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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Global Move Your Money Week!

"Instead of a comment, an announcement of sorts. Actually an idea, not my own, but a good one because it was the most effective protest I’ve seen, before the depth of the rampant criminality in the banking sector became apparent.
It was called Bank Transfer Day and it really rattled the cages of the bank scum that has destroyed so much wealth, jeopardized the global economy and the very existence of entire countries.  The proposal is Global Move Your Money Week to be held the first week of October when the political environment will be most conducive to this message.
The thought came to me when I recently observed people standing in line, waiting to deposit their paychecks at the altars of their bank scum masters. Around them I saw urban blight, trash piling up and what used to be lawns turned to dirt.
There were empty stores, homes in foreclosure, and people scavenging for recyclable cans and bottles. But the altars of the bank scum were in perfect condition, shining in late afternoon sun,  lawns in perfect condition, parking lots almost as shiny as the polished railings that led to the altar.
I looked again at the worshipers, considered how they were feeding the beast that had caused all this decay, the bankrupting of the cities that were reported that same day, the massive job losses and the crimes that were never prosecuted.
And somewhere at the top of the building sat the criminals that caused all of it, like predators looking down on their prey, and I remembered this classic photo and story from Alexander Higgins.
Let it be known that Global Move Your Money Week will let these assholes know that their crimes will not be tolerated, that their criminality is indeed international, and that a global effort is required to effectively send the message. All of us, the entire world, stand up and say, “We’re tired of your bullshit, your crimes, your greed and your insolence. F*** you bank scum!”
Global Move Your Money Week: October 1-7, 2012 Spread the word far and wide. It is the only real means of protest available, the only thing that will really make a difference. And if you don’t participate, you are worshiping at the altar, feeding the beast, and therefore you are an accessory to the crimes they’ve committed against your community, your pension funds, your home valuations, your investments and your families. It's been done before as explained by Max Keiser when Occupy Wall Street was enjoying popular support in October 2011."
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