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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 – A Timely Year

… For The UsuryFree Time Currency Movement

By Tom J. Kennedy

As we progress into 2013, usuryfree, re-education is transforming the consciousness of we-the-people. Indeed, ‘usuryfree creatives’ from all across Canada (and all around the world) are un-learning the lies, deceits and deceptions that have been foisted upon them and their ancestors for centuries as they read books, watch video clips, attend lectures and follow self-imposed courses of study while using the world wide web of resources available on the internet.

These ‘usuryfree creatives’ are re-learning the basics of wealth creation from a unique perspective. Proposals for ‘usuryfree’ community currency projects are surfacing from many different individuals and groups. Many of these blossoming projects are focused on ‘usuryfree’ time-bsed currency, while others are simply a ‘usuryfree’ community currency.

However, given the ease of modern technology, the respective infrastructures of any active, usuryfree community currency can be easily adapted to use the optimal unit of a time-based currency, which can be traded locally and globally, as well - without the headaches of exchange rates.

In 2013 and beyond, readers are invited to become fully aware of the increasing levels of activity re: proposals for ‘usuryfree’ time currency creation.

Like previous years, 2012 blessed us with its share of triumphs to balance the tragedies. One of the most significant triumphs of 2012 was the timely re-birth and steady-growth of the usuryfree time currency movement.

It is not uncommon for the mainstream media (electronic and print) to focus on tragedies while overlooking or dismissing the triumph of the usuryfree time currency movement as “not newsworthy.”

During 2012, the usuryfree time currency movement went through unique patterns of various local communities adopting the time standard of exchange as the optimal, economic alternative to enable motivated but debt-burdened debtors to throw off the yoke of usury.

Why is the time standard of money becoming the popular choice as an alternative usuryfree community currency?

Firstly, research reveals that every product and/or service offered in the commercial marketplace is directly linked to labour. Of course, labour is naturally associated directly with time – so the focus on a usuryfree time currency is timely indeed.

Secondly, one hour of time has a fixed value of 60 minutes on every continent on planet earth – so “hours and minutes” can be traded locally, nationally and internationally – without any exchange fees when we travel across borders of different countries.

Thirdly, a one hour paper note of any time currency is “free of usury” or otherwise stated “usuryfree.” That is to say, no usury is paid on any member’s positive balance and no usury is exacted on any member’s negative balance. When usury is abolished from the economic equation, wars, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack are replaced with peace, prosperity and abundance for everyone.

It follows that setting a basic value for one hour of unskilled labour to be slightly higher than the conventional minimum wage becomes very appealing for debtors who are seeking creative ways to evade usury and thereby experience the reality of a usuryfree lifestyle.

A couple of examples that I am aware of clearly demonstrate how a usuryfree time currency of “hours and minutes” compares to our conventional, usury-based, debt money system of “dollars and cents” – whether it be in paper notes and coins or electronic blips from debit cards or credit cards.

For example, when the Tamworth Hours project was launched in 2004, the paper note referred to as “One Tamworth Hour” was equivalent in value to $12.00 (Canadian Funds). The “One-Half Tamworth Hour” was equivalent to $6.00 (Canadian Funds) and the “One-Quarter Tamworth Hour” was equivalent to $3.00 (Canadian Funds).

More recently, in the spring of 2012, a usuryfree time currency called "Mountain Hours" was birthed in Summit County, Colorado and the paper note referred to as “One Mountain Hour” is equivalent in value to $10.00 (US Funds). The “One-Half Mountain Hour” is equivalent in value to $5.00 (US Funds) and the “One-Tenth Mountain Hour” is equivalent to $1.00 (US Funds).

These two examples were pattered after the pioneering usuryfree time currency – Ithaca Hours – which was launched in Ithaca, New York in 1991. With a successful track record of more than 20 years, the Ithaca Hour, usuryfree time currency is the longest operating model of a time-based currency and the one most frequently copied.

The paper note referred to as “One Ithaca Hour” is also equivalent to $10.00 (US Funds) and the other paper notes of Ithaca Hours are similarly valued as Mountain Hours.

In 2012, the birth of Mountain Hours sparked a keen interest in debtors seeking to act on solution-oriented ideas that help to re-build the spirit of local community. Shortly after Mountain Hours was launched in Colorado, another local community introduced Mile High Hours. Next came Clearwater Hours in Florida and then Island Hours in New York. Later in 2012, Vols Hours in Tennessee surfaced and then Peak Hours appeared, in yet another community in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mountain Hours Evolution Radio otherwise referred to as “UsuryFree Radio” with Wayne Walton as host, aired on the Republic Broadcasting Network from mid-June 2012 until mid-October 2012. Hopefully, it will be resurrected in 2013.

