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Saturday, September 29, 2012

List of 94 UsuryFree Community Currencies In the United States

A 19th-century example of barter: A sample labor for labor note for the Cincinnati Time Store. Scanned from Equitable Commerce by Josiah Warren (1846)

Alternative Currencies/ Barter Systems

"Our world is changing and the monetary system that has existed and created such great imbalance is also undergoing a huge and necessary shift. When there is so much disparity between the corporate sector and all things to do with people and higher values, a re-balancing must take place. A shift away from making profits at the expense of morality and justice to a focus on service, local communities, inner values and a more equitable distribution of abundance will unfold. To enlighten yourself about the current system, you might want to see the following..." (snip) ...

Read the complete article with an abundance of resource links at this website:

Thanks to New Earth Cyber School for creating and posting this list of 94 usuryfree community currencies in the United States. 

And the list does not yet include (a) Mountain Hours (b) Mile High Hours and (c) Clearwater Hours - that makes 97. AND there are probably others not yet listed. It is all good news!! 

    List of 94 UsuryFree Community Currencies In the United States
    1. Amesbury Hours Amesbury, Massachusetts
    2. Anacostia Hours Mount Rainier, Maryland
    3. Area Bucks Palo Alto, California
    4. Atlanta Hours Atlanta, Georgia
    5. Bainbridge Island Bucks Bainbridge Island, WA
    6. Baltimore Hours Baltimore, Maryland
    7. Barter Bucks Indianapolis, Indiana
    8. Barter Network, The Winter Park, Florida
    9. Bay Area Bucks Traverse City, Michigan
    10. Berea Bucks Berea, Kentucky
    11. Berkeley Barter Network Berkeley, California
    12. Berkeley Bread Berkeley, California
    13. BerkShares, Southern Berkshires, Massachusetts
    14. BloomingHours Bloomington, Indiana
    15. Blue Money Brattleboro, Vermont
    16. BNI Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, NJ
    17. Boise Hours Boise, Idaho
    18. Brattleboro Hours Chesterfield, New Hampshire
    19. Bristol Bucks Bristol, Vermont
    20. Brookings Bucks Brookings, South Dakota
    21. Brooklyn Greenbacks Brooklyn, New York
    22. Buffalo Hours Buffalo, New York
    23. Buffalo Mountain Hours Hardwick, Vermont
    24. Bull City Bucks Durham, North Carolina
    25. Burlington Bread Burlington, Vermont
    26. Butte Bucks Crested Butte, Colorado
    27. Cape Anne Dollars Gloucester, Massachusetts
    28. Capitol Area Self-Sustaining Hours Albany, NY
    29. Carbondale Spuds Carbondale, Colorado
    30. Chenango Hours New Berlin, New York
    31. Columbia County Hours Philmont, New York
    32. Community Cash Durango, Colorado
    33. Cuyahoga Hours Cleveland, Ohio
    34. Detroit Cheers Detroit, Michigan
    35. Disney Dollar Disneyland and Disneyworld
    36. Flagstaff Neighborly Notes Flagstaff, Arizona
    37. Floyd Hours Floyd, Virginia
    38. Fourth Corner Exchange Pacific Northwest
    39. Green Mountain Hours Montpelier, Vermont
    40. Greyhound Bucks Taft, Texas
    41. Hero dollar Minneapolis, Minnesota
    42. High Desert Dollars Prescott, Arizona
    43. Hobo Dough South Dakota State University,
    Brookings, South Dakota
    44. Hollandollars Holland, Michigan (apparently
    being discontinued but honored by local
    chamber of commerce
    45. Houston Hours Houston, Texas
    46. Humboldt Hours Eureka, California
    47. Humboldt exchange community currency Arcata,CA
    48. Ithaca Hours Ithaca, New York
    49. Kansas City Barter Bucks Kansas City, Missouri
    50. Kauai Barter and Trade Network Kilauea,HW
    51. Kettle River Hours Kettle Falls, Washington
    52. Kitsap Hours Bremerton, Washington
    53. Lehigh Valley Barter Hours Bethlehem,
    54. Liberty Dollars Evansville, IN
    55. Lopez Island Hours Lopez Island, Washington
    56. Madison Hours Madison, Wisconsin
    57. Marbles Columbia, Missouri
    58. Mendocino SEED Fort Bragg, California
    59. Middletown Cash Middletown, CT, Wesleyan
    60. Milwaukee Hours Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    61. Missoula Hours Missoula, Montana
    62. Mo' Money New Orleans, Louisiana
    63. Mountain Money [18] Mars Hill, North Carolina
    64. NOCO Hours Fort Collins, Greeley, and
    Loveland, Colorado
    65. North Fork Helping Hands Paonia, Colorado
    66. Ormita Commerce Network Barter System
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    67. PDXhours Portland, Oregon
    68. P.E.N. Neighborhood Exchange Takoma Park, MD
    69. PHX BUX Phoenix, Arizona
    70. PLENTY Pittsboro, North Carolina
    71. Portage Hours Kent, Ohio
    72. REAL Dollars Lawrence, Kansas
    73. Riverbend Tokens Chattanoga, Tennessee
    74. RiverHOURS Columbia River Gorge, USA
    75. San Luis Obispo Hours San Luis Obispo, CA
    76. Sand Dollars Bolinas, California
    77. Santa Barbara Hours Santa Barbara, California
    78. Santa Fe Hours Santa Fe, New Mexico
    79. Santa Monica Hours Santa Monica, California
    80. Sequoia Hours Garberville, California
    81. Simply Hours Columbus, Ohio
    82. Skagit Dollars Mount Vernon, Washington
    83. Sonoma County Community Cash Santa Rosa, CA
    84. Stoneridge Hours Kerhonkson, New York
    85. Summit Hours Akron, Ohio
    86. Thread City Bread Willimantic, Connecticut
    87. Time Bucks Seattle, Washington
    88. TradeMarket Nevada City, California
    89. Tulsa Hours Tulsa, Oklahoma
    90. Ukiah Hours Ukiah, California
    91. Valley Dollars Greenfield, Massachusetts
    92. Waldo Hours Unity, Maine
    93. Wash Bucks Sioux City, Iowa
    94. Wooster Hours Apple Creek, Ohio
    NOTE: View samples of various usuryfree community currencies at this website:


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