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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why You Should Add "Offer Chat" To Your Website!

NOTE: Visitors to The UsuryFree Eye Opener may have noticed that recently I have added "offerchat" - an icon at the lower right corner of the blog. You should see a green rectangular box with a small minus sign and the words: "Contact Us - Got a question? We can help." You are invited to click on the minus sign, then enter your email and leave a message or comment or ask a relevant question.

If you have a website (or more than one website) and if you think a live help feature would be mutually beneficial for you and your visitors, then go to: 

Firstly, browse the page and learn about "offerchat" and then follow the instructions and add this unique FREE software to your website. When you communicate with the "offer chat" team, please tell them that you learned about "offer chat" at The UsuryFree Eye Opener.

NOTE: If the "offerchat" icon does not show up on your browser when you visit The UsuryFree Eye Opener - please let me know. The "offerchat" company is still working on improving the software for everyone who has been using it on the beta test, so any feedback is always helpful as I can pass it on to the development team.

This article "Why You Should Add Live Chat To Your Website" is originally posted at this website:

And there are numerous other relevant article posted at the above listed website offering more information about "offerchat."
by cheby
Offerchat Live Help
A live help feature on a website available for shoppers and visitors to use when they’re stuck and have trouble finding their way or if they have a simple question is kind of an unwritten rule for online retail website owners.
However, many are still in the dark and have not yet done so. Or they’re just doubtful on shelling out money for a feature that they don’t consider very important because, after all, they have a phone number and an email displayed on the site.
But in the present world where almost instant communication and engagement is pretty much the norm, a live chat widget on your site could just be the one thing that’s missing.
Here’s an infographic that explains the importance of live chat on websites and why skeptics might want to consider having it:


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