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Monday, August 06, 2012

Introducing “”

I recently received this email from a fellow usuryfree blogger - Bart Klein. Should you choose to communicate with Bart Klein, please tell him that you got the referral from The UsuryFree Eye Opener.


"I am working on a similar project and you may be interested in publishing some of my material.

A short introduction of the plan you can find here:

There is much more on the website that is related to the issue.

Hope to hear from you soon."

Bart Klein Ikink


Proposal for the introduction of Natural Money
By Bart Klein

There is a need for an alternative to the current globalised economic system but reality does not always meet our needs. Therefore a proposal for an alternative should start with understanding the way markets behave. Most economists think that local currencies are less efficient and will remain marginal at best. Less efficient systems are destroyed by the laws of competition. Local communities are not able to compete with the global marketplace.

It does not have to be that way. One outstanding example demonstrates this. During the Great Depression the Austrian town of Wörgl introduced scrip money. The faster circulation of scrip within the local economy increased trade and created extra employment. The success was copied by neighbouring villages and a town. Soon two hundred Austrian townships were interested in adopting the idea. Then the central bank banned scrip money [+].

If scrip money had not been banned at that time, the success story would have spread and everybody would use scrip money today. It only takes one community like Wörgl to make it happen now. Copying the Wörgl experiment can unleash a power that will finish off the current financial system. Less efficient systems will be destroyed by the laws of competition. The global marketplace will not be able to compete with the local communities.

In the future there will be no more economic crises. There will be sufficient employment for everyone. The economy will become sustainable. Central governments and multinational corporations will crumble. The division of labour will be reversed. Jobs that do not contribute to the real economy will vanish. Once set in motion this development cannot be stopped. This may be just in time as the current globalized economic system is collapsing right in front of us.

The interest free community economy is just around the corner, but only if we do the right thing. We have the choice: muddle through and see civilization collapse before our eyes or make it happen and change the world.

Capitalism is suicide

Capitalism as we know it equals to collective suicide. Capitalists call our roadmap to destruction freedom of choice. Within the Capitalist economy we are free to choose which products to consume but we are not free to choose for our own survival. Those who take measures to save the Earth will be outcompeted by others who do not take these measures. Money dictates our choices and this can be called a dictatorship of money.

Mother Nature is not kind to those who destroy their own living conditions. Their demise will be caused by their own unfitness for survival. The Club of Rome already warned in 1972 with its report The Limits to Growth that the current economic system will end in disaster.

Money has become the most important measurement of value but money in itself is worthless. This makes everything worthless including human existence. Western culture is suicidal because it attaches too much value to money, while the value of our future existence cannot be expressed in terms of money. Currently food supplies are practically non-existent, nature is being destroyed and social structures are unravelling, while politicians and corporate interests block effective solutions [+].

All interest is usury

Interest causes wealth to concentrate as the poor pay interest to the rich. Interest can be seen as a tax on poverty to the benefit of the rich. Interest disrupts the flow of money in the economy and causes economic crises. Therefore an interest based economy is inefficient. The following example demonstrates this and also that interest on money is unsustainable in the long run:

If someone brought a 1/10 oz gold coin to the bank in the year 1 AD, and the money remained there until the year 2000 AD, collecting a yearly interest of 4%, the amount of gold in the account would have been 3.6 * 10^31 kilogramme of gold weighing 6,000,000 times the complete mass of the Earth.
If interest is charged on a limited scale or over a short timeframe then those problems do not surface. Over time it is inescapable that it reduces large numbers of people to a state of servitude to the money lenders. This is a long term development that transcends the life span of a human. Interest is the main reason why a number of civilisations have failed and why Western civilisation is about to fail. Therefore all interest is usury and the current financial system is a usury financial system [+].

In order to get rid of interest on money a holding fee on money is needed otherwise there is no reward for the risk of lending out money at 0% interest. Because money with a holding fee circulates in the economy no additional debts or money printing are needed to energize the economy. The economy will do well by itself so there is no need for government intervention. There will be no inflation so lending out money at 0% will be attractive.

Natural Money: the way to end the usury financial system


A superior power can end the current world order based on usury banking. Natural Money is money with a holding fee (scrip money) combined with a ban on charging interest. The superior efficiency of Natural Money can end the usury financial system. It will bring down the banks and Wall Street when it is used. Natural Money can end the current world order and can be the basis for the future economy based on local self sufficiency. It is possible because depreciating money drives out stable money in circulation.

Most people are afraid for change and they have good reasons for that. They want a better alternative and see it work before they accept it. This scheme has been tried before in Wörgl [+] and Lignières-en-Berry [+] with great success. The Wörgl experiment became explosive because many towns and villages wanted to copy it. For this reason the central bank of Austria banned it. The Lignières-en-Berry experiment was explosive because it would have replaced regular usury money within a few years. For this reason the government of France banned it. If the experiments had not been banned then everybody would use scrip money now.

The secret formula

Currently there are thousands of similar currencies and LETS systems but they did not achieve the success of Wörgl and Lignières-en-Berry. The hidden secret of success is the power that can bring down the usury financial system. In order to turn scrip money into a killer the following conditions must be met:
- The currency must be exchangeable in regular usury money but exchanging it must be less attractive than keeping it.
- At least initially the currency has to be backed with regular usury money.
- Local businesses must accept the money.
- There must be an incentive to use the money in the form of a holding fee.
- The money must be attractive.

There are two methods to produce an explosive experiment that can spread fast:
- A public currency issued by a government like in Wörgl that can be used as a payment for taxes [+].
A private currency issued by a community, a group of people like in Lignières-en-Berry or a corporation [+].” (snip) ...

Read lots more about “Naturalmoney” at this website:


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