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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Edward G. Griffin Visits Toronto, Ontario, Canada

... And Edward G. Griffin Informs the Audience About The United Nations and Its Hidden Agendas

NOTE:  We the usuryfree creatives active in the usuryfree time currency movement, do not necessarily agree with Edward G. Griffin’s views whereby (a) he seems to ignore the evil and immoral effects of the design flaw of usury and (b) he plugs the Gold Standard of Money (Austrian Economics) as a solution to the many problems attributed to the design flaw of usury on our orthodox, economic system of debt money.

We do, however, support his work to expose the Creature From Jeykll Island as well as the Creature from Manhatten Island. During this 8th Annual UsuryFree Week, on this visit to Toronto, Ontario, Canada on November 16, 2012 at Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church, 427 Bloor St. W., - most of his presentation focused on exposing the United Nations – the Creature from Manhattan Island. The event which was hosted by the Conspiracy Culture Bookstore, was well-attended (400+) BUT the mainstream media was as usual - conspicuous by their absence.

Below is the promotional information previously posted at icon for “Events” at Conspiracy Culture.

“This lecture is a wake-up call to the fact that the UN is rapidly becoming a true world government in which all nations will be subject to its laws, taxes, and military control. Mr. Griffin will present a shocking forward view of what life would be like should this process come to completion. He shows the difference between theoretical United Nations, in which everyone would live together in peace and harmony, and real United Nations in which all of us would live under totalitarian rule. And, for the skeptics, he provides documents from the UN itself, which show how UN personnel plan to make that happen. It is impossible to overstate the importance of the information in this presentation.”

Rather than talking about money systems and banking - as usually does - Edward G. Griffin devoted his entire presentation to exposing the hidden agendas of the United Nations.

Edward G. Griffin began his presentation explaining that it is customary for the mainstream media to paint a heavenly picture of the United Nations, but what he shared with the audience, truly reveals that the United Nations is in the business of creating a hellish future for our children and grandchildren.

Unknown to most people, the United Nations has a nefarious agenda. Most people applaud the United Nations, thinking it has a grand plan for sustainable development, while accepting that this plan - complete with Agenda 21 - has filtered down to every level of government – federal, provincial/state and municipal.

Edward G. Griffin explained that the ultimate goal of the United Nations is global domination and he went on to say that we are far advanced with the New World Order, model of collectivism as promoted by the United Nations.

Edward G. Griffin commented that people often ask: “When will the New World Order arrive?” His response: “It is already here and every month its parts are being strategically assembled. For example, he pointed out that American Law Enforcement personnel are being sent to Moscow, while Red Chinese Law Enforcement are sent to the United States for training. Why would this be necessary?

Edward G. Griffin shared evidence that current military operations are now under United Nations control and unfortunately, our sons and daughters are being killed in service for the United Nations and not in service of their country of origin. He further explained that wars are now commonly launched on the basis of a United Nations Mandate – and no longer are wars initiated on the basis of the words written in the Constitution.

Edward G. Griffin reminded the audience that while more and more national currencies are being abandoned, new global currencies are already in circulation such as the Euro, while other currencies such as the Amero are in preparation for Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Edward G. Griffin suggested that he would not be opposed to a World Government – if that government was being planned in the open and espoused honourable principles. But instead, the United Nations plans are secretive, deceitful and “collectivism” is the common theme where all levels of government are seemingly all-powerful and all-wise.

Indeed, “collectivism” seems to be the generic buzz-word, whereby the “group” which is merely a concept of “two or more” has become more important than the individual. For Edward G. Grffin, collectivism leads to totalitarianism.

Edward G. Griffin made it clear that it is a big mistake to permit the “group” to over-ride the “individual” and such action commonly allows all atrocities of this modern age to be overlooked by the supporters of the actions of the United Nations.

While explaining the real meaning of the word “Republic,” Edward G. Griffin pointed out that this kind of government used to mean “a democracy with limits on what the majority can do” – as long as the Republic does not take away any rights of the individual. In fact, he explained that the American Constitution was designed to protect individuals from the passion and greed of the majority.

Edward G. Griffin cited these three rogue elements of the real United Nations:
1. The real United Nations is the enemy of human rights.
2. The real United Nations is a global dictatorship.
3. The real United Nations is military aggression.

He briefly referred to some United Nations documents that “sound good” BUT the covert or over meaning of the words in these documents about people’s rights are suspect – with no definable limits, leaving them open to being interpreted differently.

For example, Article 29(International Bill of Human Rights) makes reference to the state and its duty to protect the people from foreign invasion. But now it has become common for the state to do whatever it wants for the so-called, best “collective” interests of society.

There is controversy about the origin of human rights and most people do not have a clear and concise understanding of their human rights.  The awake and aware individualists say their rights are God-given rights, while the ill-informed collectivists say that their rights are granted by the state – to support and protect the “group.”

According to Edward G. Griffin, the collective mentality is engrained in most people’s minds and they actually believe that their rights come from the various levels of government. In summary, he used the analogy of “hardware” and “software” – whereby the individualists see their rights as “hardware” –  not to be tampered with while the collectivists prefer to view their rights as “software” bestowed on the people by government. The collectivists fail to consider that whatever rights any government gives, that same government can take away.

In his closing comments about human rights, Edward G. Griffin referred to the Declaration ofIndependence. It declares that rights are granted by the Creator – such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It therefore follows that government was created only to defend these rights and not to grant rights that can be later taken away.

Collectivism believes in force and coercion while individualism believes in education. It is important to fully understand the difference between collectivism and individualism. Indeed, the United Nations is intent on building a bedrock of collectivism.

The United Nations is leading us towards high-tech feudalism whereby it is now common for citizens to work more than six months of every year just to pay the plethora of taxes.

National governments are surrendering their military force and monetary power and they are fast becoming subservient to the United Nations. The role of the United Nations has become to subjugate and bring under control those countries that are not seen to be serving the New World Order.

Edward G. Griffin suggests that the Creature from Manhattan Island must be slain, just as the Creaturefrom Jekyll Island must be slain – if we and our children and grand-children are to live in freedom, peace and prosperity. The United Nations must be re-created and re-structured from the ground up.

Ed Griffin spoke briefly about (1) World Without Cancer (2) Reality Zone and (3) Freedom ForceInternational, then he answered questions for almost an hour.

Special thanks to the Patrick and Kadina, owners of the Conspiracy Culture Bookstore, for organizing this very successful event.

A Follow up message from Edward G. Griffin was emailed to those of us who shared our email addresses at the event in Toronto.

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NOTE: Anthony Migchels authored this article titled “Who Is Ed Griffin” and posted it at RealCurrencies

NOTE: There is a very lengthy YouTube video clip of Edward G. Griffin titled "The Collectivist Conspiracy" - worthy of sharing.

NOTE: A historical perspective re: "World Without Cancer."


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