”
There are many other articles of a generic nature at the SDI Eye Opener. Readers are invited to share any with others who may be interested in acquiring more background knowledge about the SDI industry.

Indeed, the SDI industry is fast becoming the optimal, sales and marketing industry of this modern era, and it has the potential to build loyal networks of astute consumers who wish to support the concept of local and loyal shopping - either online purchasing or personal delivery.
The UsuryFree Community Currency movement has been evolving since the launch of the LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software in the early 1980’s. There are many articles about the UsuryFree Community Currency movement posted at the UsuryFree Eye Opener.

The model of the usuryfree time currency sems to be evolving as the usuryfree community currency of choice as we progress into this 21st Century. Ithaca Hours was the first usuryfree time currency and it was pioneered by Paul Glover in 1991, in Ithaca, New York. Since that time various usuryfree time currencies have been launched in local communities. 

In 2004, Tamworth Hours was launched in rural, eastern Ontario, BUT this project was shelved in 2008. Details are explained in this article: "Tamworth Hours - Are You Living UsuryFree Yet?"
One of the most recent usuryfree time currencies that is making a difference in the lives of all who choose to participate is the Mountain Hours time currency that has been launched in Summit County, Colorado.

The UsuryFree Time Currency movement is well positioned to capitalize on the shifting consciousness of consumers who are choosing to spend their money differently by making a genuine effort to shop locally and loyally. 
SDI entrepreneurs who operate home-based enterprises are likewise well positioned to embrace the UsuryFree Time Currency movement since they can satisfy the desire of consumers to shop locally and loyally. The twinning of the SDI industry with the UsuryFree Time Currency movement has the power and potential to create a local, national and international powerhouse whereby all who choose to participate will make a commitment to offer and promote a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on planet earth.
Not only does the SDI industry offer anyone an opportunity to become an SDI entrepreneur and earn a monthly residual income while decucting numerous expenses that are not commonly available to employees, but also the jewel in the crown of any SDI business opportunity is that once enrolled as an active SDI entrepreneur s/he has access to quality products and/or services at wholesale prices. This permits SDI entrepreneurs to be in a unique position whereby they can embrace the usuryfree time currency movement.
These products and/or services can then be retailed to consumers with a special offer whereby usury-based, debt money (federal cash) can be accepted for the wholesale portion of the negotiated sale and any usuryfree time currency can be accepted for the retail mark-up. 
In summary, whenever a customer purchases products and/or services from an SDI entrepreneur, s/he could agree to accept a combination of usury-based debt money (federal cash) and any usuryfree time currency in whatever percentages that the buyer and seller agree.
In addition, the SDI entrepreneur commonly receives monthly bonus commissions from the SDI company that supplies the products and/or services. This monthly commission is dependent upon the total monthly sales volume and any expenses incurred in the act of doing business are eligible for deductions when annual income taxes are filed.
SDI entrepreneurs are known for their commitment to integrity, personal growth and devlopment, so embracing the concepts of shopping locally and loyally will create a culture of communiity growth and improve the lives of all who choose to participate.
Likewise, the personal and professional qualities of the pioneers in the usuryfree time currency movement are a natural blend with the active SDI entrepreneurs.
SDI entrepreneurs are invited to communicate and interact with usuryfree creatives who are negotiating trades/exchanges using a usuryfree time currency - partially or wholly -as they aim to shop locally and loyally within their respective networks. The SDI entrepreneur is invited to share stories of how their selected SDI opportunity (or SDI Portfolio) is changing lives by earning extra income(s) - while avoiding taxes legally.

Usuryfree creatives can share stories of how they are negotiated trades/exchanges locally and loyally using a usuryfree time currency and thereby saving an equivalent amount of usury-based, debt money (federal cash) - which they commonly use to pay off any debt (mortgage, personal loan, car loan, credit card) - therbey evading usury legally.
Well known radio talk show peronalities and various informed and re-educated individuals are coming forth to support and promote the usuryfree time currency movement and some are paying the price. 
George Whitehurst-Berry’s radio talk show on GCN Live was abruptly pulled from the air. His talk show was titled “Crash! Are You Ready” and it had rocketed up to the #2 position on the entire Genisis Communications Network.
Wayne Walton, founder of the usuryfree time currency called Mountain Hours made his debut appearance on George Whitehurst-Berry’s radio talk show on March 7, 2012. George Whitehurst-Berry’s radio talk show was terminated on April 13th, 2012. One wonders why?
Wayne Walton launched his own radio talk show on Monday, June 11th at RBN *Repiblic Broadcasting Network). Wayne’s radio talk show is titled: “UsuryFree Radio otherwise known as “mtnHours Local Currency R3VOLUTION Radio.”

Jason Erb also mentioned the usuryfree time currency movement on his inaugural radio talk  show Exposing Faux Capitalism on the Oracle Broadcasting Network on Sunday, June 24, 2012. 

Without a doubt, the usuryfree time currency movement is oprtimally positioned to embrace the spirit of the SDI industry where local and loyal shopping is honoured. The ultimate goal is to usher in a new age of usuryfree living for everyone on planet earth by twinning these triple trends: “Local Shopping, the SDI industry and UsuryFree Living.”

Powerful stories are in the making and will be told on participating radio talk shows and in the social media rather than in the mainstream electronic and print media. 

The twinning of the triple trends “Local Shopping, the SDI industry and UsuryFree Living” is destined to become evermore popular and ultimately success will be achieved by all who choose to participate. 
Readers are invited to make a decision to do your part to foster and advance “Local Shopping, the SDI industry and UsuryFree Living” and DO IT NOW! 


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