This short video clip was posted in August 2012:  Mountain HoursEvolution Radio” Watch for even more triumphs within the usuryfree time currency movement in 2013 – the Year of UsuryFreeLiving.

Some additional notes on 'taxes' and 'usury as we enter 2013.'

Permit me to address the issue of ‘taxes.’ It is illegal to evade taxes, BUT it is not illegal to evade 'interest' which ought to be correctly called 'usury.' So let's focus on evading 'usury' and stop confusing the issue by having to work within legal parameters while trying to legally avoid taxes.
From an engineering point of view to spend time talking about ‘taxes’ is likened to ‘splashing in the pool’ instead of focusing on the ‘tap’ - the source of money. John C. ‘The Engineer’ Turmel’s ‘shift A/shift B’ explanation of ‘inflation’ using the graphic material in his bank math presentation clearly shows that 'usury' is the direct cause of inflation.
Think about this fact in our current ‘usury’ money system. If you subtract from our taxes paid to the government all of the money paid to the banking syndicate for “debt service” which really is ‘usury’ you will have a small portion of money left. This is how to recognize the current ‘depreciation of service energy’ which is cleverly disguised. We-the-people should NOT be focusing our energy on the avoidance of ‘taxes.’ Instead, let’s ONLY focus on the evading ‘usury’ - the real problem. Understand that ‘usury’ is the ONLY illicit component of the current ‘usury-bsed’ debt-money system.
We should NOT be saying that we object to ‘usury’ and ‘taxes.’ We ought to be correctly objecting to only 'usury.' When you subtract all monies paid as ‘usury’ in our current system, that means that whatever little there is left, is being spent on legitimate services. This is what is commonly referred to as 'taxes for services.' Of course in any new 'usuryfree' money system there will be no motivation for fraud like there is in this current ‘usury-based’ debt-money system. We’ve got to STOP focusing on the issue of ‘tax’ because we are not seeking to avoid paying for the services needed to run our communities. We are seeking to avoid paying ‘usury.’ Dwelling on the so-called ‘evils of taxes’ just confounds the issue and that’s what the usury elitists would like us to do.
I recommend drawing two venn diagrams. One for ‘usury’ and one for ‘taxes.’ The intersecting area clearly shows that there is one component of the venn diagram which is common to both diagrams. This area of commonality is the small amount needed to pay for the services for the community. The two larger areas will be eliminated when ‘usury’ is eliminated. So let’s NOT focus on the issue of ‘taxes.’
There is really no need to condemn the ‘tax’ when it is being used to provide services for the community. If you don’t want to call it tax then call it something else BUT it is a necessary component of any 'usuryfree' money system.
Also let’s try to avoid the phrase ‘debt money system’ to describe what enslaves us right now. Instead let’s correctly call it the ‘orthodox, economic system of usury-based, debt money.’ By simply labeling our orthodox, economic system a ‘debt money’ system we focus the problem on ‘debt’. The problem is NOT ‘debt’ - which is simply a legitimate IOU or a chip or a token. The real problem is the ‘usury’ which is NOT created simultaneously, when the loan or mortgage is created and issued into circulation, BUT which must be paid on the ‘debt’ - the IOU, the chip or the token.
In the perfect model of a 'usuryfree' banking system - the casino bank, all ‘credit’ money or ‘debt’ money is the same - it’s chips or tokens based on collateral or based on IOU’s for collateral. The real problem is the ‘feedback’ in our current, orthodox, monetary system of usury-based, debt money and the ‘feedback’ is caused by the design flaw of ‘usury’
Feedback is welcomed. Forward any emails to: with "2012 - A Timely Review" in the subject line.
PS: What if 99.9% of the ‘freedom movement,’ the ‘alternative health movement,’ the ‘new age movement’ etc. was introduced and developed by the ‘Usury’ Elitists who are engineering the New World Order to lead we-the-people astray from the simple and unchanging truth that ‘usury’ economics enslaves and ‘usuryfree’ economics liberates?
Indeed, I am proud to be a true point one percenter (.1%) - a ‘usuryfree creative’ who promotes ‘usuryfree’ living for everyone on this planet earth. When our numbers of ‘usuryfree creatives’ reach three percent (3%) the magic of critical mass will engage and we will move this mission ahead with lightspeed. Hopefully, this can happen in 2013 – the Year of UsuryFree Living.


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