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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The SDI Industry Offers A Fundraising Opportunity For The UsuryFree Network

The rising transaction costs of starting a conventional, retail store enterprise prohibits motivated, entrepreneurial-minded people from taking action.

More and more people of all ages, from all walks of life are choosing to launch part-time, home-based enterprises while maintaining an existing salaried or wage-earning job. We commonly refer to these people as SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneurs. Lots of relevant information at The SDI Eye Opener

The optimal business opportunity for this 21st Century comes with a proven business model that guarantees monthly residual earnings – when and if business is conducted with dedication to service and ethics.

Multiple millions of people are choosing to become active entrepreneurs in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry – formerly referred to as multi-level marketing or network marketing.  We have changed the language to avoid and leave behind the negative reputation associated with multi-level marketing and/or network marketing during the latter years of the 20th Century – when too many charlatans pursued greed rather than ethical service to loyal customers.

These SDI entrepreneurs are enjoying being their own boss as they diligently work to secure a solid financial future for themselves and their families.

In May 2006, a report was released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wherein it is written: “The reason why millions of Americans are empowered to participate in alternative work arrangements, start small businesses or strike out on their own, is because our economy is free and flexible and resilient. It rewards those who work hard, take risks, create innovations and embrace change.”

Another relevant article is titled: “The Role of Independent Contractors in the U. S. Economy.”

Thomas J. Donahue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce since 1997, is quoted as saying about 21st Century entrepreneurs: “It is clear that millions of Americans are seeking viable business opportunities in order to secure their financial futures, be their own bosses and better balance the responsibilities of career and family.”

Now in 2012, more and more youth are rejecting traditional employee roles while favouring the role of an SDI entrepreneur as a better way to invest their time, energy and small amounts of money, while balancing the responsibilities of building a home-based enterprise while growing a young family. They are realizing that as active SDI entrepreneurs, they are better positioned to create and manage their financial destiny by selectively investing their most valuable commodity – time.

While the SDI industry is becoming ever more popular, indications are that the employee-mentality of working for major, trans-national corporations, or conventional institutions is on steady decline. One only has to take notice of the massive layoffs and the ever-increasing unemployment statistics in recent years. 

It seems that the youth are quickly becoming aware that they can expect no loyalty from the top of the pyramid within the respective corporations and/or institutions. Neither is there any loyalty from the employees and/or salaried workers at the fringe of these pyramids.

It is a fact, that in the name of profit for the shareholders, and because of the design flaw of usury in our orthodox, economic system of debt money, the majority of these trans-national corporations are choosing to outsource contracts to workers in third-world countries – where labour is cheaper – and often exploited.

It is noteworthy however, that more and more youthful workers in these third-world countries (such as thePhilippines) are finding creative ways to finance and launch part-time, SDI enterprises to acquire additional earnings to supplement their meager monthly income(s).

The SDI industry proudly boasts of annual record sales to be approaching $120. billion at the global level.  Of the hundreds of active companies in the SDI industry, it is noteworthy that two of the pioneers still hold the lead in annual sales. Based on 2009 statistics, Avon was the leader at that time with $10.7 billion and Alticor (Amway) was in second place with $8.2 billion in annual wholesale corporate revenue.

As we progress into this 21st Century, with continuing, downward trends in the economy, it is becoming clear that the conventional career as an employee for a corporation or an institution is being abandoned in favour of becoming and entrepreneur in the SDI industry. It is anticipated that the SDI industry will become the sales and marketing career of choice. 

During this 8th Annual UsuryFree Week (November 13 – 19, 2012) we are officially launching a beta fundraising project for The UsuryFree Network.

The idea was presented to The UsuryFree Network in late October, 2012 by Gary Jones, an active usuryfree creative with a successful career as an SDI entrepreneur. Gary offered his expertise and experience as an SDI entrepreneneur with the company ‘MaxInternational” – which offers a selection of quality glutathione-supporting, health and wellness products and an accompanying line of cosmetics.

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